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post your finest stories of making subhumans seethe on the road

>omw to junkyard to pick up cassette deck
>mallcrawler jeep gets off highway
>cuts me off with no signal on 2-lane road before it merges to one
>im doing like double his speed so either rear end him or fly past him
>switch lanes and he attempts to speed up to block
>just dip into the grass with da corolla and pass him anyways as the road merges
>used turnsignal for proper road ettiquite
>dumb brodozer follows me to the next light
>stops traffic to get out next to me
>bangs on my window
>can't hear him cause i'm blastin' Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
>tell him to fuck off through the window and contemplating mating his face with .45ACP
>basketball pavement princess btfos to his compensator mopar after I refuse to engage in his roid rage
>has gf in the car who is terrified and will probably be beaten tonight
>continues yelling unintelligible shit out his window
>laugh and pull a u-turn to go about my day

feels good bros
Minding my own business.
In the slow lane.
White trash methed out central Pennsylvania flies up behind me at like 130mph
I pace the car next to me and he starts tailgating.
Notice his windows are down.


He keeps tailgating, I keep the coal rolling.

Finally let him pass. He cuts across 3 lanes and blocks the entrance ramp, starts rolling backwards towards me.

Thankfully I had enough room to floor it and get around him. Anyway it inspired me to install onboard air and a tugboat horn. I'm almost done. Point blank with a 200psi high flow tugboat horn outta do it I think...
File: truckchad.jpg (89 KB, 700x760)
89 KB
insanely based
File: 3b658937ad0.png (322 KB, 652x682)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
>See Subaru CUV lane camping
>Merge in front of them
>Highway turns in to single lane
>Go exactly the speed limit
>Opens back up in to multi lane
>Cut them off as they try to hit the left lane again
>They go in other lane and try to accelerate me
>Go only so fast they can't get behind or in front
>Make it so they're behind my car and another car now
>Go exactly the speed limit more
>When there is a right hand turn lane they go in there just to speed up and yell at me

I don't fuck with cagies at all but you're okay.
>Also yesterday
>Leave two car lengths behind bikers
>Cruising 55 in construction AS PER RULES
>Some 3 wheeler and a spikey blue hair bitch fly around me
>Cut in right in front so they can be behind the other bikers
>Get mad and downshift then blow past them

File: 1630173817865.gif (75 KB, 622x622)
75 KB
thanks bro
what specific renthal handlebar is that?
i bought a cheap emgo one and the bend in the bars are designed for aliens or something like that
File: niggerRider666.webm (2.76 MB, 1650x850)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB WEBM
It's one of the narrowest 22"mm diameter bars on their fitment guide. Pn: 758-01-GO. Thanks for you!
>>Some 3 wheeler and a spikey blue hair bitch fly around me
>>Cut in right in front
Based, they probably have no idea how to emergency brake. Do me a favor though, don't change lanes too much without signalling.
thanks fren, the website i used didn't have the correct pictures per item so i was buying blind if it was renthal stuff
Oh sorry I meant they cut in front of me. So I was no longer 2 spaces behind the bikers in front, now I was right on their ass. After they did that I did get mad, signal, and blast by them. I always signal just incase something happened it's documented. I signal 1/2 a second before I turn or as soon as I want to turn but have to wait.
It's just like anything else, it's a mixed bag. When I was in FL some sport bikers were cool and we would do pulls on the highway so we could see how much faster they were (I was in a H/C/E Z06), then we'd wave and that'd be it.

But for some reason Harley riders thought they were hot shit and would get all bitchy when you passed them or would try to race at a light despite being one of the slowest manufacturers in existence. They'd always seethe when I'd put 8 lengths on them and try to start shit at the next light.

