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I want to do an add on PTO generator on my 2004 dodge ram Cummins. Is there a way to just mount this sucker down there and somehow piggyback off of the drive shaft power?

The frequency and voltage would only be right at a certain speed, most likely very fast. You are better off getting a high amp alternator or 2 and making it generate more volts, then using an inverter. If that is too expensive or complicated put a regular gas powered generator in your truck bed instead.
>2004 dodge ram Cummins
The correct phrasing would be 3rd gen Cummins
What about the pto generator and then run that through something that can regulate the power?
>piggyback off of the drive shaft power
4wd trans and transfer case, hook the front driveshaft to the generator.
Some service trucks have PTO generators and air compressors. It's probably much easier to find one of those systems.

Those generators are designed to output 60 Hz and 120 or 240 v so got to spin them at 1800 rpm or whatever multiple of 60 it uses. Running an ac generator at the wrong speed messes everything up pretty bad. Tractors have a different type of transmission & engine controls. you set the engine speed with a lever instead of using a gas pedal, tho some tractors have both. And either you use hydrostatic drive or extremely low gears that put you in a set low speed.

Since cars run a wide variety of engine speeds with electric needs being independent of rpm, alternators are best for them. But you can get inverters to convert dc to ac, so high power alternators are what you need for the generator project
That kind of generator needs perfectly regulated, consistent RPM to work properly. You'd have to have a governor on your engine so that it only ever sits at a certain RPM.

You're better off with an upgraded alternator, heavy duty battery and a 12v inverter.
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It's called a high idle switch you fucking busriders. Just buy a pto genny that is compatible with the truck, Chrysler makes OEM units for both diesel and gas trucks. Aftermarket works fine, they all run at 1800rpm. They don't make very clean power so if you wanna run sensitive electronics you should use an inverter. PTO gennies are more for welders and powering farm equipment. My old work truck had twin alternators putting out like 550amps and I could run a 12v 5000w inverter off of it no problem.

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