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I’m hiking from Florida to Oregon all on foot starting tomorrow morning. I’ll list my gear ITT and you guys rate it.

4 pairs of regular socks, 1 pair heavy wool socks

4 shirts

3 levels of thermal shirts/pants


Waterproof jacket

Heavy wool sweatshirt

Waterproof gloves





2 portable chargers

3 pairs of earbuds

Bunch of small toilet paper rolls and Towelettes


Fire/water stuff:

2 knives

Multi tool

Ferro rod

Bunch of waterproof matches

Water filter

Purification tablets

2 32 oz water bottles


2 waterproof ponchos

24 Hand warmers

Extra ziplock bags

First aid kit



Extra bag to carry on hip (where I’ll keep my phone, chargers, etc)

Duct tape


Bug repellent


gl dude, but if you are gonna go that far, may as well do alaska too

Have fun out there OP. You should keep updating this thread as you go along. I'm sure many anons here would like to follow
>you guys rate it
Go shove your iphone up your ass, dickhead
Good luck, enjoy!
>Florida to Oregon in winter
>walmart pack
>huge synthetic sleeping bag
>knife sharpener
>two knives
Larp thread
File: 56465464.jpg (770 KB, 3840x2160)
770 KB
770 KB JPG
Good luck mate, you should document every day a little bit and upload it on YouTube
That would be cool
Good luck op
take a picture of yourself everyday and see how much you change
Op is going to die less then a month into this, if he is not dead already (day1) from no food. Lose the radio, ipad, do one portable charger for phone, reduce headphones to one or two, def only earbuds, consider ditching book all together or for smaller book. Fill the extra space with high fat foods (fat is twice as calorie dense as proteins or carbs) best is probably trailmix for having good amounts of everything you need.
Watch out for the 'tree people' in Oregon. You can only see them with thermals apparently, so you should be fine.
You guys are pussies OP will be fine and love his trip

For the first month of his walk theres a gas station every 5 miles. He'll have constant support as he gets good at this.
Agree with the gear advice.
This is a good point. Hes posted hes going to do it fasting, so my assumption was he wasnt planning to buy food either. If hes following major roads, and planning to buy food, then he'll be fine. Still seems il advised to not have one days worth of food on you at all atimes and just eat what you come across, relying on the day food for back up or ration in an emergency.
Until he runs out of money by the panhandle
How much does it weigh?

guys he left out the part where hes doing this without consuming any food.

this retard is going to die
post social media so i can laugh at you when you die and the jannies delete your threads
i thought so but apparently this dude has got his ass all the way down here and looks like he has no choice but to start walking now lol

Opee I will meet up with you in the panhandle toward the end of the month
Good footwear selection OP. You'll need these bad boys starting out in the swamps of Florida.
File: 1555788146405.jpg (32 KB, 430x316)
32 KB
>all these clothes
>radio and ipad
>3 earbuds
>2 knives
>multi tool
>ferro rod
>2 bulky ass nalgene bottles
>24 hand warmers (?????)
>sleeping bag nearly as big as rucksack
>no tent, tarp or mat
>assuming no money from your retarded threads I've seen on at least 3 other boards

you won't make it 100km
you're linking it wrong

jesus christ that sleeping bag is going to be hell lugging around for that long.

good luck friend
>I’m hiking from Florida to Oregon
Came into this thread to ask jokingly if you're >>1936467 and now I see you actually are. Fucking madman, you're probably going to get yourself killed but I hope you keep posting so we can follow your journey.
File: Map.png (24 KB, 618x200)
24 KB
You're fucking crazy bro but a cynical part of me respects it. Try not to die
File: 1594113044925.gif (2 MB, 215x220)
2 MB
Holy shit that's him? Welp....
2 pairs of everything, excpt socks and boxers, 4 is good
waterproof gloves, why?
ditch the flaslight, get a headlamp, trying to get stuff done at camp with only one hand is a pain, as well as walking holding a flashlight
radio, ipad. dump"em, phone is enough
I'd go with one charger, but why not
3 pairs of earbud, wtf? 1, if it breaks it's not like it's vital and you can't do without 'til the next town
toilet paper, meh.paper tissues are less bulky and will stay dry if your bag gets wet
Ditch the shampoo. Get aleppo soap, you can wash skin, teeth and dishes with it, less bulky, and won't spill in your bag.
Tools ok, 2 knives might be overkill
I'd do one water botlle and a camelback. In areas with easy acces to water one bottle is enough, and you fold the empty camelback in your bag. When water is scarce, the camelback will give you more autonomy.

