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GIve me the quick rundown on british motor companies.

Is it true the stereotype about horrible reliability was no longer true in the 90's ? How did rover, MG and other brands interact with each other and what caused their downfall? Why did brits never get as big of a market share in europe as french or german brands?
any "British" manufacturers still standing are just walking husks of established brands owned by foreign makers now

from this chart:
mini is owned by bmw
lotus and mg are owned by the chinks
land rover/jag is owned by indians
bentley is owned by VAG
aston martin might as well be just mercedes but without all the german autism on the rest of the car
noble, morgan, lister, and ariel are still around i think, but they produce such low volume that it doesn't really matter, noble and lister are kit cars, morgan i remember reading might be in trouble because of emissions bullshit, and ariel is at least popular enough that i think they can survive based off the american market if it goes tits up in europe
McLaren is the only company left that i think is truly British that puts out a decent amount of cars.

not on the chart is gordon murray's low volume stuff which look excellent, but they are pretty low volume, and TVR which is owned by some russian something another and has been in development hell for probably a decade, and i cant imagine them coming out with any real product any time soon
oh yeah, and caterham falls under the low volume kit car umbrella too, they're still kicking
File: East_Fife_FC_logo.svg.png (135 KB, 1200x1371)
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if i have £2000 to buy a car in shithole scotland what should i get /o/
a plane ticket. jk scotland is pretty cool
Noble, McLaren, and most of those companies are actually decent, while the hollow ones are pretty shit these days.
A ticket to America. Utter shithole, pretty but absolute hell.
>t. anon whose friend fled ireland
>Niche, shed, or spots cars
>Mass market
how about second hand cars? who owned the british brands in the 80's, 90's and mid 2000's¿
owners of the companies?
list rings true except
lotus was owned by gm, then the guy who owned bugatti in the 90s, then off to someone else, and JLR and Aston Martin were owned by ford.

asking about who the type of person to buy a british car at that time?
decently wealthy people bought lotus, morgan, caterham, and ariel if they wanted a sporting experience.
very wealthy bought noble, mclaren, and aston martin if they wanted something that was fast, but not a street legal go kart.
id classify jag owners as they want a 5 series bmw, but they also want cream leather and burl walnut finish instead of just a plastic slab of a dash, mainly for the XJ owners, i dont know what XK owners were on.
land rover people are similar but with the X5 instead of the 5 series, but also attract other groups as well, them being the first and sort of the only ones to have a "luxury" SUV at the time, grand wagoneer was discontinued in 91 and the escalade and navigator didnt appear until the late 90s and even then they basically amounted up to suburban/explorer with new front clip and leather and plastic wood thrown together. you could argue land cruiser was their main competition during the time.
bentley and rolls were basically the same thing, i dont care if they say the bentley was to drive and the rolls to be driven in, you knew exactly what you were getting if you had the money. and mini is basically a woman car, a new beetle with bmw underpinnings.

as for today?
lotus, morgan, caterham, noble, and ariel have probably been thoroughly used but taken care of
astons of that era aren't great from what i have heard and they are going to be money pits.
jag sedans are money pits too, but an XJR might be worth it to dump a little money into for shits n giggles if cheap enough.
land rovers are shit outside or the range rover and defender, defender costs too much and range rover is a potential nightmare, id skip unless you are very masochistic.
bentley and rolls are money pits too, turbo R is cool but a giant money pit and i wouldn't want to even think about throwing money at one
and mini isn't great, i want to like them because its one of the smaller cars i can fit in, but they have big issues too. not worth it for what they are imo

McLaren is own by Arabs
>asking about who the type of person to buy a british car at that time?
what about the guys who get a mid range car like a MG/rover instead of just the high end stuff
File: 4536.gif (79 KB, 498x466)
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>Is it true the stereotype about horrible reliability was no longer true in the 90's ?
They're still really bad
>MG and other brands interact with each other
Bought the same part bins
>what caused their downfall?
English government not subsidizing them like the US and German, and gas prices going astronomically high
>Why did brits never get as big of a market share in europe as french or german brands?