Dude, you're on a cruiser with tech that peaked 50 years ago. You're going to struggle against some modern SUVs.
Doing 45 in a 65 in a clapped out old Jeep with no roof or doors, at dawn, in the dead of winter

At least six people blew past me at 80+ laying on the horn, even though I was in the slow lane
Lane filtering at red lights. Makes cagies seethe hard
I like to do 45 in the 45. Gets em every time.
You're not doing anything wrong. The manlet basketball american in OP's post had a moment of fragile masculinity cause a corolla offroaded to pass his trail larp asphalt special in front of his woman and drank too much copium.
Every time someone starts tailgating me I'm usually going 5 over. Naturally my immediate reaction to this is to just let off the throttle and engine break. They always pass me within a few seconds of this, works every god damn time.
I really miss that old shitbox. Those 4 cylinder Jeeps felt like prewar relics, about drove like them too. Felt like the valves were gonna shoot out of the bonnet if I went much faster than 50
File: EpTOzAKUcAEOmKY.jpg (60 KB, 888x894)
60 KB
>drive the speed limit
>with my seatbelt
>fellas hightailin me
>keep going speed limit
>sheriff on the trail
>still going speed limit
File: tenor.png (142 KB, 360x346)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
based im gonna start doing this

insanely based

pic related
I do it all the time in suburban roads. If I'm doing 5 over and you're riding my ass, I am now doing 5 under.
Interstate 5 with very little traffic, trucker decides to pull into fast lane and drive next to another truck for five miles so I can't get by. He finally gets the fuck out of the way, so I pass him and then get in front of him, and slow him down to about 45 mph for a while. He was getting insanely pissed, gesticulating and frothing. I just hung him the bird and sped off after a while.
And yeah, taikgate me and I'll just slow way down because fuck you.
File: 1630176775616.gif (11 KB, 180x180)
11 KB
>plays really dangerous game taking on semis that could freight train anything in their path

I would've just rode his ass and milked the lower drag coefficient and to get better gas mileage
>trucker decides to pull into fast lane and drive next to another truck for five miles so I can't get by
Why the fuck do these faggots do this? I came up on two trucks lock step side by side in the two left most lanes a couple months back. Are they pulling their peckers while talking on radio or what.
>driving home from my swing shift job in a mirror factory
>it's 11:05pm
>home is a 4 mile straight shot from work, literally only turn is into my driveway
>be in 2000 Dodge Durango 5.9L
>speed limit is 35
>motorcyclist in front of me doing 15mph
>I ride motorcycles too and like to give space so I give him 4 car lengths for about 400 yards before I drive around him in the suicide lane at the speed limit
>we are the only vehicles as far as the eye can see
>motorcyclist immediately speeds up starts flashing his brights and hitting his horn
>finally get to an intersection, the light turns red
>motorcyclist pulls up next to me screaming to roll my window down
>he's a mid-late 50's white guy
>he starts screaming about how I could have killed him and how I was kicking rocks everywhere by driving in the center lane
>I say "what the fuck is your problem, you weren't even going half the speed limit?"
>guy yells more
>say "go fuck yourself"
>get gets off his bike and walks up to my window and says "what the fuck did you say to me?"
>I laugh and repeat "I said go fuck yourself"
>dude cocks his arm back and swings at my mirror, hits it with the force of 1,000 premature kittens barely even rotating the actual plastic
>guy immediately turns towards me and starts to cock his arm back
>I produce my handgun from between the seat and center console and point it straight in his face and yell "GET THE FUCK BACK!"
>halfway through his swing he realizes I'm pointing a handgun at his head and the look on his face is something I will never forget, sheer horror
>He jumps backwards straight into his motorcycle and falls ass over tea kettle over it
>proceeds to stand up really quickly and get on his bike and ride away
I sometimes reminisce about that moment and take great solace in the fact he likely wont ever accost another person in public again.
>Just started practicing on motorcycle.
>Keep stalling at T sections and Roundabouts
>They have to wait 45 seconds sitting behind me
Its what they get for driving in cars when I am trying to practice. get fucked.
kind of making me regret not pulling my pistol on that ape in the jeep. the only thing holding me back was fear that'd he just charge at me and i'd shoot him dead and have to hear from his ma and coalburning gf about how he "dindu nuffin".
>things that definitely happened
File: 1631601152536.jpg (20 KB, 456x404)
20 KB
Driver A) is only allowed to go 69mph
>Driver B) can hit 70mph.
>Driver A blocks driver B.
>Driver B begins passing.
>Driver A gets insecure because he's being passed by fastur trugg
>Driver A pegs his truck at 69mph just to make Driver Bs life that much more difficult.
File: 1ac.png (256 KB, 600x749)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
Welllll ya see son, welllll where I'm from we just do things a little bit differently. Sometimes those road going vagabonds need to see a little steel what for knowing you's a respectable gentleman, and that wellll it ain't personal partner but you had best mosey on along.
File: 8q8qp5tpwy131.png (67 KB, 1600x877)
67 KB
>Driving on a 2 lane 55mph byway from work
>me and the 4 cars around me and doing about 70mph because fuck it.
> 2 lanes merge to one
>me and the other cars form a line preemptively
>look in rear view and see a ranger flying up from waaaaay behind us.
>we're approached the merge
>he tries to get next to me begins merging.
>horn, layer on
>finger, deployed
>throttle, floored
>I'm in bigger car than his tiny trugg, so size/might, make right.
>ranger starts tailgating me because he's mad I didn't let him cut me off
>see another truck coming in the oncoming lane
>double yellow
>slow wayyyyy down
>ranger tries to pass me after I wave him along
>he gets in oncoming lane and quickly swerves back behind me after getting a face full of honking truck