2 ponchos. One is enough, if it rips it's no biggie to go without 'til next store, especially if uou have a waterproof jacket
extra ziplocks. yup never too much of those. use them to store all the gear, it'll add a wter protection layer, and make it easir to empty and fill the bag (3-4 ziplocks insted of over a dozen items, and the bag slide against one another, easier to fill your pack)
book, ditch it, get an e-reader app on your phone
sharperner, unnecessary
duct tape yes, cordage no, useless, you're hiking not mountaineering
the rest is ok.

what I'd add
one or two dry meals just in case, weighs nothing, cost nothing, and takes no space
a gps app on your phone, ideally precise enough to show you backroads and tracks. If you're going to walk from A to B and there's path through the woods rather than along the highway, you might as well
a baseball cap, combined with jacket it's perfect to keep your face dry walking in the rain
a rag, to wipe stuff, grab hot stuff, if it's hot you can soak it and put it on your head.
also, a tarp and some paracord.(i said ditch cordage because it sounds like you're taking rope) you won't always have a shelter a,d if it's raining you'll need something to sleep under
How's it going OP?
I can't wait for your next thread OP.
>Hey guys, any anons in North Florida willing to buy me a burger and Dasani? I've been walking for 12 days and I'm starving.
>4 pairs of regular socks, 1 pair heavy wool socks
I seriously hope by regular socks you don't mean cotton
>4 shirts
You just need 1.
>3 levels of thermal shirts/pants
Jesus Christ why you just need 1.
Wouldn't be necessary if you learned to not pack like a larper
>Waterproof jacket
>Heavy wool sweatshirt
Sure I guess, but down is better warmth/oz
>Waterproof gloves
Yeah sure why not
Replace this with a light headlamo
Sounds like tons of extra weight
>2 portable chargers
>3 pairs of earbuds
You're baiting me right
>Bunch of small toilet paper rolls and Towelettes
Drop this
>Fire/water stuff:
>2 knives
Drop both and only take multitool
>Multi tool
>Ferro rod
Drop this waste of weight. Ferros are garbage
>Bunch of waterproof matches
>Water filter
>Purification tablets
>2 32 oz water bottles
>2 waterproof ponchos
You already have a rainjacket what the fuck is this for
>24 Hand warmers
Jesus Christ or you could just carry gloves
>Extra ziplock bags
>First aid kit
Holy shit you retarded larper
>Extra bag to carry on hip (where I’ll keep my phone, chargers, etc)
>Duct tape
Inb4 paracord
>Bug repellent

Jesus Christ I'll be surprised if you make it 300 miles. You pack like a total larper. Here's a protip: in the real-world, there is no use for 3 fucking knives, 95% of the time the heaviest duty thing you'll need a knife for is cutting salami or making Feathersticks

may as well just swim across the pacific and do Asia too
hey guys /fit/anon here, OP (who also posts a lot on /fit/) and has declared that he's giving up and he's going to buy a flight home
File: WP_20180603_12_49_21_Pro.jpg (1.35 MB, 1456x2592)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG

lmaoing right now, my 100km prediction was too generous
I'd have more sympathy if these retard didn't make 50 threads on 5 boards for his shit since I was a bit like him when I got into /out/

>welfare service puts me on course
>complete neet shut in don't leave house for weeks at a time
>terrified of interaction with real people
>decide to walk across my yuropoor country
>no gear or experience, 500 euro to name
>start lurking /out/ and watching bushcraft videos
>learn tarp set ups
>map the way along waymarked trails joined up from start to finish
>pile up gear, most of it useless for long trekking, especially bushcraft shit
>start journey with 15kg or so stuffed in to my 65L osprey
>quit after 3 days
>2 years later broke out of hikki mode through /out/ and actually accomplished the journey I originally planned after trial and error on other trails

pic related

>3 knives
>nothing but pasta meals
>LARP bota bag for water
>3 books on trees and foraging
>like 15 maps

hopefully OP learned something from his 1 days odyssey or the seed of /out/ got planted in him and he doesn't go on being a fat dumpy loser rotting away in Portland
Goodluck OP I remain in a constant state of disappointment over the people of /out/ that are too bitch made to go for a walk and do it again the next day
He gave up on day one mate
Jesus Christ this was so preferable it hurt.

