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File: 643786653874626.jpg (3.8 MB, 3504x2336)
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>Want to learn to hunt Coyotes, study up online and from experienced friends
>Scout for Yotes, ask local ranchers where they have seen them
>Shower with scent remover and wear environment appropriate camo
>Find a good spot and set up with predator call around dusk
>Shooting position is down wind, obscured by brush and forest
>Don't make a peep
>Try various calls, include prey animals in distress, coyote pups in distress, females in heat, locators, etc.
>Don't see a single coyote, go home empty handed everytime

What the fuck, am I just retarded? I was told coyote hunting was fairly easy because it wasn't hard to lure them in. I'm a fairly inexperienced hunter but I've been able to get up close and personal to deer and moose. What am I doing wrong with these bastards?

Also, Coyote/Predator Hunting and Trapping General I suppose. Gonna be a cold winter boys
Death to Coyotes
Fucking things walk through my neighborhood nightly. Practically run into them mountain biking
I have the same issue as you. I have no issues seeing them when I'm fucking around on the farm without a rifle but the moment I set up to actually hunt the fuckers they're nowhere to be found
File: PicsArt_10-03-10.21.11.jpg (1.25 MB, 2618x1473)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
What do you use for a caller? You might be fucking up your calls if you are using a diaphragm caller. Cheap electronic callers like the foxpro patriot are also too quiet and lots of times coyotes just dont hear them.
You try baiting yet? Ive had decent success using a carcass when calling fails.
Johnny Stewart Executioner, I always put it on full blast since its windy as fuck up here in Hyperborea

Never baited, what do you use?
>Johnny Stewart Executioner
Oof, i might see your problem. Budget callers suck and are basically a scam most of the time. I was able to call in one or two yotes with my old foxpro patriot, but there was a night and day difference when i got the Shockwave.
>what do you do for bait
When working on my great uncles ranch i used mounds of Prairie dog corpses and a caller or if a cow died i used that.
In deer season i use the deer i shot as bait. Check your local laws tho, not sure if every state is cool with baiting.
>wake up
>shoot coyote off porch
>get dressed
what is so hard about this?
Want to hunt foxes. Want to DIY a call. Daytime only. No electronic calls (because stupid laws). .22lr hollow points. Gimme advice.
Did some looking. Seems like you can cut the neck off a balloon and just stretch either side of the neck out and blow. Get a bag of balloons from the store and you'll have quite a few calls, even if they slowly rip and tear. You can also fill a balloon and do the same, but my shitty balloons stretch unevenly and would end up bursting and scaring everything off. This guy is overthinking it IMO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgcB9f4PMC0
Okay, if you're going to try that call I recommend small water balloons. Mine was way too thick and I was getting low tones out of it and had to pinch off half the neck's width to get rabbit-like sounds out of it. Otherwise it was horrible. Might just pin some balloon necks to a block of wood to make it easier on myself. Yeah I guess I could just buy a fucking call at this point but where's the fun in that?
What do you do with the bodies?

They know.
Trying to get a fox to come back to a spot I spotted one before. Similar difficulties here. I think I'm going to try the styrofoam on glass trick to call one in. Fieldsports Britain on YouTube shows that off in a couple videos, so I'm curious.
Just pick up a road killed deer drop it in a field and wait.
Own a duck farm like I do. They’ll come stalking and you’ll go dropping. Some counties out here offer bounties too which is a plus. Many farmers will let you drop em for them if you sell it right.
I want to feel the fluff.
Never had an issue with predators (other than a cougar attack on our horses that was defeated by said horses). I have nothing but respect for another predator and would never hunt them. That being said if I saw one on my land attacking my livestock then I would have no qualms with killing it.
>be me
>12 years old
>grew up surrounded by a thousand acres of CRP prairie
>siblings and I would wonder around and look for coyote dens and other wildlife
>found one and heard pups inside so check it out
>other siblings scared so they stand watch as I crawl in
>see 6 pups, cute as fuck
>take a pup from the den and walk back to the farm
>stick pup in dog shed to feed on momma dogs milk (she just had a litter and accepted the extra)
>dad comes home and does his round to make sure we did our chores and checks the pups
>anon, where the fuck did you get that
>explain that it was cute and we would take care of it
>take it back, now
>take pup and try to enlist help of siblings
>they are too scared to go so fuck it, going solo
>hike over with pup and machete, gotta be safe
>walk up slowly and throw rock at den, no one home
>I crawl in and put the pup back and here grass moving outside
>all of a sudden a flash of gray passes by the front then flash of brown and barking
My dog ended up following me up and chased the momma coyote away and probably saved my fucking life but she was just trying to protect her pups. My mauling would have been justified. It's life and death out there boys, don't hate the 'yote but protect your livestock.

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