They're now all owned by foreign companies or shut down. Unlike German cars, they do not keep their major breakdowns until after the warranty period expires, they explode at 22k miles. Not worth the trouble, and people that have those Jag SUVs are nogs.
File: rover_01.jpg (426 KB, 1700x1139)
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w-what about the period where rover was under BMW ? BMW are german, so they must have increased the quality...
Owned but still British seething fag
Still same shit failing Jacob's electronics but QC out the door was better, that was it.
Gonna buy a Rover 45 turbodiesel
wish me luck
Landrover/jaguar is crap
MG is Chinese
probably the equivalent of the people who live in america and buy "american" no matter what
what about the period where rover was making rebadged hondas?
not bri*ish, just enjoy interacting in non ev/bait threads
GL anon
TVR is owned by the British again. However they haven't produced anything. >The new Griffith is just two more weeks away guys

The thing you have currently are you have British cars that the parent company maybe foreign, however the engineering, design, building is done entirely in the UK, so I would classify them as still British as they tend to get left to do it. Like Jaguar under ford, Jaguar Land Rover are most likely in the same position along with Lotus, Mclaren and I hope the same with Caterham since the Nips bought it.

Then you have the British cars which are foreign owned cars which use parts bins, may have some input on exterior design, probably get to design the interior and then parts get shipped over and anything not from the parts bin gets done in Britain. This is pretty much Rolls Royce and Bentley. As much as all the really nice hand made parts are done in Britain, they aren't really British cars. But at least they are still hand made here. Mini, while is made here, apart from the engine, would have zero say and they are just bmw 1 series.

Then you have MG which everytime i see someone drive a new one shatters my soul in disgust out of pure entropy. Completely 100% chink. Just let the brand die. Especially since I use to own an MG TF (from MG Rover years not bmw) which use to belong to my mum from new for 13 years. Was it broken/having faults 30-40% of the time. Yes, was it fun to drive and had personality? Absofuckinglutely. I do miss it though. I just wish I got to drive my dads MGB GT from eons ago.

All the other British brands are just very small volume, only one i've seen not mentioned are Triumph motorbikes. I know sod all about bikes, but aren't they supposed to be pretty good?
>probably the equivalent of the people who live in america and buy "american" no matter what

Not that wrong, i've owned 3 cars, all of them are British. But obviously I autisitcally love bongmobiles and I don't mind pay for cars made here. Bongs who do, don't have the same conviction as American counterparts who 100% believe it is the most luxurious, best engineered, handling car on the planet. Where the Bongs will love their car, tell you how good it is. But admit it will break while laughing about it.
Russian owner sold up a few years ago and it's owned by a British consortium. Griffiths has been in development hell for ages tho yes
After Romano Artoli lotus got sold to proton in Malaysia and now its owned by the Chinese
>just fly into the usa bro
it isn't the 1930s any more man
File: 1623762458990.gif (69 KB, 116x128)
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I thought BMW stood for British Motor Works...
>what about the period where rover was making rebadged hondas?
big if true, those are the Rover 400 / 45 right?
did they actually have honda mechanics inside or just share the outside design?
Plus, that was during the time Rover was under BMW, so there must have been a mix of BMW and honda stuff in there, i think they increased rigidity of the chassis taking inspiration from BMW for instance
It would explain their reliability

I have a 1995 Jaguar XJR

It is probably the most decadent set of wheels I have ever driven and owned. It turns heads. People notice it. The day I brought it over to my parents house for the first time they thought my father bought it and "must be doing well at his job". It is the first car I have ever actually been proud to own and it goes like stink. I can get the back end sideways by just thinking about it. Everything Jeremy Clarkson said about this car is 100% correct and for the record, he had two of them. The Jaguar episode of Grand Tour, he had the later V8 model.

My copy however, hasn't been the most reliable. It has been to the shop twice, once over a relay and now over a gauge cluster preventing it from starting. There was a lot of deferred maintenance I did on mine when I bought it that most people don't know about like the supercharger oil change and none of it was cheap. I had to special-order the tires because at the time literally one place in the whole country had them. After 25 or 30 years, they can still be electrical nightmares. Most of the Lucas bits are gone in this era of British car but now time is the enemy. You can't let them sit for extended periods of time. They will cost you money in maintenance. Parts are easy to find if you know the right channels for your car, for classic Jaguars it's Jagbits and SNG Barratt.

The upside is, because of the Information Age, a quick search can resolve most of your issues if you're a shadetree mechanic. Forums are great repositories of information, use them.


If you are thinking about buying this era or any era of British car, ask for paperwork. There are two kinds of sellers, those who autistically kept records of every nut and bolt and those who kept no records. Do a thorough inspection, check everything. Get a PPI if it's something really nice. Ask lots of questions, there are no dumb questions. Shop around. Know what you're getting into. Get underneath it and look around. Join a Facebook Group or a forum and ask about common issues, that was how I found my XJR and I went past two other cars I would have probably pulled the trigger on if not for having done my homework.

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