OP here's some life advice if you're reading. Set realistic fucking goals. You set yourself up for failure with this ridiculously stupid fucking idea, and EVERYONE TOLD YOU it was ridiculous as well.

You need to start setting realistic goals. Start counting calories and practice basic fucking discipline. Don't order out food ever, don't buy junk food, weigh what you eat and keep track of every calorie. It's just that easy. Now stop being a depressive whinger and start making SMART goals
OP, your idea is good but you are to young so you have no heart.

Stop being a pussy and do it. Figure out how to get rid of the jock itch a d lighten your pack

here from fit

i think you can lose a lot of weight, like at least 40lbs if you dont pig out the whole time.

is this that trail that americans hike? i forget the name but i heard hippy hiker chicks are easy af. good luck and please report back to fit.

also just for yourself - take "before" photos now

and for your gear - ditch the heavy wool sweater for something lighter weight like fleece.

waterproof gloves? why?

flashlight should be the smallest one you can find.

radio is dead weight but its up to you.

being ipad OR phone imo

bring 1 charger and 1 set of earbuds

bring 1 knife or just the multitool,

i have a "steripen" which is a great water purification system, but depending how light your filter is maybe that's ok too.

bring 1 poncho only

hand warmers are dead weight.

book is dead weight

sharpener - eithter knife of multitool is your sharpener

bug repellant is dead weight imo, if they are bad enough that you need it, repellant doesn't do shit.
this is excellent bait
it's real lol

look up "Eva Phone Poster" in the fit archives and sort by old, the guy started off being an anorexic skellington who wanted to recover and get fit, now he's a suicidial binge eater
>Cotton socks
>is this that trail that americans hike? i forget the name but i heard hippy hiker chicks are easy af

You're probably thinking of the Appalachian Trail a.k.a. normie central.
If you're looking to hike and smash, you'd be better off doing more worthwhile hikes and then using Tinder in whatever location you're staying in. You can even fake your location before you leave for your trip to get more time to chat with girls in the area before you leave.
really wonder if OP got on a bus home today
Admirable. Please be sure to post pics along the way. You forgot two pieces of gear though...
>handcuff key
>butt plug
I'm jealous and all and want to leave FL myself and think Oregon is of the best states if no the best place to live here in the USA.

But how could you even do that without hitch hiking you madman? I'd at least use a train hopping strategy, but don't want a trespass while carrying a knife, automatic felony in FL you know if you trespass with a weapon. >>1936870
Why are you people even angry about? If he's neet like me he's have to walk/hike/hop.

Honestly just walk to Ocala National forest. You CANNOT walk that far. I just... wew.

However, you could use an electric scooter. They have a 70 usd one that folds into a foot big shape or so, and it can charge both 5v devices and 18. Two 18v bats together can power some shitty electric scooters people make, so if you were to nigger rig it you could ride that forever. But you'd have to pay 500+ to have such a thing, and then it'd have to be all soldered together, and would take like 8 times longer to charge than a house would charge it. 15 miles per hour and would probably crap out every 2ish hours with cheap drill batteries. They are 18v each, you could use two of them.

The point is that ocala might only be 50 miles from you so it's doable if you had some electric shit, though a pig would probably get you on a high way over it because you'd have to be skimming at the side of the road to use one. That's illegal, as is probably hitch hiking. Really, it's psuedo-slave empire the USA is.