He stopped tailgating me after that.
I’m not sure why that’s unbelievable in the slightest.
>be me
>hicksville USA
>cruisin down narrow-ass two-lane county highway
>hilly as all fuck, up and down like a redneck roller coaster
>at bottom of a hill, when suddenly over the crest blasts two semi's, side by side and full speed.
>shit self
>squeeze car into narrow ass shoulder just in time for chucklefuck in my lane to barrel through my previous position
>he lays on the horn like I'm the problem
If i was any worse at driving I'd be road-paste
Why can't americunts drive?
>Be me on highway
>Following my parents so I don't speed like a good boi
>Some Kia boomer signal&move to pass me
>Keep a closer distance to my parents and stay there to not break the convoy
>3km later he's still in my blind spot
>Wth ok
>10-20km laters
>See my parents signal to pass a semi
>Kia still there
>Drop 2 gears,signal and go
>Get back in left lane behind my parents
>He comes next to me and look at me like "wtf"
>I'm like "fking go!" And gesture for him to pass us
>The moron hanged around us for 1h
>At some point he move prematurely to pass a semi and I was lead with my parents behind, waited 5min until he came back in to signal and go with my parents in tow
>he Kept signaling to go in rest areas
>Text my mother that we will stop and to check for the kia,it might get rough
>We go
>Pussy flashes but never exited
>We see him with a flat 5min after resting a bit
>Be friend of roommate dealing cocaine
>One night he get cut off by a pizza boi who skipped the red light
>Promptly pulls his pistol and shoot through both front windows at the next stop light
>Drives off
>Never heard of it again
I don't have a story, but I overtake slow retards from the right lane and brake check them all the time.
I've done that at 140mph and they were doing 55.
Except I wasn't gonna wait around to possibly hear about it from their perspective

basically that's how it works, especially if you drive for a big mega like Prime I can't tell you how many tards I go to pass who are dicking on their phones at like 58mph and see me flying up next to them and have to floor it to speed up on me, god forbid you get passed by a 65mph Prime or else your little weiner will fall off.

I don't even do 65 I do 60 and still find retards like this on the road I swear the average American IQ has slumped 20 points in the last year or so.


