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What phone do you carry /out/ ?

My old B200 is still going strong but it's getting harder to find batteries. Pre-emptively looking for something to replace it.

Just looking for something sturdy and compact, really.
File: proxy-image (40).jpg (202 KB, 679x402)
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Samsung Convoy 3 on a $10 per 120 day Red Pocket Mobile Plan (Verizon reseller). They're about $15-20 on eBay for one in like new condition. The Convoy 4 looks nice and is more water resistant, but it's bulkier.

Good enough for emergencies, durable, water resistant, and a decent camera for a flip phone.
Moto G Power
No phone. NZ, there’s no reception once you’re out of town.
cat s41
My iphone, but I keep it off and tucked away unless I want to use it as a camera. Not like there is a cell signal out there anyway. I have the Garmin 66i if i ever need to contact anyone, which is pretty much never but at least i get a GPS out of it.
File: 1545328353991.jpg (1.16 MB, 2560x1440)
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File: unihertz_atom_l-1.jpg (86 KB, 780x550)
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> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jellyphone/atom-xl-the-upgraded-atom-with-48mp-camera-and-4-screen
Its a refresh of original atom that's slightly bigger.
Only downsides are the mediatek internals that have their own fast charge protocol that's not compatible with QC3 powerbanks. And the fact you will never get updates since its a chineses phone, but its ~$300, small and rugged. Check if it supports the lte bands in your country.
Are those tobacco pods?
I just take whatever phone i currently have, atm samsung s20u just put a decent case on it and you're fine, idk why you need a separate out phone
ok redditor normie faggot
How much of a retard do you have to be to break your phone out, just put it in your pocket, not like you'll drop it because why would you be using it while /out/?
>why would you be using it while /out/

no one said anything about buying a seperate phone you retarded tourist.
File: summerfag.jpg (84 KB, 533x700)
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> launch couple of phones on kickstarter
> deliver all
> 4 years pass
> make a refresh kickstarter
> le kickstarter maymay
coronafags need to drop.
shut the fuck up redditor
> always thinking about plebbit
just drop
File: 1578223724490.png (183 KB, 800x811)
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183 KB PNG
>the faggot shilling chinese kickstarter phones
File: myphone.jpg (74 KB, 384x338)
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I use the samsung megacock 29 ofcourse, you small beta faggots really use those touchscreenless piece of shit phones?
File: d27.png (75 KB, 645x729)
75 KB
> list three downsides
> shilling
And this is why you keep social distancing kids.
kino post

>Implying the dumbphone shits posted at the beginning of this thread are capable of this
yes true, but thats what i use mine for. rugged waterproof smartphone does everything i need. upgraded from handheld GPS
Check out S8 Galaxy Active, its casing is milspec. I dropped mine in the road while riding mu bicycle and it's unharmed.
It kicks on randomly in the oddest of fucking spots.
Do you have experience with this or the smaller Atom? It looks neat, especially the XL, but the sealed battery and being Chinkshit is a bit concerning. I've had very poor experiences with Chinese software, not to mention the spying, lack of updates, inability to root, refusal to honor warranties, and useless customer support.
No i don't. I do own another mediatek chink phone, that i serviced recently. Sealed battery is not an issue if you heat the back cover properly with a hairdrier (talking in general here and not about the atom). In my experience the mediatek phones usually have unlocked bootloader so rooting them is not an issue too. As for other stuff you mentioned, yep its shit on all those counts. I was considering going for the L model without the dmr memery but having fixed my current phone i no longer need new one. If i did i would probably do it because of the size. There are no small from factor smartphones that i'm aware of.

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