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File: ISA Brown.jpg (393 KB, 800x1067)
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Does anyone here know of any good sources on historical chicken farming techniques? Preferably Chinese or other eastern sources. I've had good success growing corn the way Native Americans did and I'm wondering if I can get the same success raising my chickens in a more traditional manner.
Chickens eat anything, there are thousands of ways of raising and feeding them that is available by simply googling it. You will fuck up your birds because you are a retard trying to be some trendy different hipster. Fuck off with your "eastern sources" bulshit, keep them fed and out of the wind and they will be fine assuming you bought the right kind of birds for your setup. Don't try and force your faggy hipster lifestyle on animals who care you are responsible for.
I'm not a dumb ass. I've been raising chickens for years, I know what I'm doing. I just want to experiment with some new things. It's winter right now so I won't be doing any experimenting until spring but now is probably a good time to do some research.
Then google "alternative ways to raise chickens" and start reading. Like I said, keep them fed and out of the wind and they will be fine assuming you're not raising modern game in alaska or something equally retarded. There are thousands of different things you can do for feeding options, but as far as new ways of raising them there really isn't anything they would have done back then that we don't still do today.
I'm mostly interested in coop design. Also I'm curious how they kept them. Were the behind fences? Were the kept with other animals out on pasture? Or were they kept closer to the house? I'm curious to know these things.
It's impossible to say definitively as all those methods were used, however it's worth noting that in the days before you could just drive to the feed mill and buy formulated pellets by the ton feed was a much scarcer commodity, so allowing them to range made a lot of sense.
stop fucking your chickens and they will stop dying of sepsis.
Because I felt bad about being a dick I've taken a few pictures of a chicken coop dating back to 1908. The cage on the outside is new to keep them confined they were allowed to roam back in the day. Similarly the metal nest boxes have replaced roosts that were falling apart.

Thank you anon. You don't have to feel bad about being a dick, this is 4chan, it's expected.
What do you niggas do with all the eggs y'all have?
Sell them. It costs me about $0.80/dozen to produce them and I sell them for $2-$3 at the local auction. However most of mine go into hatching eggs for various projects and I sell the surplus chicks. Why make $2 a dozen when you can make $2 a chick.
He was right to be a dick though.
Those "ancient Chinese traditional techniques" were for 3 pound jungle fowl. You can't raise modern breeds with hippy dippy bullshit.
Your birds will slowly starve to death and suffer every moment.
Chicken thread? Just started these today, whites are brown leghorn bred to a show quality buff orpington cock, greens are a side project that I can't describe well enough to do justice, brown are a mix of hatchery buff orpingtons bred under a show quality cock, show quality gold laced wyandotte hens under the same BO cock and a bunch of crossbred backyard layers bred to either a SQ white cornish cock or one of my cocks from my experimental pen. I don't normally hatch chicks this late hence so many crossbreds as I have all my pens consolidated for winter already, but I have this weird feeling that something is going to happen this winter and it wouldn't hurt to both have more chickens and to spread out some of the genetics of some of my more interesting/quality birds.
File: imagecoop.jpg (1.76 MB, 3053x2980)
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Not OP, but I built a coop not too long ago, 7 feet by 8 feet about 5 foot 3 inches tall. Used nothing but scrap materials and hardware. My problem is I cannot find chicks for sale due to winter, which is a massive bitch because I'd like eggs by the start of spring. Anyone know where to get some chicks either online or more niche farming stores? Really would like to have about 12-15 chickens and a rooster so I can sell them at market this upcoming growing season.
File: 20210627_140732.jpg (1.14 MB, 4000x1800)
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1.14 MB JPG
I almost thought that was one of my incubator pics, except I only have one hen that lays white eggs.
I'm kind of in the same boat. I was going to hatch through the winter to get a jump on spring sales but I'm just not feeling it now. I have one batch in the greenhouse but I don't want to deal with 8 heated pens to cycle hatchlings through all winter.
Find your local auction. I guarantee there's one within a 2 hour drive no matter where you are.
I know a few breeders across the country, post your state.
NC, Piedmont region. Hopefully the winters won't get retarded cold so when the chicks get their adult feathers they can be relatively happy when the day to move out is upon them.
Did you know chickens die after sex???
What are the blue eggs on the right?
well, they tend to die after sex with a human, see: >>2254428
Had a broody hen so I hatched a couple thanksgiving chickens.

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