Probably something in the water or too much FoxNews/CNN
>I sometimes reminisce about that moment and take great solace in the fact he likely wont ever accost another person in public again.

People like that never learn from past mistakes. You think they would but they don't because they are hot heads and it always will end badly for those people because they never learn.

he probably is dead by now. anyone with that kind of temper will step on the wrong shoes in 'da club' and get a toe tag at the morgue.
File: 1137-02830.jpg (822 KB, 1400x835)
822 KB
822 KB JPG
>Be me
>Just bought pic related, Jaguar XJR
>Driving across 12 in Louisiana
>Max fucking comfy have the cruise set to like 80
>Get to that long af bridge that goes over the swamp
>Speed limit is 60 but fuck that, cops have nowhere to hide
>Immediately upon getting on the bridge some asshole in a lifted brodozer flying up on me
>With his military-grade 12 million gamma ray scatter proton lumen headlights
>I can see through my fucking hands
>Dude is like a foot from my bumper
>Decide, not today Satan
>Find a slow Swift trugg doing their speed limit of 55
>Immediately slow down and perfectly match his speed
>In front of his corner so the brodozer has to be next to the Switfy
>But can't clear to make the pass
>We did this the WHOLE length of that bridge
>He even backed off a bit and I still made him sit the whole length of the bridge like that
File: s3015195.jpg (793 KB, 1920x1280)
793 KB
793 KB JPG
>Be in pic related
>Cruising the 417 around Whorelando to get the the u-pull it
>Doing maybe 75 or 80
>Passing truggs just cruising and shit
>Some bug eye Hyundai flies up on me
>He is riding so close to my bumper I can see the color of his eyes
>Maybe he got somewhere to be, speed up a bit
>Now doing 90, 100, flying past people
>He is still maybe a foot from my bumper
>Nope, not doing this today
>Find a JB Hunt trugg doing 62
>Let off and slow down next to him
>We all doing 62 now
>I can see bug eye getting visibly upset
>His veins are popping out of his face and he is banging his dashboard
>Yelling and screaming at me
>Top fucking kek, shouldn't have been a dick dude
>We do this for about 5 miles
>We come to an interchange
>There's an acceleration ramp on the right
>He drops back and floors it around the truck
>Drop two gears and open the electric cutouts
>Glorious 8000rpm Mazda KLZE V6 howls to life
>We have a mile of nothing in front of it
>Start rowing gears
>Bugman can't get around me
>Look down and I'm doing like 130
>We catch up to another trugg and I drop back down to 65, BBK ftw
>He never made the pass and got off at the next exit almost rolling his shit I laughed so hard
Driving during the day in CT on I-95 in my 1989 Celica GT. Dickhead in front of me tosses an UNOPNED can of soda out the window which proceeds to bounce down the highway and slam into the front of my car. I realize I too have an unopened can in my car, so overtake him and launch it through the passenger side window (yay power windows) it at his windshield. Not sure if it broke his windshield - probably not. He proceeds to chase me but either gives up or his car can't go faster than 100.
I was a young hothead at the time and probably would have beat him to death had we managed to stop someplace.
I find retards so inconsequential that I just drive faster to get past them and go about my day. I had no idea he was following me till he stopped at the same light to block the traffic and have his little power trip. This greasy fuck was like 5' 4" and toned. I'm 5' 11" and lanky so I'm not sure why this dumbfuck expected me to exit my vehicle. I noticed a lot more jeeps driving around yesterday too so I guess they were hosting a pavement princess pageant. Modern jeep owners, especially the 4 door ones, are the lowest scum of that niche.

If he became a statistic in 24 hours that would be incredibly based.
>lifted brodozer
>12 million gamma ray headlights

I was driving home one night in my AE86 and same shit except me and my dad had left an absurdly bright LED work light in the car from wrenching a few days ago. So I sped up to get this ford dually faggot off my ass and he attempts to continue tailgating. I took the work light and blasted it right into the windshield to see the bearded cumsock driving in full HD as he covered his eyes.

