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/x/ innawoods stories are still /out/ you dingus
go fuck yourself retard and post a fucking story
grug safe now
I can never resist a free hug
>hiking near an abandon WW2 area camp
>forest has taken over
>munitions bunkers are still there
>checking out the inside
>get the urge to masturbate
>looking around, seriously considering it
>hand moves to outside of my pants
>nah, I’d better not. I haven’t fallen that low yet
>then again, why not? Who would know?
>internal turmoil
>decide against it
>turn to leave
>small group of people walking my way
>no choice but to pass them
>stink of shame wafting in their direction
>they are 100% creeped out by me

I’m certain they were absolutely positive that I was jerking off in there when really I was just considering it.
I'm sure they just thought you were checking it out. After all, how many people's minds would that idea even cross
>be me
>out running
>blood pumping
>suddenly something catches my mind
>can't figure it out so stop running and try to think
>head rush.. hard to concentrate
>couldn't stop the blood from running in my mind
>convince myself it's all in my mind, or just a short recovery phase from running
>keep running

It was a strange day, lads.
File: unnamed.jpg (8 KB, 274x131)
8 KB
Here goes:
>Be combatfag OEF 2010-12
>Get home, 24, more money than ever before
>REI, drop like $10K, idiot mode
>new girlfriend, cute bartender, likes camping
>Make plans to hike a few days of the Colorado trail
>"meet you at trailhead at xxxx hours"
>innacar, driving, get text
>"can't make it today, I promise I'll be at the trailhead tomorrow at 0500"
>"whatever bitch I'm already there, I'll camp out nearby, see ya in the AM"
>never camped solo before
>all my shit is ultralight backpack stuff, no giant Coleman cabin shit
>fuck it, I'll practice LP/OP stuff, totally LARP to keep myself entertained, count hikers and stuff, etc
>also, good recon for hunting in this GMU, maybe I'll see some deers
>find good spot innabrush, maybe 50y from trail, defilade, concealed, good spot
>set up, do a short hike, see some deers, get ready for sleep
>fall asleep surprisingly easy, Glock 20 10mm on my chest
>wake up once or twice, nothing spoopy, look at moon, sip whiskey, back to sleep
>get woken up by noise
>dragging noise
>tarp being dragged on ground noise (hear it a lot in Army)
>lay still, grip gat, listen
>noise on trail, going from innawoods to trailhead
>stops close-ish to me, hear a male voice talking
>"haha fuck me man, heavier than I thought"
>other guy laughing
>killing deers at nighttime like faggots
>they get to parking lot, start truck, drive away
>I sleep
>Wake up late, gf in trialhead parking lot waiting for me
>coffee, hike, sex innawoods, good times
>circuit hike, we're back to our cars in maybe 48 hours
>gf says "car I parked next to is still here"
>has kansas college bumper sticker, gf is from kansas, notices kansas shit
>go get lunch at Zoka's near Evergreen, then back to the city
>few days later see a hiker is missing in that area
>younger female
>Kansas college grad
>her car was found at that trailhead

I mean, I probably just heard poachers, right? Right?
did you what you heard?
meant "did you report what you heard" but I'm illiterate
Yeah, but I felt like a shit-heel. Gave them a date/time, which I'm sure was somewhat helpful. I never saw the truck, didn't really get any useful info. Still weirds me out thinkin about it. Trying to find the link to her story on KRDO now.
Go make a thread yourself so we can shit on it too asshole
File: 1581003051297.png (127 KB, 412x438)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Imagine thinking campfire ghost stories don't belong in /out/...
Damn that must've fucked you up at least a little. Good story anon
>hiking on trail way out in the boonies around 9k elevation
>trail is empty
>get the urge to masturbate as a free man amidst nature while i have privacy
>look around, double check again, nobody near and not a sound or footstep; you can hear a pin drop
>do the deed silently aside from the russle of my pantalones
>pants up, *zip*
>turn around to pick up backpack
>ultralight backpacker out of nowhere turns around corner
>walks past me incredibly quickly, zero eye contact
>he saw
>continue on my way
i sure wish this was during the pandemic so i could have had a mask on
holy shit dude, 11B here, good thing you had the gat
Imagine being such a pathetic coomer you can't control when you have to jerk off. How enslaved to your desires are you?
>how many people's minds would that idea even cross
At least one apparently.
very good fucking story, good shit anon.
>canoe camping for a week in armpit of north fl
>day two find a nice little clearing with relatively solid ground and some pine trees. Decide to make camp and use pine tar to start a fire. Had been collecting drift wood and letting it dry in my boat as fuel.
>wolf chili and hard tack with a bit of wild turkey to wash it down.
>Set up tin can alarms around hammock and go to sleep.
>wake up to sounds of coyote yipping and squealing at about 3 am.
>grab suppressed 10.5 inch ar "pistol" that I keep in my pack for meth-heads and gators (the latter are usually not aggressive but I don't count on it.)
>Follow the sound being as quiet as I can. Ground is mostly moss and soft, rotting wood so stealth is a breeze.
>there are 3 of them going at it with a boar that probably weighed 50-60 lbs.
>the coyote are using pack tactics but the boar is holding its own.
>watch them for maybe 20 minutes
>boar finally exhausted and just lays down. Yotes start chewing on it.
>decide the shows over but I don't want these uppity dogs thinking they're the baddest thing in this swamp.
>put the hog out of its misery with a headshot from maybe 30 yds.
>the coyote all jump back and look in my direction.
>bobbing their heads for about a second until they all spot me.
>just sit there staring at each other with weapon shouldered.
>finally they approach the boar and start taking turns staring at me while the other two snack on the kill.
>Lower weapon. They relax.
>Watch until sun comes up.
>pack up and paddle on.
Nature is neat.
Dude, not to be a dick but why did we need to know so much background information about your life for this story. You literally could have cut out the first 14 lines of text and it would not have changed a single thing about the story lol
>a man alone in the woods, he must be trying to jerk off
How much porn do I have to watch to achieve this mode?
Very enslaved. I fully acknowledge my problem and it’s something I’m working on.

I assume everyone else is of the same pathetic coomer mindset as me.
I caught a guy jerking off in Alabama. Also stumbled upon a young guy blowing a much older man.
Write a book, faggot.
>what is context?
>what is narrative arc?
Go ahead, tell us one of your brilliant yarns, oh Great Bard of /out/. I'm sure it will be riveting.
they do not
>not dumping copious amounts of loads at point of interests and then stare at approaching party with widest ever grin
any chance those guys saw you?
Can you elaborate? You clearly have the best story
fair enough

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