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File: bilde.jpg (779 KB, 800x800)
779 KB
779 KB JPG
what does /out/ think about wooden dinnerware?
is it comfy?
maybe you have pictures to share,
perhaps even something you've carved yourself?
That cup is priced for 19 US dollars on the website you took it from. That is silly
OP, why don't you start us off with a picture of some wooden dinnerware you have ?
i used to have the exact same cup as in the picture years ago but lost it, been using wildo fold-a-cups ever since
however, i'm really starting to miss my wooden cup
It's shit.

There's a reason absolutely everyone uses glazed ceramic and stainless steel. Titanium is great for backpacking, plastic is okay.
>It's shit.
how? do you mean while you're using it, or all the while you're not using it?
have you used wooden dinnerware?
Wood absorbs water, retains flavors, warps, cracks, splinters, and rots.
most wood dinnerware is oiled or has a varnish
even if it didn't, you can apply it yourself
was about to post similar
you have to set it out in the sun after cleaning to prevent issues like this
and when you are eating something like soup, you have to suck it out when it slightly absorbs it
mmmm varnish
why not just use plastic at that point?
>mmmm varnish
rub coffee grounds into the wood
>now it's slightly darker tan
>doesnt carve their own kuskas
>tiny underdeveloped bodies cant handle anything heavier than titanium
Chad bushcrafter vs virgin ultralightweighter
the fats in the coffee grounds protects the wood
based. i'm definitely picking up a spoon knife and will try to learn carving and crafting a number of items

as for this thread i guess i'll just make more knife threads. because that's what /out/ists want
That's why woodworkers finish raw wood with lacquer, shellac, or oils, most of which are toxic and not food-safe.
Tung oil, shellac, or lacquer are good for food related items.
File: Sticks.jpg (400 KB, 1336x1079)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
I use the spatula the most because it's better than rubber or plastic. Don't really like wooden cups or plates, though.
nice spatulas fren, i use $2 wooden spatulas so i don't scratch up my shit, works really well but now i'll have to carve out a variety

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