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File: gear.png (148 KB, 636x286)
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Hey guys, need a filter and a stove to complete my backpacking kit. I've gone on plenty of trips but always just borrowed these items from friends. Any suggestions on what to get? Looking for something relatively cheap and lightweight. I live in Southern California and plan on visiting the Sierras soon.
Sawyer squeeze and a cheap pocket rocket style stove for a canister. If you’re planning on using a stove regularly in below freezing temperatures, then an MSR Whisperlite. If you’re planning on using your filter in freezing temperatures, it must be stored somewhere where it won’t freeze, or you need to use something like a UV purifier.
>Looking for something relatively cheap and lightweight.

Sawyer squeeze. Get the regular size and not the mini

-Chinese canister stove like the Etekcity
-DIY alcohol cat can stove

>plan on visiting the Sierras soon.
you know what season it is, right?
thanks for the suggestions guys

"soon" being a relative term, but I might go car camping around mammoth lakes in like a month
waterdrop is good with gravity bags and can do up to 100k gallons and is cheap

Use a wood stove also. Don't be a fag.
Or you could make a stove yourself with fire and also then make a filter yourself.

Why is the sawyer a meme here? Why be in love with a brand?
>with fire
With fire and some sort of metal that you hang over it, or set on stones, or etc.

They have canteen stove griddle sets you know.

About the gravity bag, you could hang it from a tree and then put a collapsible bucket under it. Then boil it after because this filter shit is kinda too good to be true. No wood? Perhaps you should get out of your shithole.
>it's another /in/posting larper
post ONE picture of your campsite, faggot
Oh, and light the shit with a ferro rod. They are a meme too but the powder that comes off is like a sparkler if you do it right. Flint won't do that so you'd need lots of cotton type stuff and such. People are such cheaters they pay the oil company with vaseline on cotton.
File: not an image of me.jpg (678 KB, 1080x1920)
678 KB
678 KB JPG
>/out/ means camp

I only go to lakes and I'm not some cosplayer that takes images of myself. Would you like a picture of me at a lake?

I can post the stuff I own next.
any reason not to get the REEHUT over the pocket rocket? it's like 10 dollars instead of 30.
>Why is the sawyer a meme here? Why be in love with a brand?
It’s the gold standard. You cannot beat it’s weight and functionality at that price. I’ll go to the grave with my squeeze
File: stuffs.jpg (2.76 MB, 6000x2560)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB JPG
Here's some shit I own. You'll recognize me from that autism kit.

Not that I'd drink from the lake, there are creeks that are nearby as FL is full of them. Some are more clear than others, but there's bums everywhere. I'm not taking out a phone while pretending to be homeless and taking pictures. They'd think sOmEonE sEnT yOu

You don't know what it's like.

Anyway, no asking for time stamps. :^)

Plausible deniability is funner than you think it is.

It's a meme. Prove they're not made the same. You are brand worshipping plastic tubing with nets inside it and charcoal and dirt.
File: 'finished' autism kit.png (1.29 MB, 1744x1052)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
autism kit

I have everything but the meme-staws and meme seat and meme panel, as I have cheaper panels that have less functionality. 18 usd ones rather than that 70 usd one. I have a similar shower but it's electric. No shower bag of course, yellow poncho and no foil bag as I live in a literal bog, and pretty much everything else but that protecting plastic case I have. If I get better panels I might not need that though.

Oh, no solder, but who cares. And no spork, but a spoon and knife, or knives really, but you don't care. I can go take lots of pictures to prove I have most, but you won't believe it all fits. Though I posted that image from front and side to show how big the dell bag actually is. It's huge for a dell bag, it's from the early thousands I'm sure. It all fits buster.
Nope all those Chinese stoves that look the same with the orange bottom are exactly the same. If you have a somewhat wide pot I’d go with the BRS though. If you have a narrow pot then the reehut and clones are fine
ok i didnt think to look at the dimensions. the bigger arms are enough of a pro for me to spend the extra money. ive had a rough time with those tiny arms before.
this has to be bait
Why would it be? I posted myself with the gear showing that I own some of it. I can take all that I do own out if you want and lay it around it but then you'd assume it can't fit.

Also, in central FL where I live it's illegal to sleep outside and also all parks close at night fall. Oh, and there's no federal reserves where I live either. So yeah. I can't pots an image of me sleeping as I've not dared to sleep in the woods in years. Last time I did it was Ocala but I live nowhere near there for over a decade now.

Then there's the fact that FL is too hot and humid to even enjoy sleeping outside. Try it. Why feel like goo while also taking images of you trespassing on someone's property?

My gear is perfection. It's only missing transport. I've a few ideas for that, but a pig would pull me over on a solar scooter. Then there's train hopping, with a knife plus trespass that equals an automatic felony charge. Hitch hiking is for girls an teens and also is probably illegal too all over. Stealing a car with all this all seeing eye crap? What do you even expect sir?
by shower bag I meant colapsable bucket

I have one but it doesn't fit, that one might

Proof reading might come in handy some day. Though I doubt it.

