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I am going to go isolate myself in the woods for two weeks with no computers, phone or internet access of any kind to try and reset my dopamine tolerance.

I've done plenty of camping and overlanding, but I've never done something like this, by myself, for this length of time.
My dad has some buddies who have hunting cabins so I might try and get into one of them, otherwise I'm going to do it in my van, but I wanna just post up in once place and detox for a while.

What's some cool /out/ shit I might not be aware of to keep myself occupied?

The list so far:
>learn how to meditate
>hike if there's trails
>exercise in general
>forage for shrooms
>shoot my guns if I can
>hunt if I can
>fish if there's water
>ride my dirt bike if there's trails

What I won't be doing:
>bringing anything to watch movies/tv shows on
>bringing a digital music device (I might bring a battery powered radio/CD player dunno yet)
>talking to people on the phone
>jacking off

Also any tips on handling food, water or other logistics for this length of time if I don't have electricity and want to stay isolated?

I'm thinking dry goods and canned goods plus some mountain house will get me pretty far.
I have no idea how much water I'd need if I'm going to be cleaning some cookware and bathing even sparingly
>What I won't be doing
>Jacking off

I give it 12 hours
I honestly thought about buying a chastity belt and leaving the key at home, but that would probably be extremely unhygienic innawoods
You probably would know better than us since everyone is different and water needs depend on your climate and activity level.
Its only two weeks though so you wont need much, you would be surprised with how little food the body needs.
You should bring some books as well as a med kit if you're gonna trail ride solo. I also enjoy playing harmonica by the first sometimes, its easy to learn
>I honestly thought about buying a chastity belt and leaving the key at home
you actually had that consideration? you lack control bad
please enjoy your trip
>you lack control bad
Yes. It is part of the motivation for this trip.

Write nigga, write!
Take a notepad and a couple pens/pencils and write.
Draw stuff. Do the blueprints for you dream innawoods cabin.
Plan your full conversion of your van into a mobile bedroom/kitchen for your /out/ needs.
These are all great ideas ty anon
look for good spots to bury bodies
Sounds comfy, anon. I do this twice a month on the weekends.
As for the logistics, it totally depends on the type of innawoods, at least regarding water. Will you have creek/river access? If so, a sawyer or lifestraw is a great investment for future trips. If not, I'd say around 20 gallons should be enough if you ration properly. You shouldn't need to use water to bathe properly though - field wipes work just fine.
Another tip: don't get too hung up on what you'll be doing out there. Itemizing your activities can breed anxiety, if you know what I mean. Enjoy the air, the quiet, the freedom. Your only hit time is when the sun goes down, really.
spend time meditating on this combined with reading the bible, quran, or whatever you dig as far as that goes. If you want to read and replace this vice, it just works.
> two weeks with no humman contact
You won't make it. Not saying don't do it but don't expect to last even a week. You get all the larping out of the system in two days. You will reflect on your life choices, be overcome with emotions and cry like a baby by day three (in a good way). On day four you will pack for home.
Been there, done that. Look at all the extended outing videos on youtube its the mental effects of solitude that hit you out of nowhere. It wont be zen it will be literal hell, especially if you leave without the radio.
I used to throw a steak knife every day for about an hour. I'd pin a mango leaf to a tree and throw at it. Eventually someone mailed me a set of cheapo mini hibben throwers and those were even better. Throwing is almost meditative. It's a good hobby.

Bad for the tree though...
File: alone900x900bb.jpg (344 KB, 900x900)
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344 KB JPG
>no computers, phone or internet access of any kind

You can do that without spending 2 weeks in a cabin? Anyways sounds great regardless, I'd say hone you whittling skills, maybe learn how to make traps out on natural martials?
>hello cabin fever my old friend
>the bible, quran, or whatever
You can't mix these things schlomo
Very nice of you to defend your Judeo-Christian values.
>takes 2 week vacation to stare at the wall in boredom

Sounds like a waste. If you're overs stimulated at home, just turn off the damn TV and clean your room.
>You can do that without spending 2 weeks in a cabin?
To be fair to OP, it's easier and more comfy to go innawoods into someplace with no distractions than it is to throw the distractions out of the window and stay in the same old place.

