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Going hiking for the first time. Packing for minimalism, what do /out/fags recommend go in my pack
Pic unrelated
Water, lunch, and a jacket of some sort
Don't pack anything. Just bring 6ft of rope.
Is this a day hike, an overnight, a multi-day? Be specific you sub-zero IQ cock-biting mongoloid.
Go out into the wild like Chris Mccandless, and don't forget your satellite phone and gps locator device so you can ring in your buddies. Wouldn't want to end up like homeboy, now would we?
All you need is water, don’t listen to the fools telling you to bring food on a day hike it’s good not to eat sometimes
If it's just a day hike, you want
>water - much more than you think you need if its your first time
>a lunch and/or snacks (sandwich, trail mix, prepackaged snackfood, fruits)
>Extra pair of socks in case you step in a puddle
>Flashlight even you plan on getting home before dark
>trail map (probably won't need one on most trails)
That's all you really need, if you really want you can take basic first aid supplies, a pocket knife, or a walking stick
File: e05.jpg (74 KB, 498x441)
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>Anime is degenerate
>announcing report
How long are you going to be hiking for? How many days? How many miles? What terrain? Will you be camping or sleeping in shelters? Will you cook your own food or eat out?
Anyways, here's my lighterpack:
Whatever backpack you have
Water, 2 liters per person, bottles or hydration pack
Lightweight running shoes
Heavy duty boots
Sleeping bag and pad
Lighter and matches and fire striker
Extra fire wood
Glock 26 or subcompact 9mm
Full size rifle .30 caliber or larger
.22lr carbine
Extra ammo
Fixed blade 10" knife ESEE or gtfo
Folding spyderco brand spyderco
Nylon stockings
Crackers and jelly
File: 4c1.jpg (14 KB, 259x194)
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4chan is anime
>op asks about a minimal set up
>anon posts a list with two pairs of shoes, three guns, a 10" knife, and three lights.
actually, having typed that out I'm almost certain you are trolling.
10/10, here's your you.
I like that he brought a lever action cowboy rifle as his larger bore gun.
Also just noticed nylon stockings so he's saying he's a tranny too lmao
What do you mean?
nylon stocking are unironically a great thing to carry. light, warm, can work really well against ticks, and can be used for a host of things.
Assuming we're talking multiday...
a tent is simple, keeps you dry from above and below, keeps the wind and insects out
>Sleep pad
not just for comfort but more importantly for insulation from the ground, an insulated foam thing will do but inflatable sleep pads can pack down to the size of a large soda can
>Sleeping bag
duh, and if your sleep pad is warm enough you can pair it with a quilt instead
>Water storage
A collapsible water bottle will fit nicely wherever you stuff it
I use a 3L bladder because it's more convenient to drink from while im moving
>Water treatment
boiling is time consuming, chemicals taste like ass, just buy a sawyer squeeze
A sun hoodie and cap works great for me
Chrome umbrella
Whatever works for you, just do it right or you'll be sore and miserable
Rainjacket, rainpants
or use that umbrella again
Add another layer
Moving keeps you warm
Take a puffer for when you stop moving
Be practical
I carry a Gerber Ultralight LST for small shit, cutting thread and tape, draining blisters etc...
and a ka-bar dozier skeleton knife for anything heavier, also just incase some bushnigger thinks he can jump me
Just do it, it gets dark fast
get a headlamp if you wanna upgrade
>First Aid/Toiletries
Toiletpaper and a trowel
Antiseptic ointment or hand sanitizer for your ouchies, because there will be ouchies
Leukotape/moleskin, you're gonna get blisters so learn to treat them
Your smartphone and an app like gaia, alltrails, google maps
Take a powerbank
Put your phone in airplane mode when you're out of range, it drains the battery fast searching for a signal
Take a tiny compass just incase
You snap a strap or rip the ass out of your pack you're gonna hate your life, take a small sewing kit, just a couple needles and some thread
Consider something to do when you make camp, i take an e-reader full of manga and an mp3 player with podcasts cos i get lonely
.30s are usually lever action
good list, few things I would add:
>chemicals taste like ass
aquatabs and aquamira have no impact on taste. you can even half the dose but double the time.
>Your smartphone and an app
If op is non-US then alpinequest might be a better option as it has more layers for other countries. caltopo is another decent app, I find their browser tools better than gaia.
Map and compass should be standard as well, even on easy to nav routes as those offer great chances to keep you map work sharp.
>sewing kit
tenacious tape, DCF tape, or duct tape are pretty great additions to a repair kit. quite a few things can be fixed well with just tape.
File: 61GS-92a1sL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (78 KB, 1500x1412)
78 KB
dont forget the coleman 3 burner, camp shower, generator, air conditioner, fan, and a silicone peeing apparatus
I'm trans btw
Looks like weeb op was such a sensitive girl that he had to snitch
File: 1619831547018.png (33 KB, 229x250)
33 KB
picrel it's you, OP
For a day hike the goal with what you bring is to prepare for being stuck out there and to prepare for being lost.
Something sugary to give you energy in an emergency
Iodine tablets or a mechanical filter
I carry an emergency blanket and some rope to make an emergency shelter
A lighter
>Fix it
Duct tape wrapped around the lighter
>First aid
Bandaids, pain killers, and super glue for lacerations
A jacket
Compass that you know how to use and map
A charged headlamp
>Sun protection

