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Auto repair fuck ups. No wrenchlets allowed.
>be tired after doing a ton of maintenance to a corolla beater I bought
>get done with all new brakes and fluids
>power steering pump and belts
>fix three door handles
>fix speakers
>clean and vacuum it
>go to fill power steering fluid so I can start it and turn the wheel to fill it
>keeps squeaking
>keep filling
>got to fill about the third time
>foam everywhere
>look at bottle
>grabbed brake fluid like a dumb ass and not PS/ATF fluid
>fuck up pump
>pull it and clean it
>have to wait until next day to return to store and get new one
File: 1613172450907.jpg (93 KB, 385x390)
93 KB
>He didn't stick the hose in the reservoir and turn it on full blast, then come back in an hour
File: 20210316_222041.jpg (2.71 MB, 4032x2268)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB JPG
>Repairing valve cover gaskets, spark plug seals, and PCV on my VR6 Golf
>Get all seals installed and valve cover back on
>Whew, this is easy
>Start bolting up intake manifold
>Bolts are 6mm invert hex
>Bolts have a few inch clearance between radiator and the side of the head
>Finally get all of them on
>I actually dropped several so its more like 5/9 bolts on
>Start reconnecting vacuum hoses
>I am missing one of the evap lines
>Start looking around
>Evap line is trapped between the manifold and valve cover
>Manifold is a massive piece that goes over the whole cover
>Have to pull bolts back out and lift manifold to get the line out
>Make sure it is out of the way this time and tighten back down
>Dont lose any of the bolts this time
>Finally success
>Now I have to tilt the radiator carrier back into position and reattach the bumper
VW life
/o/ will go out of their way to ignore this thread because they hate the S as it causes their NPC brain machine to enter an unrecoverable logic failure loop state
It amuses me how /o/ reacts to anyone who dares post the greatest driving machine of all time.
I will always be eternally mad Honda didn't use the s2k in motorsports as much as the nsx.
File: 1631669936426.png (1.8 MB, 1904x2222)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
Post s2k
Lol I see you got so shook up in that gay type r thread you had to make a collage. You will never apex an S, you would spin out.
but this thread has nothing to do with the s2000, OP clearly states it's about a corolla, and the S2000 doesn't even have powersteering fluid since it's electric
>he read the OP
fucking hero
Mine is the one that got to know the inside tire wall at Laguna Seca
File: 1631673754126.jpg (1.94 MB, 4640x2373)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
Too bad, I own the superior roadster that actually has torque not a type Rice with wrong wheel drive, still waiting for bread on hood
Nice Z4 anon, but please clean those dirty ass headlights.
yeah I know but I have aftermarket angel eyes on order
Jfc can't believe I posted car for you fml
File: maxresdefault.jpg (64 KB, 1280x720)
64 KB
I'm not the same anon. These ones right?
Bro neither one of you were meant to drive the s2000. You're too busy posing for pics and drooling over chinktier Christmas lights to truly appreciate the ultimate roadster.
>R6 pedo miatafag anon
lmao at you'are life how does it feel knowing that you can't pass me in your car neither on your bike
yes brah
Feels bad man, I don't care though I just wanna have my R6, my miat and my s2000 and I'll be happy. Which biku is yours?
>BMW 535xi
>replacing OFH gasket
>took long ass bolts from OFH
>replaced gaskets, cleaned attachment points
>bust open OFH to replace oil cooler gasket
>replace gasket, everything going great
>torquing bolts back onto OFH
>suddenly righty tighty becomes lefty loosy
>damaged the threads on bolt housing
>used helicoil to fix for $20
>put everything back with proper torque - no leaks
>rebuilding honda motor for shitbox honda
>using technician manual because autism
>go to tighten final bolt on vtec solenoid to spec
>bolt is too short from the factory, spec is wrong in tech manual
>righty loosey
>pull threads out of block
>dry heave