Should've done it at a turn but it's texas and curves simply don't exist.
Is it really that bad to just let someone pass?
t. speedlet

Why taunt and escalate?
t. Grand Cherokee owner
File: chaaance.jpg (23 KB, 480x360)
23 KB
>Few weeks ago
>Going to work in my Impreza hatch
>Amphetamine kicking in - gotta go FAST
>2 lanes, both pickup trucks going 40-45 in a 55
>Suddenly - Chaaaance!
>Lane split the trucks
>One follows me and eventually gets next to me at a red light, it's a redneck in his mid-20s, younger than me
>He starts dropping F-bombs and telling me that he has his 2 year old kid in the back
>I say "Shoulda worn a condom biatch"
>Seconds later he literally points a pistol at me through the passenger window
>I just give him the biggest shit-eating troll grin - he's not about to discharge a weapon in traffic 100 yards from the air force base
>We go our separate ways when the light turns green
Feltgoodman, I've never lane-split in a car before.
there is no taunt involved, im simply trying to get where im going and if you take someone passing you as a taunt your ego is fragile like your glass cock. i pay taxes for the road i will use it how i see fit. its not a pissing match. if you think there is malice in someone minding their own business because you're unhappy that someone is better off doing shit their way you are the problem.

based. any backwoods brushape that uses a gun to intimidate instead of a last resort of defense is a gutless faggot. you successfully passed between the two and no one got in harms way because you acted within your limits and then went about your business like a real chad laughing off a chud cousin-fucker. keep it up anon.
whenever me and some friends are cruising we go out of our way to box in speeding luxury car owners in our rusty shitboxes. making them do the speed limit and making them look at the degenerate 90s shitboxes makes them seethe
As a cagie myself, I never understood why people get so mad at this. It happens in an instant and will have 0 affect on your life. Traffic is traffic and it sucks sometimes. I always just pucker up because I imagine them smacking a mirror or someone opening a door or something. Stupid umies.
I always respect the old low power clunkers still chuggin along. Like the old CJs or VW busses sans blinkers making 12 HP. Keep on trucking in the slow lane and let everyone else seethe.
Trucker fag here, based on incline and full trailer package weight. It takes up to 5 minutes to get from 35-60mph with a full heavy load in some rigs. It takes a while to pass each other and we need to leave a good distance in front of one another for braking. So when you slow us down to 45 its just gonna take a long time to speed back up.

Thats the usual scenario anyway, that guy could have just been an asshole, they're out there.
Kek at image, thats a deepcut right there
I have a good one.

>1998 Dodge Caravan that I bought for $200
>Using it as backup because DD is in the shop.
>Driving home.
>Basedboi in a brand new riced out Corolla blasting music at traffic lights. Some kind of mumble rap mixed crossed with Imagine Dragons or something like that.
>Light turns.
>Soi tries to take off, but really doesn't go very fast. Gets caught at the next light.
>Great, I have to deal with more of this ear rape.
>Fucker is now talking shit to me, comments about how big and slow my car is.
>No shit fucker, it's the minivan you were conceived in.
>Light is taking forever, but I figure I'll stomp the gas once it turns green just because.
>Turns green.
>I stomp.
>3.3l 160 something HP V6 does what it can.
>Old 4 speed slusher manages to not slip too much.
>Not sure why I'm even indulging this petulant child.
>Look over.
>Where is he?
>Not ahead.
>Not on my left.
>Not on right.
>Is he actually behind me?
>Check rear view.
>See a white hellaflush Corolla waaaaay behind me doing what he can.
>Little fuck is legit raging at his car, rocking back and forth seething.
>Pull up on next red.
>Corolla rolls by, honks, flips me off and blows a red turning left.

