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You ever stop to help someone broken down on the side of the road? Did you actually help with the problem?
No but I jump started my neighbors prius in the complex once, never jumped anything before but I didn't blow up the cars and got it going again.
A woman with a legit infant was trying to change a tire in 90 degree heat at the gas station a few weeks ago. I told her to sit in the car with the ac to cool the kid down while I changed it. Not exactly hero stuff, but I'd be lying if I didn't say it made me puff my chest out a bit.
It’s best to not help anyone, they could blame you for causing more damage and try to go after you in court. Not with the headache
help her so her negro friends can jump from the bushes and leave you beaten to death, bleeding in the hot sun.

help her so you can mess up something and she can yell at you (for free)
It was cold, raining heavily, absolutely pissing down and I saw a broken down car on the freeway at maybe 2am, a few seconds later there was an asian girl presumably the driver walking along so I stopped and offered her a lift but she refused. This was before everyone had mobile phones too.
What a tough customer. I look like bruce campbell and drove a supra at the time.
good, let the rain wreck her shit.
hope she got raped by niggers.
Stopped at a gas station to use the toilet and an old lady with some shitbox nissan sedan had the hood open, said a light came on her dash and she was worried about it. Had a couple other old ladies with her (bingo bus)
Plugged in my code reader, said P0420, told her to ignore it and drive on.
There weren't really any niggers in the city at that time so she may have been smart in deciding to walk home vs getting a ride from a stranger.
I was walking through a parking lot after shopping and this old couple drove in with a flat tire. I mean they both looked like they were in their 90's. Nice Cadillac so I'm sure they had roadside service but this was in Vegas where tow trucks get extremely busy (plus it gets over 100 degrees) so I just walked over before they even parked, introduced myself and told them to pop the trunk so i could grab their spare and just sit tight while I got my jack.
Had them out of there in like 5 minutes.
Felt good. I know if it was my great grandfather and grandmother I'd want someone to help them out.
I offered to help a few times with flat tires, but half the time they did not have a spare in the car, and the other half the spare was more empty than the flat tire.
Not sure why people are like this.
>Not sure why people are like this.
I've been driving for 25 years and never once have I needed the spare. It's extra weight fuck it.
Yeah, well it wasn't on the side of the road, but in a bar parking lot. We were leaving and some guy we met there's truck wouldn't start. So being drunk I told him to take drive me home in my car and he could take it home and we'd meet at the bar the next day and fix his car and he'd give me the car back. (never even set a time when to meet)

The next day I remembered I had to take a certification test that afternoon, wound up walking to the bar and got there at 11 or something. He was there with my car and we figured out the issue, the connector from the cable to the battery was fucked so I went and bought him a new one and hung around while he replaced it (didn't really help desu since it was a one man job) talking to a couple of cool boomers meanwhile who walked by to see what was up and then I went and took my certification test and passed.

It was a good day.
my car doesn't have room for a spare, but this reminds me that I should really check if the tire repair kit in it has expired
no, I just slow down, get her hopes up, roll down my windows and
as I drive away

One time one of them got mad enough she threw a shoe at me
if you have a full size spare, include it in your tyre rotations. spreads the wear out across five tyres and also stops dry rot. Go 20% longer between tyre changes.
On a 4WD you absolutely need to rotate the spare, because the difference in sizes between the new and used tyres puts increased stress on the diff
>parked in a shopping mall lot
>see a guy with a random trying to push start his ute
>Grab jump pack, hop out and walk over
>Ask what's going on
>Dead battery
>Offer to try out this jump pack I've never used before
>Read instructions, hook up to battery
>Cranks first go
>Everyone happy
>Owner asking where i got that from
>Dad's work kek. Probably cost around a hundred bucks at the time from a regular shop
>Only after he leaves do I think that I could've just let him keep it as we have quite a few of them at home
I've jumpstarted a few vehicles in parking lots and unstuck any number of cars from snow/ice in winter. I actually keep a tow strap in the car in case it would end up being helpful to recover/move a vehicle (or assist with recovering my own) but so far I haven't derped out enough to get myself stuck nor encountered anyone that couldn't be freed with just a little digging in the snow and/or a person to help push it.

I don't pull over to help people sitting on the side of the road in normal/good conditions because if they actually needed help they'd be waving traffic down to get that help and so far nobody does that so I figure they either have it under control or can call for help or a tow etc just fine on their own.