The point of bringing shit is not to take care of yourself during the hike (anyone can walk a few miles carrying nothing) but to prepare for the worst so you don't die like a retard. And always tell someone where you are going and what time to come looking if you're not back.
File: 1571838298730.jpg (94 KB, 1200x800)
94 KB

Assuming you're only going to be out for a few hours and the weather is good:

>good hiking boots
>knee high socks
>spare socks in case you step in water and get your feet wet
>lightweight backpack
>lunch and a snack
>water, preferably 1 liter/quart at least
>first aid kit
>dress appropriately for the weather and check the weather before you leave
>wear a hat
>apply sunscreen and/or mosquito repellent as appropriate before hiking
>make sure your phone is fully charged and that someone knows where you're going and when you're supposed to be back so they can send help if you fuck up and break your leg falling off a cliff or some shit

Have fun, and report back on how things go.
File: 1591768752950.jpg (377 KB, 1000x750)
377 KB
377 KB JPG

*slaps forehead*

A .30-30 Winchester is usually lever-action, though bolt-action rifles in the caliber exist. But being .30-caliber doesn't mean it's a lever-action.

>7.5x55 Swiss
>.300 Win Mag
>.300 Blackout
>.300 Savage
>.303 British

There's literally hundreds of .30-caliber cartridges out there, and most of them are for bolt-action rifles and/or semi-autos. Being a .30-cal means nothing unless you know the specific cartridge in question, and even then it isn't a guarantee.
hey friends. I'm new to /out/.

So I've got some questions about a thread I want to make but would rather not ask so as not to not shit up the board like faggot OP.

I need some gear recommendations. I've been doing Boy Scouts for years now, but since college is winding down, me and my friends want to go camping again.
I've got all my old hiking gear from my Eagle days, but I don't have a decent blanket to use as a liner in my sleeping bag. I'm using a hammock that weighs about a pound that I've used for almost a decade.

What blanket recommendation do you guys have for hammock sleeping on a hike?
I'm thinking a wool blanket would be best, but I've continuously encountered half polyester/half wool blankets and I hate using polyester. It feels gay.
Also what mess utensils do you guys recommend? It's one of the few pieces of gear I never really got anything for since our troop always packed them for the longer trips. I already have a cooking pot and primus hiking stove, but I don't have a nice set of utensils for eating.
Any recommendations?
Water water water
This guy is actually correct. You don't actually need that much food. Toss it out in favor of water
Normal blanket
Plastic fork
Simple as
Sounds reasonable. I guess trying to find a pure wool blanket for non-$100+ prices is a bit difficult.
Cotton is my second favorite fabric to wear.

Polyester and Nylon underwear makes me feel like I'm slowly having my balls tortured honestly.

Also wouldn't a wooden fork be a better woodland alternative, since if I'm going to stir my canteen soup/oatmeal with my utensil when I make hot food, then I shouldn't use plastic because it's got gay chemicals in it.
Forks are dumb
Spoons are generally more useful
I recommend the toaks titanium long handle spoon with polished bowl

As for your blanket, this isn't a recommendation but it's 100% wool

and this one one claims to be 100% merino wool, and significantly lighter
>Extra fire wood
This. Maybe a rain jacket if rain is in the forecast. Chances are OP is talking about a mil and a half hike and wants to larp.
wow gj anon very astute

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