Tl:Dr smoked a soiboi in a brand new Corolla with a CVT using a minivan from the 1990s and made him rage.
>be gixxer fag
>commute home at 5pm
>live in city, so absolutely full of spics/niggers causing traffic
>lane split
>pass some dirty, crusty white malibu with windows down and nigger music playing
>he honks at me as i lane split
>i stop and turn around
>stare down nigger as hes attempting to shout obscenities at me
>light turns green, ride off
>nigger falls behind in traffic

feels good not be a cagecuck
Feels good not riding in a wagie car, If I'm on the highway and there's space I just twist the throttle on my r6 and get the fuck outta there. Otherwise I just go 70 and let the wagies going home pass around me as I stay in the rightest lane.
I love this Jaguar!
File: 556hhq45gh.jpg (55 KB, 800x534)
55 KB
OH my fuck this thing about Harley, I'm the guy you replied to and again I'm in PA. I was merging off the highway to a 55 mph zone. I was like 8 car length before the biker. I merged and continued going 60 or something because I was a hekkin fast brorino v6 Accord.

He sperged and followed me and lost his shit, old boomer with a beard SCREAMING and SPITTING SO MAD "THAT SAID YEILD!!! YOU YIELD!!!" Like wtf fag I was going faster and you were a great deal behind. LIke this, but shorter and fatter, no helmet.
ban harleys desu
File: tenor.png (394 KB, 640x610)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
That's beautiful, good job anon.
Based hope u got dashcams
Ok so how is this our problem? Maybe get a bigger engine
This is why you losers are dirt poor and are never going anywhere in life. Successful people live rent free in your tiny skulls 24/7, and the only way you faggot losers can cope with that fact is by fucking with people when you’re in the comfort of a steel cage. Just kill yourselves so nobody else has to waste a bullet.
This is why you losers are dirt poor and are never going anywhere in life. Successful people live rent free in your tiny skulls 24/7, and the only way you faggot losers can cope with that fact is by fucking with people when you’re in the comfort of a steel cage. Just kill yourselves so nobody else has to waste a bullet.
You ok there, retard?
This is why you losers are dirt poor and are never going anywhere in life. Successful people live rent free in your tiny skulls 24/7, and the only way you faggot losers can cope with that fact is by fucking with people when you’re in the comfort of a steel cage. Just kill yourselves so nobody else has to waste a bullet.
>omw to junkyard to pick up cassette deck
how does it work? you just go and take out audio equipment? have to pay? (sorry I am sheltered and I am autistic)
Sweeeettttt, a real schizo!
Phones mostly. Higher level of freedom here also means lower common denominator of drivers.
>Cruising down Broadway ave in mpls
>me and wrangler casually making our way to head of the pack
>passing green light coming up to red light where jeep and I can pull up next to each other and “race”
>retard cuts me off, then drifts over to cut jeep off all in the same go
>Jeep gets into left turn lane
>light turns green and jeep goes straight and cuts retard off, roflstomping me in the process
Didn’t know the V8 wranglers are out in the street already.
Your A4 is not fast, nor is it luxury. It’s a Jetta with standard awd.
OP here, I was driving a '21 corolla hatch with the 6-spd manual when I got into shit with the powderpuff in his wrangler. Totally stock, none of the gay flush or stance shit just my DD but damn you have to be floored like 70% of the time to keep up with traffic. My dad's S-10 2.2L could probably outpace it so I can fully believe it being gapped by a 90s minivan with a V6.

Fuck soibois.
Depends entirely on the yard. A lot of good yards will pull delicate components from a car and you just pay them at the counter to grab it for you, maybe a little more cash depending on the one you're buying. This was $25 for a Cadillac ACDelco headunit that is a direct fit into my third gen firebird. Some will leave the whole car out there and it's anyone's game to grab it first. A yard run by a supreme kike will ask the price of it like it's already been pulled when it's been exposed to the elements and the shit's rotted PLUS you have to pull it yourself. It's depends entirely on where you go but it's way more fun exploring yards than paying dickheads on the internet who think they have gold in their hands $200 for a mass produced GM cassette deck. FB Marketplace and CL are fucked so finding "a deal" now is looking in weird and obscure backwoods spots that the zoomers won't or don't know about cause it's not shipped to their door via amazon.
>know exactly where my brake lights come on and when my brakes actually start putting pressure on the disks
>keep the brake lights without slowing down at all for 2 whole miles just to piss off tailgater.

