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>letting signs and lightbulbs and (((laws))) tell you how to live
If the path you want to take is open then take it, simple as
File: 1684201247942200.jpg (24 KB, 216x240)
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>a bad driver never misses the turn.webm
What awful road design. This place could be a simple roundabout and then you wouldn't have to wait minutes for an opening in traffic. I bet this place has a side collision every month but of course it's the driver's fault and not the retarded city planner's.
It's a small side street that only lasts a couple hundred yards dumping onto a 4 lane arterial, it's retarded to force the arterial traffic to acknowledge the intersection at all
What are those weird squiggly black lines all over everything, are those skid marks or dried oil or what? I'm from a developed country so I've never seen anything like it, you can barely see the road markings below them.
Everything about this place seems awful, ugly and retardedly designed.
File: 1658174160521960.jpg (430 KB, 2048x1152)
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When you live in a country where the weather forecast isn't "60 degrees and raining" 365 days a year pavement expands and contracts and eventually cracks.
>turn left in left lane
>turn right in right lane
this boggles the yuro mind
I'm not talking about cracks I'm talking about the massive black tar looking squiggly lines.
Been all over Europe never seen anything like it.
Imagine having infrastructure worse than Greece
That's how you patch cracks without tearing up the entire street and redoing it.
>turn left
>have to go across four lanes of cars going 45 mph
Either the amount of traffic is high enough to justify a four lane road, in that case the intersection should at least have traffic lights, otherwise it's just dangerous and it'll take you forever to get on the main road.
Or the amount of traffic isn't actually that high, in which case having four lanes here is a massive waste of taxpayer money. Looking at Street View it might be the latter, the road looks practically deserted there.
And if you must have four lanes then at least use the outer ones as onramps/offramps to improve safety and flow of traffic.
Driving on gravel glued down by a layer of tar isn't superior just because it's allegedly less prone to cracking.
>put a stoplight on every intersection on every arterial road
Please die in the most painful way possible, thanks.
No that's the cheap easy retard solution for retarded Americans, but it's better than nothing.
For something that resembles proper road design, you should first get a central reservation (or "median"). Maybe put some trees on it, would make the whole thing look a big less ugly too.
Now that you have a central reservation you don't have to turn left across four lanes anymore, because traffic only goes in one direction, divided by the median. Let's say two lanes per direction, since the road is five lanes wide at the moment that's easily achievable. The amount of traffic doesn't look at all high enough to warrant four lanes, really looks like you could just have two or at most three lanes with no discernible difference in traveling speeds and spend those taxes elsewhere, but let's ignore that for now.
So by now you've eliminated all frontal and most side impact collisions. Good job! But I know what you're thinking:
>"But what if I need to go left?"
That's where the roundabouts come into play. You simply place those roughly every half mile at existing intersections, and then people can use those to change direction. You might have to drive a small detour but you save that time by not having to wait minutes for an opening in traffic when turning left.
Then you can go on to fix other things. For example, they seem to have completely forgotten the pedestrian crossings? Like if people who live in those houses want to eat some Red Lobster across the street they're supposed to cold start their car to drive 50 yards? Really not sure what the thinking was here. But don't worry, because with a central reservation it now even becomes possible to walk across a four lane road, since you have a place to stop in the middle.
There you go, fixed your shithole.
Fake and gay
Your mom went gay for me

>european when you point out that their road designs are glorified cattle chutes for retards who can't be bothered to learn how to drive
pavement engineer here, that is crack filler. When cracks form (unless it is fatigue cracking), it is a good idea to fill them so water does not intrude an compromise the subgrade. If that happens, you can get subgrade failure which leads to alligator cracking, then potholes.
Where I work, we don't do crack filling on its own generally. We only do it before microsurfacing/cape sealing the street.

This treatment is also done when loop detectors at intersections are installed to seal up the saw cuts to put the wires in.
File: 1679360367849024.jpg (611 KB, 2093x1083)
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611 KB JPG
>why yes i simply must put 4 manhole covers right next to each other in a row
>put them in the center of lane of the lane such that vehicles do not constantly compact them deeper? Absolutely not, put them directedly in the path of their wheels.

why are they like this

people here drive like schitzos trying to dodge shit like this in their lane

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