>same engine
>tightening bolt from timing chain cover
>reuse old bolt because its all I have
>bolt has been heat cycled to kingdom come, engine it came from clocked over 350000 miles
>bolt snaps inside timing chain cover, have to strip the cover back off and extract the bolt

>4.3 vortec in a silverado
>finish replacing crank seal, the harmonic balancer was a bitch and split upon removal.
>exhausted, go to tighten the crank snout bolt
>accidentally cross thread
>turn 30 minute job into 2 day job after getting the correct tap and rethreading the crank snout.
Those are ricey as fuck, but I like em
Don't care, didn't ask. Not my problem.
File: aliem.jpg (22 KB, 415x347)
22 KB
I can't get the timing right on my old Sonoma and at this point I'm afraid to keep turning the distr.. Even replaced the harmonic balancer which had different timing marks (off by 90 degrees), and I don't know which one to trust. The 30 year old GM timing marks or the timing marks on the new bargain bin Chinese part. Sounds great but it's so slow now.

I feel retarded bros. I work on lawnmowers for work but they haven't had adjustable timing in 30 years.
Nice ND Miata fren. Have you ever raced a s2000? YouTube has a surprising lack of nd2 vs s2000 drage race footage. I have a feeling the ND would keep pace or maybe win for a while only to be overtaken in the higher gears. I hope one day you get to drive/own an s2000.
File: 1165570267801.jpg (76 KB, 600x449)
76 KB
>drag racing a miata
>drag racing an s2000
How else can you tell which one is faster in a straight line without doing a straight line drag race?
File: maxresdefault.jpg (157 KB, 1280x720)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
They aight.
File: blade-runner-blade.gif (1.84 MB, 640x360)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB GIF
>start talking about the most legendary roadster ever to be built becoming scarce
>this guy starts talking about his ebay halo lights
my god dude i posted my car for this guy FUCKK
File: images.jpg (5 KB, 269x187)
5 KB
replacing o-rings on ford superduty 7.3L fuel injectors
>mostly done
>valve covers back on
>supposed to drain oil from injector holes
>dont have vacuum pump
>pull glow plugs and engage starter to pump oil out
>my stomach turns
>look at hood, covered in oil
the oil shot out of the glow plug holes so hard that it cut the insulation on the hood and stopped the engine dead, almost hydrolocking it. got lucky. no harm no foul
File: 20210812_140407.jpg (2.89 MB, 4032x3024)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB JPG
>doing sparkplugs on my crappler town & cuntry
>swap out the front 3 easy, onto the back ones
>top right, socket wrench won't budge it
>breaker bar time
>snaps the sparkplug in half
>i'm shitting my pants thinking i fucked up my engine
>google how to get it out, turns out you can use a big ass screw extractor, hammer it in and twist it out
>invite my brother to help me
>we need more depth in the plug to get extractor in, so we get a flathead and start hammering it in the sparkplug
>aint doing shit
>big brainooo
>get my power drill, my dewalt right angle adapter and a masonry drill bit
>we get the drill behind the engine, brother holds down bit while I drill
>drilling the fuck out of this sparkplug
>attempt to hammer extractor in
>sinks in, wrench on
>it unbinds
>unscrew it out and fear for the worst
>tip looks perfect, no procelain broke off

