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Thoughts on how much is worth?
It's a 1992 cavailer. 130k miles in excellent condition.
Kbb saying its around 1100 to 2k
Stealerships listed at over 5k but they are pretty rare.
Selling to a friend so I wanna be fair.
I never know how to price them.

If its in good shape 2k is fine. 5k at the stealer is a boomer tax, fuck them.
Those things mint low mile used to barely get a g for them.
Actually talked to him and gonna give it for 1500

What about anything above 2k? Only asking because the dealers doing 5k making me think it's worth more than the 2k listed.
It's worth more than 2k. If the interior is as decent as the exterior, someone probably would pay close to 5k but you might sit on it for a while. In this market, 3000 would probably have it sold in a week.
It's practically new inside as well.
I personally think the current car market is retarded and I refuse to play along.
Anons thoughts on a 2000 civic?
220k miles and good condition (no mechanical shit but some wear and tear externally)
Kbb says around 2k for the cheapest model
Realistically, you already know this is one of those rare survivors that were formerly common cars. Being a z24 too, someone out there would totally pay top dollar.

You're a good friend for letting it go for 1500. Hope your friend appreciates you and the car.
double wishbone civics can fetch a decent price. I wouldn't follow kbb for it, just look at how much they're going for around your area on autotempest
Some are going for over 4k here. Insane in my opinion
Options and trim? It really depends on who you are trying to sell to

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