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Are non turbo 850's real slow? I noticed the 2.5l 10v engine puts out 144hp, I'm not looking for a fast car since I'm an Eastern European student, I just wanna have an unique car around here. But I don't want it to be slow as shit either.

Also, any other options? Mentioned above what I'm looking for. I'm more interested in looks and feel than power. I want it to be easy to fix also.
>eastern european
2,5L 20v is 170hp and by no means slow, i had one for years. give them a open air filter and the intake growl will make any girl riding with you soaking.
i only tried a 10v 144hp once and it didnt feel that much slower at regular driving, its at the upper rpm range they lacked a bit.
easy to fix, pretty bulletproof and they have this nice boxy volvo look. slap on some good looking wheels, keep it clean and go cruisin.
buy rwd volvo, it will be slower but fun in winter
sounds great desu! i ve seen the 20v as well, didn t know how to feel about it. would definitely look into it thx ;3
naah i ve seen those. if i get something rwd im gonna to burnouts until i kill it and im looking to keep this car for a longer time
unless you need lots of power dont be afraid of the 144hp version (they ditched the 10v and made a 144hp 20v later on)
just dont get a 2L they simply wont cut it, then its even better to get a diesel (thats a vw 2,4 5cyl so they can actually be made fast if you want to...)
just remember they like their gas, expect 8L/100km you grandma it, 11L if you dont or around the city.

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