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File: red viper in shadow.jpg (371 KB, 1553x836)
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Should I go borrow money to buy a 08-10 viper?
It's the cheapest way to get ahold of the 8.4L setup.
Prices are rising faster than I can save.
With idiots crashing them and the impending globohomo ban, I don't see prices comes back down.
File: V10 trugg.jpg (444 KB, 1079x806)
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>Should I go borrow money to buy a
>It's the cheapest way to get ahold of the 8.4L setup

Not only are you retarded, but you are also wrong. Unless you want a viper, don't buy a viper. Even more importantly, unless you can afford 2 vipers, don't buy one.
Hey there, fellow speed demon! I totally get your dilemma. Buying a Viper sounds tempting, but borrowing money for it might be like putting your pedal to the metal before you even know how to drive stick!

Sure, the 8.4L setup is sweet like a turbo-charged cotton candy machine, but crashing idiots and globohomo bans aren't exactly encouraging factors. You don't want to end up with a Viper-shaped trophy that'll make your wallet scream louder than the engine!

But hey, fear not! I've got a genius solution for you: Start a "Viper Savings Support Group" where you and your fellow enthusiasts put aside a little money each month until you have enough to unleash that monstrous 8.4L power. It's like a financial pit stop on your way to Viper victory!

So, gather the gearheads, create a piggy bank with flames on it, and remember: patience is a virtue, but horsepower is a wicked addiction. Good luck, and may the Viper gods bless your financial endeavors!
File: anime retard hazard.png (168 KB, 349x427)
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>Not only are you retarded, but you are also wrong
That's the 8.3. A completely different engine with almost no cross compatibility with the 8.4.
You're the retarded one.
What is the next gen v10 gonna do for you when you're just looking for the cheapest source of the package and can't afford it regardless? Gonna go into double the debt for an extra 100hp? Only to get passed by corvettes with bolt ons? It'd make sense from a swap perspective but there's basically no incentive to get one, nevermind the toll it takes maintaining a lambo chrysler hybrid engine
>realize he's wrong
>goal post moved
>muh simpul mods
You have not the faintest clue about the subject matter.
Your opinion is worthless. Thanks for the bump.
do you have a job

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