But I am basically the demi-god of harebrained schemes, so it's not like someone would use a 70 usd folding camping panel to charge a 36v scooter, even if it can technically work. Who would try it with the pigs afoot? No one that's who, and surely not me as such a scooter burns through a year's worth of my present money. And I'm retarded with electronics a bit so it'd probably just electrocute myself to death when it rained on it. All things considered I'm going to have to steal a car. Or borrow rather.
>70 usd one
I meant a folding solar panel, of which op having one would make sense if he's bringing a 'phone' and such.
>Really, it's psuedo-slave empire the USA is.
This. There is no such thing as living free here anymore. There is no way to "opt-out" of the society that controls this country.
>There is no such thing as living free here anymore.

You are too rigid in your thinking and have given up. We are freer than ever and most of life's necessities are free. Everyone says housing is expensive, food is expensive, medical is expensive, kids are expensive and they are in your mind, yet lots of people come here and have seven kids and do fine. You can impregnate sluts in 7 states by day and smash starbux windows by night, people do that. You can buy a house for $1000 in detroit and go on welfare and live for free you can become trans and get free grant $$$ what your mind can conceive you can achieve
>try to move state
>fined for not quaratined for 2 weeks first
>impregnate 7 women
>dna lets them force you to pay seven child support checks
>smash window
>get arrested and end up in debt over child support
>buy a house in detroit
>get shot by niggers
>try to get on welfare
kys faggot I miss 4chan not having so much disingenuous zoomerbait
It's your choice to be a miserable wageslave then until you die congrats on winning
I am neet actually.

Rigged game? Time to quit playing!

It's November you actual fucking goober, which means winter and cold temps for the next 3-4 months, if you're not dead by the time you hit Wyoming, you're gonna freeze your cock n' taters off in the freezing temps and wind. Can't wait until I see you on the news. I can picture the headline "Florida retard dies being while being retarded".
Why are you crying when you live for free?
>>Florida to Oregon in winter
Are you the same guy who mentions this in every?

This is the ideal time for this hike. The weather in the South is extremely mild in the winter compared to the rest of the country. Florida is like 72° and sunny. Sticking to the South and Southwest is ideal, but 10% longer.
Please go read this guys post: >>1937851

He comes off as kind of a dick, but that’s just how it is on this Mongolian basket weaving forum. Being an asshole is the default attitude.

You’ve packed things based on memes, “survivalist” crap, and what people bring on regular vacations. If you’re not hunting, fishing, or building a stick fort, you don’t even need a knife. On my hikes I take a Leatherman Micra. It’s a tiny multi tool that opens into mini scissors. The blade is like 1”. It’s most common use is opening bags of food and cutting luekotape.

You were given tons of good advice in other threads, and you’ve completely ignored it, going instead on what you think is appropriate. You admittedly have zero experience doing this. Why wouldn’t you listen to people who have plenty of experience?

That’s why people will want to see you fail; you asked for advice and ignored it. Your default attitude is one of simultaneous ignorance and arrogance, both demonstrated through actions.

This is exactly like the guy who said he was climbing Rainier with zero experience and we never heard from him again. I hope you don’t have to call mommy and daddy to buy you a bus ticket back to Oregon.
>bug repellant is dead weight imo, if they are bad enough that you need it, repellant doesn't do shit.
Not true Anon. It might be because you live in Europe where bug spray with DEET is either outright banned or limited in concentration. It’s a necessity in the South and Alaska.
Go around Wyoming. There are 49 other states.
So there are multiple small minded idiots who think that just because they live in a frozen hellscape 5 months out of the year the rest of the country must be exactly the same. Got it.
If I lived in some sticky southern shithole I'd be as grumpy as you.
Yes there are lots of people who live in Montana that claim Montana is cold in the winter despite Florida being not cold in the winter
I live in Spokane, but I’m from New Orleans.

Anon, what he said is the inverse of that:
>there are people who live in Montana that claim Florida is cold in the winter because Montana is cold in the winter.

