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Hi /out/

Moving to a town of 80k people and the nearest wilderness is about a 30 minute drive.
Not bad.
However I have a nice truck and don't want to leave it parked where someone can mess with it when I go out.
I won't even be leaving any valuables in there I just really don't want to leave my truck parked at the WMA (wildlife management area).
I plan on spending a lot of time there this upcoming fall and winter camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, etc. and doing plenty of overnight trips.
I have been thinking about getting pic related to ride out to the WMA and then hide it and cover it where no one can mess with it. It will just be from my apartment to the WMA.
What should I do and what are my alternatives vs driving the truck out there and leaving it parked right next to the road where anyone can break it or mess with it or steal it.
dont be a bitch and just park your truck you fag, no one will mess with it.
stay /in/ where it's safe.
>I have a nice truck and don't want to leave it parked where someone can mess with it when I go out.
>Buying a truck
>To use it as a car
Urbanites get the rope. I bet you have a hard top bed cover that never has been removed, and I bet there's not a scratch on the tailgate.
>then hide it and cover it where no one can mess with it
That's twice as likely to get stolen as the truck.

Stop making excuses about why you need a bike and just get one, you won't regret it.
Come to /dbt/ on /o/
Also don't get that Honda, get a Drz400

not an urbanite faggot, I am moving to this town of 80k people for college faggot, dare call me an urbantite wtf faggot also no hard top lmao kek

thanks guys I'll take your advice and just man the fuck up
have a nice day
>t. inexperienced newb
I have been leaving vehicles at trailheads for decades. As long as it is not near an urban area you will be fine. Surfing spots can be a problem though
Just don't have punisher skulls and gadsden flag all over the truck that advertises that you might keep guns in it.

Just buy a 1500 ranger/s10/outback/whatever on craigslist and leave it unlocked. Pic related is more likely to get stolen if someone finds it.
File: 1625612091470.png (2.56 MB, 1500x1485)
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2.56 MB PNG
Get a TW200 if you are truly /out/
This. Sounds like you just wants a bike, anon ;)
File: 1580456489550.jpg (71 KB, 424x600)
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On that, If you're looking for a tw200 check out farm auctions.
They are technically farm bikes so they sometimes pop up there and go for cheap.
Keep in mind tw200s are slow.
Dr650s are better for the highway, but a lot lot worse off road.
Xt250s are very good offroad, but suck on the highway.

If you can actually find an old Africa Twin
get it
>Keep in mind tw200s are slow.
True but there isn't any other bike that is as fun as a TW at 45 mph.
Well I can't argue that. And that first gear is perfect for putting the front wheel in the air and doing a 180.
File: i-3Kvjb29-L.jpg (190 KB, 800x594)
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KTM Master Race
File: 2021-06-26 20.04.17.jpg (1.4 MB, 2064x1548)
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1.4 MB JPG
Suzuki a best
Damn your bike is ugly as fuck.
File: 2021-06-27 20.52.31.jpg (1019 KB, 1652x1239)
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1019 KB JPG
You can't just post lies on the internet anon.
The GS500 is the cutest bike ever made
Poser newfag buys a truck but doesn't want to take it out
7 grand.... carbureted........just get an xr650
You can get one for cheaper.
Xr650s have ridiculous service intervals.
carbureted master race

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