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how do I break into boots
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>wear them you pussy
>Soak them in water and strech them a little like a little bitch you are
>Give them to your Wifes Bf to wear them for you
tiny lockpicks
Put them on, tie them firmly, stand in water until your socks get all squshy wet.
Walk around, don't take them off all day or until they dry.
Take them off, do it again.
Get them good and dry (no heat!)
Oil them.
Break IN new boots?
I have found what’s best for me is to wear them through the first river I pass.
Wear for the rest of the day wet.
Overnight, pull out the insoles and stuff with newspaper to help them dry.
Put them somewhere warm but NOT in direct heat of a fire etc.
When you get home, let them dry properly but slowly, give a couple of coats of beeswax/nikwax or whatever.
Once more after a few days out.
Then just every few months as required.
It doesn’t keep leather dry in really bad conditions, but it stops it drying out too much and splitting on the creases and where leather meets sole.
Man do I really need to get wet
What a lot of the others said is true:
Wear them in water until they are soaking wet, and wear them until dry.
I usually oil boots when I first get them as they tend to be notoriously dry (of oils). Some leathers have a finish on the outside, so you need to oil them from the inside and let them soak up.
You can also train areas of the leather. Watch a shoe and bend any stiff spots like the back of the heel where you'd get heel bite.
Some boots, like Limmer's, Nick's, White's are just going to take 100 hours of break-in and you have to wear them in small doses or else get injured.
>Man do I really need to get wet
Pretty much.
Lucky you don’t live where I do - every trip is wet boots!
One time I bought some real stiff boots that I needed for a long backpacking trip over the weekend. I was in a rush to break them in, so I packed them tight with towels and let them sit overnight. It helped a lot to stretch them out. After that I wore them to work (office job) every day for the rest of the week. Worked like a charm.
Youll just have to get used to blisters for a few weeks then your good unless your boots dont fit. I always have gnarly blisters when i buy s new pair of boots.
Drench in piss or vodka.

Don't put them in water. Condition with mink oil or similar and put them on and wear them around for an hour or so. They are going to take a week or two of daily wear to break in properly.
Blisters are totally unnecessary. Get a good boot, high quality leather, with a good fit. Wear it for a few hours at a time so it forms to the foot. The drench and dry on the foot method speeds up the process, and works best in dry climates, but will do no harm to real leather.
t. St. Hubbins
put boot in oven at 400 for 15 minutes for 3 days. AND WHALLAH
Leather boots if there a bit snug, soak for them for 2 minutes and wear them dry.
wear for small amount of time at a time.
wear to grocery store, don't wear on a 5 mile hike.
melted soles
Water will make the leather pliable while wet, but shrink and get brittle as it dries out. This means the instep and toecap get all stretched out, but heel box shrinks to be tighter/smaller than the original size when it dries out. When you buy the boots, you buy them to a particular size. When you wet form them, you fuck up the initial sizing. On top of that, the lifespan of the leather has been shortened.
So, no, blisters are not necessary if you are willing to go through expensive leather boots at an unnecessarily frequent pace.
Instead, you condition them and stretch them out naturally, so the sizing doesn't get fucked up.
leather boots been made since forever. Surely shoemakers collectively learned to account for that?

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