Im thinking of just wiring in a switch to do it.
File: keke.jpg (12 KB, 258x245)
12 KB
KEK >>24608228 must've boxed your tesla in and made you realize poors live in your head and no amount of money will ever let you escape having to interact with them on the road

poors living rent free in the richfag's head and on his roads
I used to think only Russians couldn't drive because of all the dash cam videos, but there are channels that upload footage from the US, it's just as bad.
Apparently their driving exams are quite easy to take and some states don't even have technical inspections, so you get rusted out deathtraps driven by retards.
>fag with his vw in a hurry
>40 in a 40 zone
>town ends
>40 turns to 80
>switch to S and accelerate to 80
>Vw fag still in a hurry and tries to overtake
>Right next to me
>Tap the accelerator
>Send 2 tons of West German steel lurching to 120 in an instant
>Vw fag couldn't get further than next to me
>Falls back behind me
>Slow down back to 80 limit
>Angry arm flailing
>Tries to overtake again at 120kmh on a long straight
>Pedal to the metal
>Jump to 180kmh
>Angry light flashing in the rearview mirror
>Keep going up to 280kmh till I can't see him on the mirror anymore
>be on a group ride with some sportbikes
>come across a random boomer and his wife on a harley crashed in the middle of the road
>a dog had run out into the road and they hit it
>boomer is bleeding but otherwise allright
>we put one guy on either direction 100ft down the road to make sure no traffic hits us as we help the boomer
>the dog starts to come to and starts barking/crying with his broken legs and ribs
>some soccer mom blares her horn at us as she rolls by

I've never punched a mirror before, but that was probably the closest i've been.

>riding at night in a group ride (bad idea)
>downhill curve, tightens, gravel/sand on the road
>one of the guys goes down
>as we are trying to make sure he is OK, some pickup towing a trailer screams down the hill doing 20 over the speedlimit
>would've hit us if one of the guys didnt start flashing his phone flashlight at him
>probably would've gone off the road if we werent there to slow him down
>starts yelling at us
>later calls the cops on us

I've had people in cars go out of their way to help out when a bike has gone down, and i've had people in cars be complete assholes when a bike has gone down.
>every once in a while notice some luxury car tailgating someone
>pull up next to the person
>exchange glances
>box in the luxury car
>person slows to 5 under
>can see the luxury driver rage
>do this for a few miles
>give the car a thumbs up and go on my way
File: 1137-02839.jpg (686 KB, 1400x622)
686 KB
686 KB JPG

thanks :)
> rush hour
> two lane highway
> bumper to bumper
> I am in left lane
> barely passing the right lane
> only to be barely passed by them
> not quite stop-&-go
> but it is slow/med-&-go
> Karen bumper humper is behind me
> every time traffic slows, she gets closer
> I literally cannot see her headlights
> I'm in a lowered R32 Skyline
> she's in a generic econobox
> traffic picks up a little and we're finally approaching highway speeds
> she comes right up to my ass and has the audacity to honk
> there's traffic in front and beside me
> *fuck this cunt*
> click my e-brake up one notch to drop the RPM limit on my rev limiter
> crank the fuel dial
> press the clutch and floor the gas
> *pop*pop*BOOM!*
> massive fuel air bomb out the back
> Karen locks up her brakes and skids into the ditch
> I laughed for a solid 15min

By far my favorite encounter.
> I'm in a lowered R32 Skyline
Lost me there
Why would I lose you?
This was over a decade ago in Canada when they were still hella cheap.

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