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/out/ - Outdoors

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What are /out/'s favorite knots for each purpose:
>Lashing gear to packs
>Doesn't slip under tension, unties easy
>Adjustable and holds up under tension

Pic related is marlinspike hitch, super fast to tie and easy as fuck to undo. Unparalleled for tying down to stakes imo
fuck my image is flipped
kinda works tho
>favorite knots
what is this autism? at least go outside if you want to pretend to be a boyscout
>am former boyscout
>Lashing gear to packs
Jesus Christ, nobody outside the movies actually does this.
Or the occasional person that learned everything they know from Hollywood.
>what is a pack frame
The only acceptable items to have on the outside of your pack are axes, crampons, rope, and hardware. There are already attachment points for these on the pack.
>tfw umbrella can’t go in my pack
But yeah, if you can’t put normal stuff inside of your pack then your pack is too small.
File: 1559986754067.jpg (57 KB, 500x612)
57 KB
Umbrellas are great for /out/ activities.

>Keeps your whole body dry
>Allows refreshing breeze
>Easy windbreak for fire building
>Keeps intense sun off
>Shield for nervous grils to piss behind
>Emergency animal defense flapper
>Emergency schizo defense jabber
>Costs like ten bucks
>Weighs less than a jacket
Taughtline hitch is the GOAT camping/tent/fly knot
Still sounds like peak faggot thing to carry around while /out/ but you honestly have some really good points for why it's based, I can't really rebute that.
>water bottle
>sleeping bag in drysack
>wet clothes
>rain gear
anon have you ever used a real pack?
dont forget the piss bandana

>Lashing gear
Clove hitch alldayallday. I use it for my dog's leash too, works like a charm.
>take dog /out/
>end up /at the pub/ cause I /have a problem/
>CloveHitch leash to chair while I get loaded
>running ThotBait.exe............complete
>untie CloveHitch when it's time to go /herplace/ /liquorstore/ /hospital/ /jail/

>adjustable and holds up under tension
I don't know what it's called, but it looks like an upside-down 4 when you tie it, picrelated. I used it to tie frogs to bottlerockets when I was a kid
>the slip end went on the bottlerockets
>the frogs got clovehitched lol cux rip

>my captcha was traffic lights if that means anything
>doesn't carry a piss blanket
>uses a sissy lil bitch ass piss bandana
I just use the shoelace knot for everything.
I use a becket hitch when i use my hammock. Only other knots i really use are a hitch or a bow. I use strops for securing loads on the truck so yeah.
i attached an infatable boat from walmart to my backpack and hiked it out like 10 miles and then aired it up, threw my backpack in it and paddled it out down the river before I hit a downed tree underwater and it poked a hole in the bottom of my boat
Different knots, not that many, I don't remember the names. Bushcraft usa forums lesson section is where I learned them.
File: 1604268292127.gif (3.31 MB, 700x394)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB GIF
Greetings brother
fuck you, why does this make sense
I know an fuckton of knots/hitches since my life literally depends on them. Outside of work I half hitch, clove hitch, bowline and alpine butterfly basically everything.

>Lashing gear to packs
If I were to do this I'd probably clove or double half hitch.
>Doesn't slip under tension, unties easy
>Adjustable and holds up under tension
blake's hitch

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