It’s why there are people saying it’s a bad idea. Where they live the temps are dipping into the 30’s or 20’s every night, so they couldn’t imagine setting out in a long distance hike I’ll prepared as OP is.
I just checked and its at least 50 degrees colder in Montana than Florida and its not even winter so sleeping outside is not a good idea in Montana in winter
Route map?
I went north about three miles and then pooped out and called my mom for a ride home,I had to think quick on my feet to make up a story explaining what the hecherino was be happening
>called my mom for a ride home

a ride home across the country?
People are still bothering me, hence the woods idea, of which is tough to do properly. Food doesn't grow on trees (unless the land is owned by some redneck in an area wherein he creates the worst of laws).
can I join ? where u at?
File: 1579492227649.jpg (166 KB, 1200x1600)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Let us know when/if you hit the panhandle and I'll help with your resupply.
I'm home you want to hang out in my room? No that's weird
File: 1568817029514.jpg (56 KB, 704x540)
56 KB
The only thing queer about hanging out with some anon in their room is if one or both of them are possibly homosexual.

whose the cutie? and why did you take her picture?
Yes. It’s warm in Florida in winter. It’s cold in Montana in winter.

If you hike in from Florida to Montana, starting now, it will not be cold by the time you get there. I know it’s complicated to understand things like the weather and walking, but
shove that acronym up your ass poofta
>implying that anyone is walking from Florida to Montana

Lmao how gullible are you to believe larp threads
>no map
>no stove
>hand warmers
youre fucked just take a 1l coke bottle and some plastic bags you wont get as tired
OP was definitely in a hotel room, posting as much evidence as he could. The pic of his gear falls in line with his claim of going to Walmart and buying everything (looks brand new, is an Ozark Trails pack). There was a WaWa grocery or convenience store in one pic, which are only found around Maryland and Florida. There’s no evidence against his claim, and no reason to believe he’s just making it up.
did you leave room in your bags for food?
dont buy retard meme food
if you do not have space ditch

2 shirts

2 levels of thermal shirts/pants

Heavy wool sweatshirt

rolls from the paper

water filter

waterproof ponchos

24 Hand warmers

First aid kit



Extra bag to carry on hip
Duct tape


Bug repellent

and buy a sleeping bag retard buy a shitty fleece blanket too and use both or you will want to die after the second night
if youre still going after that with nothing to sleep in its because you are fucking stupid
(went out for 2 months on a lot less than you, stayed out in a lot of extreme weather)
buy a fucking tent and think about wearing trainers instead of boots and taking some foam sandals unless youre out in deep snow
>freezing by the second night
See: >>1938744

With the bag he has he’ll be a sweaty mess on the first night.
and buy some fucking sewing needles and thread for when you rip your trousers instead of a first aid kit bring some surgical tape and disinfectant and just use tissues or clothes
you will not have a fire every day unless you are not going very far
then you will not be cooking every day unless you are not going very far (a few miles maximum it will take you hours to prepare enough wood with no axe)
bro think about it
>5+kg dried food, oil spices (for kitchens)
>stove + refills
>sleeping bag
>socks + thermals
>spare shorts
>spare shoes
>axe or machete
>cooking equipment
>fire tools
yeah you could go out in a blizzard with a bag like that and probably sleep with nothing fair point
Night time low temps where he is are in the mid 60’s so the chance of a blizzard is 0%.
no i know lol in the US you wont need to dry wood either but what does he plan on fucking eating and how
>i bring flint and knife
>collect wood using magic
>10th consecutive post
we would all like to see thermal man sleeping upright holding his twigs
>2500 miles
your fucking seattle zone is bigger than my country
this guy is fucked
If this thread (and OP’s 5 others) don’t have you transfixed then you must be lost. He went off the deep end, flew to a random city as far from his home as he could, and plans to walk back. He had no gear, no experience, and basically no plan.

It’s the most /out/ thing a schizo could do.
did he have money
next he should fly to china and try to hike to the US over the pacific
Jock itch is a fungal infection. He’s fat; his legs are probably just chaffed from sweat and rubbing.

Body glide is the answer.
>bug repellant
Fasting will also make you less enticing to bugs. Many people who have fasted before have reported this. Something to do with how your body switches to ketosis.

If you're interested in losing weight OP, I would recommend checking out keto diet, then looking into fasting.
I agree. I have a cousin who is schizo and he's done stuff like this a few times when off his meds.

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