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I don't know what the fuck to do anymore.
Sounds like the starter is suck, when i try to crack it, just makes a cranking noise and everyone inside the car gets dim down and then re lights

If i let the better hooked with the key in the ignition, the positive terminal gets super hot, i mean, if i let it sit like that is either going to melt the cables or catch fire.

Don't know that you do anymore, why is the fucking universe always conspiriyig against me.
I got shit to do god damn it
A starter with a mechanical resistance against it will draw an astronomical anmount of current which will cause heat.
Additionally, high resistance in the wiring will cause a lot of heat too
The positive post gets red fucking hot, the only thing i can think of is that, the starter is the only thing connected directly to the battery.

Tomorrow i will disconnect it and reconnect the battery, if it doesn't gets hot that Will be the culprit, i just need a fucking break
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A wire connection that generates heat has a high resistance. Clean and or repair your battery terminal connection. The clue here is that all the same current is flowing through the negative terminal of the battery but it isn't getting hot.

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