Isn't that only when people are cooped up inside?
I'm trying Mr. Peterson but need to break the dopamine addiction and regain my self control
File: Mountain_Find.jpg (1.58 MB, 2406x3540)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
I am envious of you anon. This sounds like the kind of two week adventure I would like to live out the rest of my life.
How basic do you want to go? For food, I would advise Hard tack and Jerky. Obviously this isn't great food, but it seems to me you're trying to quench your spiritual hunger and not your physical one.

If you have a Dutch-Oven, or a similar set up, bring some raw flower and condensed milk and butter. look up biscuits recipe's its very easy and they keep well enough. canned veggies to keep things moving internally, some apples and maybe some lemons if you can catch fish in your area, which leads into my next point

water. Water is simple, bring iodine tablets or something you can boil water in. 3-4 cases of 24 plastic bottles should do the trick, but if you can free up space and take water from the environment all the better. this will free up space in your van and keep in theme with what I perceive to be what you're after.

If it were me, I would purchase a small game license and figure out what small game season is going on, you'll need some kind of chores to break up the day even if the hunts are unsuccessful.

last advice, keep a sharp axe, a sharp knife and a sharper mind. mental fortitude is the first and most important skill one needs in the wild.

Dopamine detox is good for the soul and with that, keep a journal. I've been /out/ my whole life, but it is very hard to bring these ideals back to society as the mundane takes hold. Have something to draw back upon, and journal daily on your quest. this will be a sort of compass to keep you in line as you come back.

lastly, if you are a Christian, bring a bible. find what you believe to be a holy place, and read.

Best of luck Anon.

PS - pic related is a place I stumbled upon elk hunting this year, I did not build it but I would like to shake the hand of the people who did. Unrelated to what you're after, but i wanted to share it anyways

that almost completely defeats the purpose of what you're wanting to accomplish.
you should bring food, water, and a walking stick.
virtually anything else will lead to:

>welp, i'm bored. time to do __
>Its a fuckin stingray antenna
Doing productive or healthy things does release small amounts of dopamine, but you also can not dopamine fast, it's always in your system no matter what you do.

The point is to return it to stable levels not eliminate it, and I will need motivation to not get in my van and go home.
walk far enough from your van that it's an unattractive option.

Seriously, who are you people that can't just sit the fuck down? Figure out a place you can hike at least 5 miles to and then camp. Do that. make a fire, cook some food, clean up. Set up camp, look at the trees, look at the plants, listen to the sounds. If you get so bored you have to leave, then fine; break camp, hike 5 miles back and then don't go back in the woods and certainly don't post here about your failures.
If I don't find somebody's cabin to use I'm living out of the van. I am not interested in tent camping for this trip.

>Seriously, who are you people that can't just sit the fuck down?
Upper-mid level tech worker. I am engaged with something 99% of the time I am awake and I am not exaggerating.
Is the point of going into the woods NOT to separate from that?
The distinction is not to not be engaged with anything, it's to eliminate unhealthy dopamine feeds that put you into a state of being unable to get enough dopamine from normal activities.

>scrolling instagram for 6 hours straight
>binging 24 episodes of anime
>playing 15 games of counter strike in a row
>scrolling 4chan for 10 hours straight
>jacking off 4 times in a row over 5 hours

These are all super low effort, moderately production dopamine behaviors. Becoming adjusted to them makes doing high effort, high dopamine activities (finishing a week long project) psychologically unattractive. Dopamine stimulates desire to do an activity, not the happiness gained from it. So when you find yourself doing activities that aren't fun/don't make you happy compulsively out of habit (above), because you feel like you need to signifies a high dopamine tolerance level. To fix it, it's exactly like potheads taking a tolerance break - reduce the chemical consumption for a few weeks. Dopamine cannot be 'removed' entirely though, you would just lay in a catatonic state until you died without dopamine.