Consumed me for about a week, happened right after I bought the car too. Thank god for brothers.
tits or gtfo
>replacing a salt belt tie rod end
>using a pickle fork, a ball joint separator, a BFH, the oxyacetylene torch, and every combination thereof and it will. not. come. out. of the spindle
>stud eventually got mushroomed, cut it off and now I'm using a punch to drive it out
>getting fatigued from all the hammering
>miss a swing with the BFH
>hit the hand holding the punch, slamming it into the red hot spindle
OP I completely understand the first one, probably would have had an anxiety attack desu.
nothing personel fren, I just hate pedophiles - especially that GS500 faggot, because I actually own the Zook. My friend owns the RR and I've ridden it a few times, it feels small like a 600 but you give it the beans and oh!
Wait what the fuck? Women actually browse this board? Girl you fucked up.
File: Screenshot_10 (2).jpg (260 KB, 898x1680)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
you seem really cool and chadly. i like your taste in cars and bikus but pls dont bulli my fren gs500 anon, hes nice.
you guys are ok cause you don't larp but I vehemently dislike the busriders and hyundai shills on this board
Yeah I guess if you count women (male)
stupid mr2 niggers cope so hard their piece of shit is so slow, they go on basically active anti-s2000 duty lmao
File: s2k_track_4.png (2.5 MB, 2048x1365)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB PNG
Hows that to drive? I've spoken to a few s2k bros, one has it setup for the track so he barely drives it on the street -so much so that his Fireblade is the daily
Don't fuck around with diesel engines. Especially the injectors. 20,000 PSI is dangerous as fuck.
File: o.gif (2.09 MB, 320x240)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB GIF
Is that why you need to have hella certs to be diesel mechanic?

Also I guess that's why they call it die-sel.
File: 20210810_102726.jpg (3.87 MB, 4032x3024)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB JPG
I rarely fuck up, but regularly fix others. Have some content from an afro engineer that royally fucked a 99 accord. The first time I saw this car it was obviously neglected, and had a hotwired rad fan. Any time key was on, fan was on. You know, unfused jumper wire and all. From the power off something else. Anyways, fixed it by doing just plugs/un-niggering the wiring, replacing coolant switch. It came back like four weeks later with a fucked up valve cover gasket, plug seals installed backwards, a junkyard battery, and two types of spark plugs in it. They took it to some literal crack addict. I was very upset about that one, since they managed to fuck up the easiest valve cover gasket job in the world and cost the customer so much more. Niggers buying tools is just scary.
File: 224-3503-std.jpg (94 KB, 800x800)
94 KB
while i agree with the sentiment, this was caused by oil pooling in the piston and getting compressed by the starter motor, then being shot out the glowplug hole. pic related
File: 20191012_140417.jpg (1.89 MB, 4032x2268)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
If you know you know
Learn to put shit down when tired.
File: sadpanda.jpg (96 KB, 805x714)
96 KB
Time it by ear. It runs so it's close. Move in small increments. You can also find TDC on #1 cylinder by a variety of means like using a plastic soda straw down the spark plug hole and turning the engine back and forth with a socket on the harmonic balancer bolt.
Ask on GM forums what the relationship of the crankshaft key to TDC is for your engine. Those don't move and can be used as a reference.
A few weeks ago I was tired from changing the brake pads on my beater truck and my DD when my girlfriend asked if I could restore her foggy ass headlights.
>yes dear
I pulled the bumper off, refinished the lenses, and had a few (seven) beers while I waited for the clear coat and sealant to cure. I forgot where I put the fasteners for her bumper so I got some generic ones out of the fuckup box. A little smaller than the originals but whatever, I still have the screws that actually hold it to the frame.
Everything is fine for a week until one morning she calls me losing her shit because her bumper fell off when she went over a speedbump at her parking garage and she ran over it, completely mangling the bumper and fucking up her oil pan.
Somehow she doesn't realize that its clearly my fault and spends a week harrassing the building manager about how "his" speedbump fucked up her car and he needs to do something about this.
Agree with her about everything and keep my fucking mouth shut
File: IMG_20210211_130211-01-01.jpg (1.08 MB, 3190x1233)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
>redline my ls1 for 7 years rebuild it 3 times until I run out of money
Now I'm back driving mommies falcoons like some sort of Ford falcunt

