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File: 1516939700506.jpg (54 KB, 710x399)
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I like huts. Do you like huts? Does your country have huts in wilderness areas?
It is nice to know that there is shelter out there so there is no need to lug tents and shit into the woods. But of course you need to plan the trip so you actually make it to a hut in time, and make sure you can actually have the hut to yourself.
File: huts.jpg (546 KB, 1852x856)
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546 KB JPG
Lots of huts scattered around this conservation area.
File: 1481171235025 (1).jpg (67 KB, 710x400)
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File: 1481171235025.jpg (32 KB, 709x400)
32 KB
Some are more modern than others.
File: qp4kkumrxjj11.jpg (52 KB, 640x499)
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what happens if you're in a hut and someone else comes by? is it a rule they must turn away? what if they're an arrogant, demanding person? seems like a shitty situation

Depends on the hut. Some are free and these are usually on a first come first serve basis, though those also usually have more than one bed. So you have to share. Some huts can be booked for a fee. If the hut is full, sometimes people rotate who sleeps on beds and who sleeps on the floor/ outside in a tent but ultimately it is first come first served. I don’t rely on free huts if it is small and in a popular area. The ones that are in balloted hunting areas are great, because you can guarantee they are going to be yours.
File: Untitled.png (4.16 MB, 1920x1080)
4.16 MB
4.16 MB PNG
not really. i live in nevada and the only huts are abandoned miners cabins. most of them are totally thrashed with danger of the roof collapsing, or full of so many bullet holes that they're just not very good. pic related is one of the better examples in my area, except when youre inside you can see theres hundreds of bullet holes throughout the entire cabin.
>hundreds of bullet holes throughout the entire cabin
free air conditioning
there used to be old fishing shacks on all the rivers up and down the coast here from the late 1800s that fell into disuse, and poets and artists and recluses moved into them in the 70s and 80s. eventually they all got destroyed. i would love to live like that
File: 1611262009922.jpg (1003 KB, 1760x2492)
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1003 KB JPG
based fellow Kiwibro.
South Island reporting in.
Huts fucking everywhere here.
Well worth the $50 a year or whatever to stay in them.
here in NZ, most accomodate at least a few people. if they're not free, they're just 1 "ticket" ($5) to stay for the night, in a trust box.
the huts on the most popular trails like the Milford Track, Kepler Track and the Routeburn Track often need to be booked months in advance.

Most are fairly well equipped. Place to sleep, fireplace with firewood ready to go, some running water. Nothing fancy but all the essentials for staying out of the weather for a night.

Some huts are really remote and only get a couple of visitors a year, but the only way to get to some of those is an 8 day hike in.
Nelson here. Nice hut reference. Have been to a LOT of those.
>if they're not free, they're just 1 "ticket"
Fuck that, they’re all free as far as I’m concerned. Paid for in taxes. Not paying twice. Unless it’s heavily policed (will give up ticket if asked) or book ahead.
>will give up ticket if asked
Officially you have to have put the ticket in the box upon arrival; the rangers will check the names in the box and yours better be in there. In reality, however, I don't think they're sticklers if you cough up a ticket in the end.
Off-season you can visit any of the Great Walk huts with an annual hut pass and no reservation. I look at the annual pass as an investment in peace of mind so I'm not always worrying about rangers (and the price goes directly to hut maintenance).
Truly the most remarkable hut system in the world.
Have they all been closed up for the past year to keep people from flocking to them?
eh i dont mind. I work closely with DoC here in Queenstown and they're top blokes. $5 is nothing, more than happy to pay it to make sure the trails are well kept, especially the really remote ones.

>have they been closed?
they werent even technically closed during the lockdown over a year ago.
Does anywhere else in the world have anything like the NZ huts system?
BC and Alaska have plenty of huts maintained by various governments and non profits in mountains, forests and coastlines. Yukon is just starting to get into it for backcountry skiing but we have a long legacy of natives occasionally leaving their trapping/fishing cabins open so that people can stay in then in emergencies.
Cobb Valley, Kahurangi?
there are some huts in the mountains of Germany and Switzerland i think, but nothing on the scale NZ has.
Australia has a couple of "huts" in the alpine regions but they're mostly historic sites (mostly ruins) with a campground next to them, rather than an actual hut you can stay in.
>the scale NZ has.
What’s often overlooked here too is the network of Alpine Club and Deerstalker Association huts. Usually downright luxurious compared to doc huts.
Ive only used one deerstalkers hut in Beaumont, but is pretty nice compared to most doc huts. The members are generally very responsible and keep the place very well maintained/tidy.

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