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Who /road rage/ here?
>Driving at night
>People keep flashing their lights at me
>Get upset and give everyone the bird
>They try to pull up to tell me but I can't hear them over the wind
>Tell them to get fucked and drive off
>Get home
>Tail lights are broken
humble yourself op
completely unironically if you didn’t pickup a coincidence after the third time you may have a learning disability
I assumed it was because people think I was going too slow when I was going the speed limit. Lights on or off the flashing never stops.
If American, you're gambling with your life. Road rage killings have increased exponentially.
Well it's either because you drive like a faggot or because your car is broken in some publicly identifiable way.
Working on obtaining my CCW for this very reason
Jesus Anon why are you so bitter? Are you the one I flipped off? I'm sorry I hurt your little feelings.
people are absolutley disgusting.
remember humans are literally swine and were put here to destroy all good. its no wonder cities exist and people like you mention behind you literally raging at the wheel.
I'm a power bottom, so no, but I'll aggressively back up on your d*CK if you're a BBC
File: 56juvIP.jpg (55 KB, 547x342)
55 KB
>car pulls out in front of me, i have to brake from 40mph to 20mph
>plates from a state 1500 miles away
>they dont accelerate at all, honk horn and hold it
>they finally punch it after two seconds
>"enjoy" my drive while they do their makeup in the mirror, now excessively speeding
>see crossover in front of me with no lights on at night
>even through dark street driver still doesn't turn on lights
>flash high beams
>turn my lights on and off
>honk horn
>pull up beside it at lights
>pajeet lady driving
>staring straight ahead, completely oblivious
>just shake my head and hope someone else can get her attention
she was probably so socially anxious she was terrified you were an axe murderer when you were just a concerned citizen. there's alot of women like that nowadays
im a slant eyed scrawny motherfucker though
if i tried to follow someone they'd probably see me and ask if i was lost instead
bro, i'm a 5'2 twink and some women will act like i'm a villainous murderer trying to kill them when I tell them they just dropped something or their car is literally on fire, i'm not jesting, it took the banging of a window for some bitch to listen to me and realize something was burning under her car at a stop, she pulled over.
At that point enjoy the barbecue. It's a message from above telling you to let nature take its course.
i should've. there was a guy next to her screaming out his window that she was on fire but she was just staring straight forward thinking "huuuh, wuuh?! why is this big scary man talking to me...? i have a husband!"
fuck man im a total introvert but how some people deal with scenarios pisses me off.
I live in Albuquerque, our road rage is something else.
Someone recently shot into a car outside of a baseball stadium here killing an 11 year old and wounding a mother.
Sorry part two because retarded.
It happened because the mom allegedly cut him off
One time
>Phone died and need to know the time
>See lady
>Excuse me!
>Do you have the time?
Then she finally turns around and tells me the time. Jesus they think they are protecting themselves but they just come off as rude.
File: u mad for some raisin.jpg (11 KB, 235x214)
11 KB
I used to get very mad and scream at people and stuff but I realized it is totally unproductive and now I am the road-zen instead. If some braindead retard faggot does something braindead, retarded and faggoty, I get out of the way so they don't damage my precious car, remark to myself what a soulless npc they must be, and go on my way. Similarly to how some people take the bait every time on here and try to argue fruitlessly with me when I said something deliberately to make them mad, I realized that letting some dumb shit make you angry on the road gives them satisfaction, and being ignored harms their psyche. If someone decides to go full nigger rage at me and come attack me, it won't be because I provoked it, my dash cam will show it, and my bullets will make sure they never do it to anyone else again.
File: Your sign.jpg (26 KB, 600x600)
26 KB
here's your sign
I generally go 15-20 over and usually run reds but it's Florida so everyone drives like a thirdie here.
File: 1685734504640307.jpg (79 KB, 299x276)
79 KB
>stop behind someone waiting at the lights
>retard doesnt move
>short honk
>go full out till it moves
>finally graciously decides to do so
>tell gf "bet you its a w*man"
>pull up so she can check
>its a w*man
>50% chance its talking on the phone or doing something else completely unrelated to driving
90% of times when i get angry at someone driving like a subhuman its a woman. if not then its something in a bmw audi or any of the vag mobiles.
What is probably happening is they drive over a bump as the approach you in the other lane or as they follow behind you in your lane. It can look like they are flashing you if their headlights aren't pointing directly at you for a moment because the car moves up and down as it hits a bump changing the angle of the head lights.

You've been getting angry at people who are literally just driving home and dont even think about you at all.
I raged the other day. Some truck faggot was mad that his lane was slowing down accordion-style while mine was about to progress, but I left a big gap because it was pouring rain and my car doesn't stop well in the rain. He pulled into the lane in front of me at about 10 mph and 45 degrees so I slammed on the brake and laid on the horn and narrowly got stopped in time.
I was really mad about this and shifted a couple lanes to get ahead, then shifted back in front of him, stomped on the brake, and threw the bird. Then blasted it and changed lanes away.
By pure coincidence he passed me at a stop light 5 miles later and rolled down his window and gave some "what the hell" hand signals and I felt really bad.
one time I came out to my car having a door ding, no note. I looked at the car next to me and obviously it was them. I had a crowbar in my trunk so I pulled it out and totaled their car. broke all the windows, dented the body, and all lights.

then as I was getting in my car to leave I noticed a note they had left on the driver side door of my car.
File: 1692555875388.jpg (38 KB, 1080x615)
38 KB
Whenever I see someone clogging up the passing lane on a highway I cut them off then let off the gas, slowing down until they get over.
once I got down to 45 mph before they got over.