Feels weird but I've finally come full circle back in the mighty au forever

Next step putting turbo on the cunt and sending it
This was a fun one…

>Mom gets new tires at the tire shop
>a month later, she gets a nail in her tire
>go to help her out with a plug kit
>grab spare tire iron to pull wheel off to make plugging easier, L-shaped bar, trying to spin off lug but it’s so tight from the tire shop that the tire iron bends and slips off the nut
>get the car to the garage, get out 12pt socket, extractors, chrome cap off glorious Chrysler lug nut rips off and reveals some off-sized hex nut made of soft metal
>every time I hammer on an extractor, get a good grip and impact it, the extractor shreds off another layer of this soft metal
>finally give up and break out the drill, hollow out the stud 2/3 of the way and finally it loosens up the tension on the nut enough for the extractor to get it off
Stupid lug nuts and stupid tire shop. Protip is whenever a shop touches your wheels, make sure you crack them loose with a breaker bar or impact and torque them properly. Those nuts weren’t even really seized, they had put new tires on a month or two before and tightened the hell out of the lugs.
My local tyre shop accidentally left my front lugs loose all ten of them and the wheels almost fell off
Lucky all that got fucked was one rotor but it could have been so much worse had I not caught it ever since I check my fucking lugs every day fuck having that shit

How did you know your o rights were bad
fuel filter bowl was black, and i had some white smoke on startup. running a bit rough when cold
>Jaguar X300 XJR no-start
>Ran fine, car hauled ass, did 2000 mile drive no sweat
>Died in my dad's driveway
>Did a basic electrical diagnosis, everything seemed good
>Towed to shop
>Got called today
>Bad fuel pump relay that I checked
>I missed the corroded connector on the bottom of the socket like a retard

They're doing my carrier bearing though so it wasn't all a waste they just had to do a no-start also.
>Be 25
>Ford Probe GT
>At the Friday night drags
>100 shot wet kit, bolt-ons
>Beating the brakes off all the Honda ricers
>Last run, shred 3rd gear
>Lose 5th
>Trans swap time, had a spare
>Friend of mine and I swap the trans and do the clutch
>Change all of the fluids
>Slide the new gearbox back on
>Clutch slips immediately at anything over 20mph
>Pull the trans back off
>Fucking pilot bearing was on backwards
Me, nothing of note but my friend works at a muffler shop and was working on a car on a lift and lowered without noticing that the muffler jack was still under it. Car went headfirst onto the floor. Surprisingly he wasn't fired.
>be you
>be fat and cuckolded
File: s2k_track_5.jpg (1.87 MB, 4032x3024)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
it has excellent snappy handling and gets its power down on the ground very well to the point where i gain on big V8 cars in corner exits until it fully straightens out. It's pretty miserable on the highway and you have to take turns like a psycho to enjoy it on the street. Mine will be 100% track only soon.
File: 1631601152536.jpg (20 KB, 456x404)
20 KB
>doing basic maintenance on my car in summer heat
>few other things it needed
>finally finishing up
>putting in the last spark plug before I plug in the new wires
>start plug by hand
>attach socket to plug
>attach ratchet to socket
>slip on a horse chestnut
>breaks spark plug in half because I was holding the ratchet and not the fender of the car when I fell
>parts stores are now closed so I have to buy the new plug the next day
Me with my old 5.4
>do brake pads on my Miata
>forget to tighten down the bracket bolts on the rear passenger side wheel
>brake caliper is literally hanging by a thread as I go to drive
>brake caliper comes apart on the highway at 65mph with sparks and bits of metal flying everywhere
>limp it home and get a new caliper
>some guy on /o/ tells me I shouldn't be allowed to work on cars

I mean... I double check bolts a lot of the time now... but who has time for that? I can't be going around double checking bolt tightness all day.

god damnit now i get it, im too lazy to cut my fucking naaiillss
>changing brake pads and rotors on my piece of shit 07 ram
>spent the day cleaning garage and doing yard work so I’m already exhausted
>trying to loosen bolt on caliper to take it off
>won’t fucking budge either way I turn it
>eventually take breaker bar to it
>went wrong way like a retard, completely stripping the threads in caliper
>nigger rig it with loctite and a small clamp so it stays put
Can’t believe I made such a mistake, but oh well.

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