I'll take images of it all shortly. But putting it all back inside is such a bother. Tetris tier.
I’m into the whole survivalist bushcraft wilderness living thing but this isn’t for backpacking
I don't know what you mean.
I figure I'll stop being a faggot and show what I own of the autism kit currently. At kikemas it will have everything most likely in the images I post as there is only 200 usd worth of missing items. Neets have to wait for such upgrades. This bag is actually pricey at this point. Is it 500 usd? I'm not even sure.


1/3 for weight of bag's contents
2/3 for bag packed with outerwear shown, panels fit into front pocket but are delicate so will upgrade to 70 usd kind that can work with clouds rather than the two 18usd ones in the image that go XD when a could rolls in. Machete is just so you can't say I don't have one. I don't normally strap that to my back. My posture makes it seen I think.
3/3 unpacked

I have a yellow poncho but it's not in it. The umbrella I forgot to set next to the walking stick, but whatever.
>green poncho
>sleeping bag
>game clip
>water straws and bag
>solder for usb
I have everything else I think.

Oh wait, the tarp and knife were stuck in the bottom of the bag. I'm not turning my phone back on to take an image, but I have a tarp and that meme knife inside it still, and the tape measuring thing might not be visible either.

File: tarp n knife.png (227 KB, 941x429)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
tarp n knife

>Prove they're not made the same
What, a sawyer and some bushcraft filtration bag? Anon I don’t have time to wait around for gravity to fill my bottle, let alone search the ground for different layers of gravel sand and charcoal every time I need clean water, are you an actual retard?
File: 1566183716785.png (209 KB, 615x361)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
>lemme just suuuuuck this shit all day instead
Where are you going? Stop walking, tie it to a tree, let the water drain into the bucket. Don't you want a gallon to fill in it slowly? Do you never sponge bath you animal?

You'd be back in a week no matter how much supplies you bring if you don't sponge bath.
>Where are you going?
Have you seriously never been on a multi-day hike?
>that image

No, that does NOT make clean and safe water. Absolute troll image. It will CLEAR up yor water and make it good to be boiled, but it will not CLEAN your water to make it safe. You still need to boil it after filtering through that.
Buy a sawyer squeeze. If the retarded yellow washer that comes with it keeps falling out, buy a garden hose washer, it'll fit better. Just don't buy the sawyer mini, it sucks ass.
Based garden hose washer bro. Replace it with a hose washer anyways. You can get 6 for like $1.00 and keep a spare one in with your medkit
Why do you have to keep walking? Trees look all the same. You're there, just sit for two days. Is the point excercise? YOu have to walk to the creek back and forth, but why go ALONG the creek? Sounds try hard tier to me. Do you think you are an explorer? You're trying to get away from it all, but why is the grass greener one mile ahead? Why the next one after that?

Probably the same could be said about your precious sawyer's.
I got a JoyPur brand (no name chinese goods on Amazon) pump action filter. You can filter much more water per minute with a pump action water filter than a squeeze type filter.

Really, any pump action water filter will do. Don't pay for a fancy brand, they all do the same thing.
Get a Katadyn be free. It's much less hastle than the sawyer. I have both, and was a sawyer fan for years.

Get the be free filter/cap by itself, and pick up a hydrapak bladder. More robust than the kit bladders, and comes in larger sizes. I recommend the 3 liter if you're going solo, or the 4 liter if you're going in a group, or plan on doing actual cooking.
>Bottle/bladder that will fit it
>45 dollars for branded squeeze filter

for 40 dollars you can get a proper pump action filter, just skip branding and get a chinese generic they all do the same thing

j o y p u r
this autist posts here consistently telling people to just create a filter using silt and pebbles.. disregard him, he doesn't backpack.
>$18 for a filter that won't be the end of the world if it gets lots or damaged
>$20 for a bladder/canteen that is ultra lightweight, enough volume for a group of 4, and is durable enough for military deployment

But yeah. Buy your chink shit for $30 that you need to replace every season. Seems like a better value
hey faggot i go camping in Ocala National Forest (central Florida) all the time. I am not sure why you are even on this board to be honest.
Why would you need to replace a pump action filter? You get far more volume with a pump action filter than a squeeze. That's my point.

>durable enough for military deployment

lol @ ur larp
What's wrong with a shoulder bag though anon?

I'm not sure you have a point.
File: bugged.png (1.05 MB, 1580x1018)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Hydrapak makes the bladders for geigerrig, faggot.

I work in a paramilitary field, and work with a lot of ex-military people. That is how I learned about this brand to begin with. Geigerrig got their start as a company directly for military use.

But please go on and tell me how the world works, because i really need to get my shit together.

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