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I graduated from Uni recently, and a lot of local alumni who were in the mountaineering club help put together trips over holidays. I was thinking The Ozarks could be fun over thanksgiving (Wednesday-Sunday) but I’ve never spent much time in Arkansas. Any standout trails or attractions? Generally we like to bring a few inexperienced but eager members along with oldfags, so harder trails are fine.

Any recommendations for longer trails that could be stretched into a few days? Would it be worth the extra detour to Hot Springs NP?
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Ozarks has Ozark Highland Trail
Ouachitas has the Ouachita Trail
Both around 200 miles long, so you can pick a section you want to do.

there's also shorter trails 3-day loops like eagle rock loop, etc.

Ozark trail is more weaving in valleys of creeks and waterfalls
Ouachita trail is more top of ridge mountain overlooks (especially the part that parallels Talimena scenic drive)

>Would it be worth the extra detour to Hot Springs NP
If you're in the Ouachitas they're a lot closer to hot springs NP

Keep in mind it's going to be november, so the trees will be barren and grey.
Plus thanksgiving is dead in the middle of deer season, and hunting's pretty big in Arkansas
It looks pretty doable to combine the Ouachitas with a day trip to Hot Springs. I personally don’t mind the grey trees, if anything they make the trip more peaceful and separate from the rest of the world. Adding an NP, even a commercial one would definitely appeal to some of the new kids just so they could say they’ve been. Appreciate your input anon
kek...his lipstick is peeking out
if your willing to head more north the Katy trail is great and Mark Twain National Forest is also amazing.
Newton County is the best place for Arkansas hiking, but much of the state is pristine for it. I'll bump this for now and come back with a longer, detailed post when I'm feeling up to it.

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