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anyone know of any abandoned places in NSW that are worth checking out? any places rumoured to be haunted or creepy?
morrison’s asshole
The various ww2 forts around Sydney.
Fantasy glades port Macquarie - abandoned now but creepy af at night
there are plenty of abandoned mining towns and ghost towns out bush.
you wont find them easily on google maps though, you'll have to do some research as well as get more regional maps from an Information Center.

went camping in a state forest with a mate a few years ago. spent a week getting smashed drunk and fossicking for gems.
we found some abandoned mine shafts nearby and also an abandoned town from the late 1800s.
Didnt find much, just a bunny skeleton.
But one thing that was creepy was there was a perfect mint condition Teddy Bear in the middle of a field when we were there.

We went back to camp at the same place 2 years later and the bear was still there, but it'd moved to the far side of town and was completely trashed from weathering.

Still creeps us out a little.

We have some other stories like when we came across some other gemhunters who we thought were going to kill us, as well as the forest's Ranger who hadnt had any human contact for 6+ months. He was funny but had a habit of just appearing/disappearing out of the bush like the Homer Simpson meme.
ban test ban test

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