I've been driving ~19 years and never once needed the spare but my car is already a 3500lbs hamplanet so I figure there's not much harm in having a donut just in case. Also I know for a fact that if I ever did ditch it I'd end up needing it within the week so I just treat it as gremlin and nail/screw repellent.
File: 1655763587321.jpg (119 KB, 519x494)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>highway between towns, nothing nearby but there is some traffic
>see an older car stopped with its hood up, guy is waving
>just so happen to be carrying most of my tools in my trunk that day
>dude is kinda old but doesn't look in good shape
>one of the tires is deflated
>"I got a bad back so I can't get it off, and my phone got no signal so I can't call anyone"
>jack up his car and put the donut on
>start packing up
>he hovers around and gives me an obviously memorized sob story about child support payments and that he really needs gas money so he can make it to to the next town over and go to a bank
>leave without saying another word

I can't wait to move out of this shithole county at the end of september
i wish i could do that, id have to tell the old lady, ma'am im sorry but if youre on a limited income, your driving days are coming to an end. you have 2 cats in this thing and theyre bad, CA isnt gonna let this slide
Be me driving my suburban in the snow. See a car in the ditch and help out. Its some 18 to 22 year old guy. cant follow instructions, but I drag the car up on the road with my tow rope anyways. It unhooks from my bumper and they drive off dragging my tow rope. He was in another ditch down the road, so I stopped and he wanted me to help him again, but I was just picking up my rope. I wasnt even going to give him a ride but he offered me $100 so I took him home.

Someone looted his car.
yeah, Chaos cultists do exist
>or maybe a genestesler cult
I only help if I notice there is at least a slight chance at getting some sex or money out of it. Mother with child stranded in the middle of nowhere? Probably has a husband, so nah I'm leaving her there.
>You ever stop to help someone broken down on the side of the road?
In the case of a woman, I will have to beware about being a Good Samaritan because of robbery setups. The lone woman out there is the bait and then the bulls rush up on a motorcycle.

PICREL: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/08/17/a-good-samaritan-helped-two-teens-pull-an-suv-from-a-ditch-then-they-allegedly-killed-him/?utm_term=.e383a67f1fd6

THE WASHINGTON POST: A man stopped to help two teens pull an SUV from a ditch. Then, they killed him, took his wallet, and fled in their car which had been reported as stolen.

Michael Odell Anthony Dupree-Tyler, 19, and Deon Antonio Frasier, 17, were denied bond on Tuesday in the shooting incident, which occurred Monday night in North Charleston. Police said Frasier got into the vehicle and Dupree-Tyler drove them away, according to WCSC.

North Charleston police spokesman Spencer Pryor said in a statement that officers arrived at the scene about 11 p.m. Monday and found the victim lying on the roadway. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Dupree-Tyler admitted to police that he had been at the scene and Frasier admitted that he had shot the victim, according to WCSC. In addition to the two murder charges, Frasier faces a charge of possession of a firearm during a violent crime, according to online booking records. At the sentencing hearing, Dupree-Tyler began to respond before the judge silenced him, according to the Post and Courier. He said:
"With all due respect to the family, they coming at me the wrong way because I haven't murdered anyone," said Dupree-Tyler according to the newspaper.

-- the good samaritan was robbed with all due respect
-- the good samaritan was killed with all due respect
-- the culprits fled the crime scene with all due respect
Theres a very easy solution here - only stop to help whites
File: 1634829860301.png (1.16 MB, 1126x1080)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
>be me on way to work
>see a piece of shit minivan in the left lane stopped right before an exit (it's a divided highway)
>I see two women get out and look confused
>decide to help, I have the time
>stop just up the road and head back to help
>lady tells me car just died, she is trying to get out of the road
>tell her we should push it into the turn lane, it's safe enough
>one gets behind wheel while the other and I get behind and ready to push
>as we start pushing I really lean in because the girl is obvs not very strong
>slip on some pebbles and eat shit hard
>scuffed both elbows and am bleeding
>Get back up and finish pushing
>girl thanks me
>immediately get back in my car and leave without saying a word
That was the only time I helped a stranger and I don't think I'm doing it again.
i only have a super basic toolkit in the mx5 so no point.
This chick sped past me on the highway in her S13 but came to a sudden halt because she almost hit a van who pulled out into the middle of the road despite us having the green light, had trouble starting her car because the starter was fucked, so I pulled into a gas station nearby and went over to help, got her going and that was that.
probably her fault for driving like a hoon but being the impressionable doofus I was who grew up with street racing movies, vidya and anime, I can't help but envy anyone who speeds past in a sports car.
Helped a guy jump start his truck with my yaris. The battery wasn't big enough to start it so he showed me how to rev the engine so the alternator adds electrical juice. Good man. Taught me an important lesson I used multiple times after that
I offed to pull someone's car out of a ditch but they declined and said a tow truck was on the way so i said "ok" and drove off
nah. some old lady in front of me did a 360 and went down a bank on the side of the road once i just kept driving.

Im only going to push shitboxes with my truck. Fuck pushing cars by hand. Pretty much just a frens & senpai thing cause they could be stupid or upset about scratches in their bumper.
so did you not have a dad or does your dad only drive new cars so you never had to jumpstart one?
jumped a ton of cars
never ever once would i offer to help in any situation other than that
too many variables, just call your insurance company, and anyone who can't afford insurance is going to try and rob me or sue me for """damages"""
absolutely never
Guy was on the side of the highway, I know the area doesn't have cell reception so I stop to see if he needs help. He said, battery light came on, started overheating. I ask him to pop the hood. Sure enough the serpentine belt snapped. We had the same truck only a few years apart so I installed the spare belt I had. Guy gave me $100 for my trouble and invited my wife and I to dinner. It was a good time

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