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Sup br/o/s

Ok so often when i release the throttle past 2000RPM i get a weird scratching noise coming from the clutch area. It's kind of a "fan blade scratching" noise and only happens for 1 sec. It's not always there too. Also, it never happens when the clutch pedal is on ie the clutch is disengaged.
So far i :

-swapped the whole clutch assy. Old clutch assy looked OK apart from normal wear you would expect. Flywheel looked OK
-oil change on the gearbox (got some tiny fillings but nothing too serious given the mileage of the car, approx. 180k km)
-hydraulic clutch receiver cylinder changed

And it's still making the noise.
I think fuck it im just gonna drive around like that.
Apart from changing the gearbox do you guys have any other idea or am i in for another week of amateur wrenching?
I chased a noise on my car for a while and I assumed it was internal to the transmission.
I eventually found out that it was a loose shroud over the exhaust that would only vibrate when I had the clutch pushed in and rev matched. It sounded like gears clacking.
Just the perfect harmonics to make a noise during the right conditions. And it was because of a couple loose bolts.

Thank god I found it before pulling my transmission and sending it out for overhaul.
yeah hopefully it is something like this.
it does make a sound a lil bit different than a loose shroud although the car has tons of it
Was wondering if it could be the bearings of the input shaft of the gearbox since even in neutral it makes the noise. But it is weird that the noise only happens on deceleration.
Unless you have a loose or wornout mount on the exhaust which would lead to extra exhaust rattle. How much play was there on the input shaft when you replaced the clutch? Did the clutch kit come with a new throwout/clutch release bearing? New pilot bearing? Worn out shifter bushing letting the shifter washer vibrate or spin?
Engine Mount/Transmission Mount/Exhaust

With the clutch out and releasing throttle you are introducing engine braking that is going to want to twist the driveline the opposite direction of what it is doing with throttle on. Could be exhaust twisting on a flange as well. with the clutch in, no braking occurs, no twist, no noise.
Thanks a lot for the replies.
No play in the input shaft. New throwout bearing installed, though old one felt OK.
Unfortunately no new pilot bearing, on this gearbox it takes a full disassembly to get to it.
Engine mounts also brand new since i dropped the gearbox i thought i might as well change those too.
Very interesting for the wornout shifter bushing and the exhaust twisting, did not think of that and will check that out
Sorry for the input bearing i thought it was the first bearing on the gearbox input shaft (English is not my first language).
Car does not have a bearing on the flywheel

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