I also used to bully people on highways if they were zig zagging or not letting people merge.

I miss having a piece of shit car.
File: DSCN0604.jpg (168 KB, 1000x750)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
>Driving on glorious superior Europavej 45 at 130kph (80mph)
>About to pass a special transport going very slow, probably about 60kph (35mph)
>Faggot in a Hyundai is slipstreaming the truck, also going slow
>Indicate and switch to passing lane in good time
>Fucking imbecile mouthbreather in the Hyundai swerves in front of me, no indicators, going less than half the speed limit
>I slam on the brakes so hard my car almost does a frontflip
>Lay on the horn and flash my lights obvs
>Hyundaincel spergs out and starts brake checking me down to about 40kph/25mph
>Cars behind me start panic braking too, disaster imminent
>This fucking guy
>Matches speed with the truck and is now holding up 10+ cars, honking back at me and brake checking
>The semi driver lays the horn on him
>Finally Hyundai pussies out and speeds off into the horizon

Will never understand people who make a mistake in traffic, and instead of correcting, double down. Like how fucking immature do you have to be


>captcha: ONIONS R2
File: 25814738-9.jpg (325 KB, 1920x1280)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
>driving dumptruck through town
>fully loaded with gravel, 33 metric tons total weight on my rig
>phoneposter in Audi decides to cut me off
>give him a little "tut-tut" with my air horn
>he speeds off
>pull up behind him at next stoplight
>light turns green
>he doesn't move
>flips me off out the window
>shrug at him
>he stays at the green until it turns yellow, then speeds off again

He probably thinks he totally owned me but i get paid by the hour so, he really just gave me .5€ for free. Thanks Audi anon, hope it was worth almost dying
File: 1691693111766.jpg (28 KB, 360x360)
28 KB
>splitting to the front at some lights
>truck is skooched right up to the centre line
>tight but there's an inch either side
>carefully proceed
>passing the cab
>door swings open in my face
>some meth cousin looking drongo starts getting out
>earpro in so i can make out "....... my truck do you!" and nothing more
>mf looks sharp as a cue ball
>decide this isn't a conversation I'm going to have in the middle of the road with some rube
>ride right past him
>daft cunt tries to climb in front of me
>takes a mirror to the ankle and made a cock of himself in front of some unemployed people.
>MFW literal cagie wagie ragie
Not worth it, it's all cool till you cross paths with someone crazier than you.
Friend of mine got into such confrontation, showed guy he's strapped, guy was faster, pulls one of those taser things on him, lights him up, friend goes face first down and knocks his two front teeth out. Guy proceeds to make burnout over his legs.
After few months of recovery he got implants, each was $2k, year later we got something to eat, he bites into burger and one of his front teeth falls out and I say to him "that's $2k".
Luckily the odds of anyone in that situation being white are exceedingly low.
Nowhere in America are you getting a tooth implant for $2k. They're $6-$7k minimum and I live in a low cost or living state. Going rate for Zirconia implants is about $2k down in Mexico right now. As long as you find a good practitioner its good but like anywhere there are hack dentists.
>leave gap for driveway that is commonly used by school staff to get in
>often people will completely ignore the sign saying to not queue across driveway, resulting in traffic that gets backed up all the way into the intersection up ahead
>idiot in merc takes space in front of me
>right on cue, someone wants to turn in but can't because of retard in merc
>light honk of the horn and some sarcastic thumbs up and clapping from myself
>can see people behind the car wanting to turn into the school staring daggers at dumbass merc driver
>get a glimpse of the driver as i pass it once past the lights
>it's a woman
>captcha: ONIONS R2
You know how the captcha works right? You can't have an 8-character captcha.
>captcha: 715fag
i think i only experience road rage when dealing with trucks and i think it's reasonable
File: 1528715230511.jpg (42 KB, 409x409)
42 KB
>heh he'll be late now!
>mfw im supposed to "be around" this time and im paid hourly + mileage
>muh splitting
go get clipped by a mirror, retard
File: Semi vs Dumptruck.webm (2.07 MB, 718x1280)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB WEBM
most truckies where i'm at are pretty cool. they have to deal with the fuckstickery from cars already so most of them have mellowed out and always thank you when you let them in.
oh no i should clarify, i meant pickup trucks
>the gap is really small so i'll just barely get through
>then they opened a door on me and started to get out, narrowing the gap even more
>so i just drove past them anyway
This story doesn't even make sense which is yet another reason that it's obviously fake.
File: 1680187800095.jpg (44 KB, 796x385)
44 KB
it was a real truck. I rode under the door
oh right. talking about that i came across an unusually chill brodozer of a ford ranger. super wide stance, lifted, bodywork etc. but the guy was just chilling. some car shot past everyone leading up to a 2 to 1 merge and he didn't give a shit when he merged in front of him. also let traffic waiting on side streets in to get onto the main road.
I do not concern myself with other people. The reason a car is enclosed is to shut yourself away from the outside world.
>they finally punch it after two seconds
It takes some automatic transmissions at least two seconds to shift down, especially domestic makes.
I lived there for a year two years ago. I grew up most of my life in Houston and holy fuck do the people in ABQ do not know how to get on the fucking freeway without almost causing a fucking accident every time. That and they get super fucking confused by intersections with 2 stop signs and try to treat it like a 4 way stop. Worse drivers overall and everyone is out to jack your car, but there are so many fewer drivers and the weather is so nice that I prefer it greatly to Houston. For the record, Dallas has the craziest drivers I have seen, but Dallas also has the most fucked exchanges so people have to shoot across lanes of traffic every which way.
It is so annoying. Why couldn't it just stay in gear and let me accelerate?

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