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File: few.png (981 KB, 631x903)
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981 KB PNG
For discussion of entrenchment tools, small shovels, the multitool of digging equipment. Cold steel a'fixed, Hungarian flippy boys, the US market day M-1943 specials, oh my !
Please post your e-tools, questions and discussions on such tools, and your general appreciation of the life such equipment provides you.
Created because of a hearty interest in small, multi-use tools for /out/ activities.
Previous thread; limit reached: >>2276771
love my spetznatz for /out/ stuff, but i want a trifold for gardening, my old bundeswher (2006) broke
im looking at the:
Schrade "T- handle"
Gerber "Gorge"

or, should i just buy another NATO model?
Holy shit, learn to take better care of your tools LARPlord.
>just buy another NATO model
This, love my nato one solid as fuck, had it ten years now and use it for smashing scraping ice/snow off the roads, guerilla gardening, digging the landy out of tight spots
>tools show signs of actual use
>take care of your tools

Lmao imagine being this retarded
File: 69826_W3.jpg (41 KB, 1200x1200)
41 KB
>I use them, reeeee, therefore I don't have to maintain them reeeeeee
>etoools aren't a LARP, reeeeee
The left and center were how I got them, tell it to the Danish and Hungarian conscripts were were issued them. Shortly after I took apart and cleaned the center shovel. The one on the right is covered in soot because I had just shoveled a fire hole with it. Other than that, it was striped cleaned and repainted not that long ago. Get a better take on life.
Right ?
Post a tool you actually own, not generic stock images. Otherwise be gone, and stop your weak attempt to derail the thread.

Got a dutch e-tool pouch, doesn't fit the german trifold, but I cut a hole in the bottom and slide the longer folders into it just fine. Will post later
My coglahn shovel is over 10 years old now and works great
How's the edge look ?
I've never put an edge on it. I usually use a chopper or an actual bladed tool for chopping. And I don't hammer away at rocks with it either
File: shovl family.png (1.53 MB, 720x1280)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
I don't mean a cutting edge, I meant how it holds up after a decade. They seem to form a distinctive pattern of wear
I have the Cold Steel shovel and it's been really good for chopping wood and digging holes for shitting in.
Deadass no reason to bring an e-tool anywhere. Way too much weight for the amount of use they get. If you're really so scared of using a stick to dig a hole in for poopin, just bring a trowel.
It is a fair point, as long as people don't respond to it more than other posts.
A trowel is good, yes, for digging small holes for such activities- but some people while out do more digging than that, and a trowel is too small for that use. Extended stay. And during that, they might need to whack a few branches, which the shovel does better too.
They both have a role, and even in the garden I find myself using an e-tool for most of the work since its small enough to dig smaller holes but can carry substantial amounts of dirt when I need to fill them back up
and when whacking thru actual roots, which a trowel cannot do
I scrub my tools after every use, still pristine. Learned it from contractors that did my floors.
Interesting, show us.

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