Reading books and doing low dopamine activities will not effect the tolerance adjustment much.
Not busting a nut at least 3 times a week leads to significantly higher rates of prostate cancer at all ages.
The internet has rotted your brain with this no nut bullshit. If want to increase your T then do some fucking exercise and eat healthy natural foods, not jacking off won't change a fucking thing.
>Not busting a nut at least 3 times a week leads to significantly higher rates of prostate cancer at all ages.
looks very nice. Where is the pic taken?
You're a spastic pussy.
agreed, also eating your semen has many health benefits. ive been doing it for years to the point now it feels funny to not eat my cum when im finished
File: 20211121_104937~2.jpg (3.35 MB, 3266x4608)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB JPG
Do you really think going cold turkey for a couple of weeks is going to fix that? It sounds more to me like you need better time management in general and other activities that are more fulfilling than just low effort dopamine drips. I like 4chan, I've been coming here regularly for more years than most believe, but especially these days it's mostly something I do while on the can. Same with video games which I similarly still quite enjoy but don't really have time or inclination for more than half an hour or so on a given day. There's just so much else to do like foraging, gardening, reading about things that interest me, painting etc. Scrolling 4chan or insta for hours on end mostly sounds like you're bored and not engaged in anything you find meaningful.
File: 1613175822306.jpg (103 KB, 1024x574)
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103 KB JPG
if you're trying to dopamine detox, making a list of things to do is very counterproductive
you're merely replacing the old excitors (you need more of) with new excitors (you need less of), but it's still an addiction with a dopamine rush

instead just go there and let yourself be bored so fresh inspiration can dawn upon you and see things on the fly for what they truly are, not some already prepared activity
this is why parents shouldn't overspoil their children with new toys and let them get bored of what they already have so as to reinvent things and see them in a new angle, not always have some toy/gadget/thought to entertain

if you're only looking to lessen your internet time, that's fine and it's worth replacing it with other activities but in the end the underlying cause (entertainment/distraction seeking) is still there, you see?
>only contact with the real world is through propaganda broadcasts that you can't reply too
>Nooooo you don't understand I'll die instantly if I stop touching my peepee! This is medicinal futa porn!
did you make that? its very nice anon
bring a man to have sex with
I'm headed for some solo /out/ pretty soon and this is exactly what I'm going to do. Too many thoughts floating around during day to day that I feel like if I focus and map them out might be worthy of some broader work. Only one way to find out
If you are gonna get of pmo I suggdst you start with getting rid of porn first.

You're brain is oversexualised and will die down without it.


The first 3-4 days are gonna be rough getting "unsexualised" and not jackin of..
Depending if this is the first time you are reseting yourself.

Being oversexualised while your brain screams for porn and you are getting bo dopamine, and getting lowes from the resetting of the dopamine can be hard.

Hard on your journey to begin a no-fap type mentality and quitting porn.

But quit porn first, masturbate second.

You will be absolutely amazed how much of your horniness is dependent on the frequent pornuse.

In normal cases you will start to get some urges when not having porn in your life between 3-5 days.

Everyday is just pornofreak level.

And its really retarded and wasteful as life SO much more different and better without the porn and fappin every singleday.
So quit porn first and all of its cravings til
you dont have any urges to watch it anymore.

Then you can try to reach 3 days without masturbation, 5 days, a week, two weeks an so forth.

Its good you have things to preoccupy yourself with tho if you are gonna go rambo and cold turkey yourself the first time.

Its might work if you have to will power!

Watch out for the dopamine lowes and mentalpictures of porn poppin in your head!

Good luck.
True this, but I want to add that OP should do his nofap transformmation around people, its such a good feeling to find yourself again. And the real you. The you that interact for real with other people.

The eye contact, the connection, the females, thw confidence, the noticing of things, more in life intergrated feeling.

It's a transformation worth experiencing around people, girls and life in general.

For me it must have taken more then half a year maybe with different periods of nofap.

I changed for ever with that decision.
You are describing the surface level states while >>2251134 is describing exactly why these states occur. You don't realize you're talking about the same thing. Additionally some are more prone to this behavior than others. Your post reads the equivalent of telling a lifetime heroin addict to "just like, find other stuff that makes you happy other than drugs bro".

If you find that you aren't one of those people than this thread isn't relevant to you. But I can attest from personal experience (heroin addict for 6 years, 5 years clean in December) that a 'dopamine reset' is liberating. Of course people like myself have a never ending battle in life to keep on top of good habits and doing the legwork to psychologically and physiologically enforce them.

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