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Plans for my 90's Falcon i6 which had sat for a decade, is it overkill?
Yes, I have a dedicated Excel spreadsheet for that
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I use excel for car lists too. Mine are mostly parts wanted lists. Stuff I have to buy and a dream list. Then I'll shuffle them around to make up each order, to keep the build going. Then move completed orders into a money spent list.
Do the rust and any paint early, then detail, battery and elec checks, mechanical repairs and other parts, tyres, wheel alignment last after its driving. Got any pics of your chooka?
I agree with rust as a priority. I bought a fiero that was sitting and I know it needs everything, but most importantly is addressing the rust so no matter what else, it can resell or be safe to drive and more importantly, safe to lift off the ground to continue working on it. I have a bad engine cradle.
also I don't have everything listed really
its basically
>get it safe to drive and driving via tires, brakes and suspension
>fix remaining engine code
>worry about wonky gauges, headlight motors, radio etc.
>either new body panels or shit paint job + fix the headliner.
I was planning to at first, also not mine but roughly the same just in a bit worse conditon
>get rid of any nests

Use a torch for that.
Hope you don't have to replace those XR headlights. They're poison expensive.
The worse part is some P-Plater putting those XR headlights on some povo-spec base model
File: ls swap.jpg (404 KB, 1124x1326)
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why not
File: 1592474116356.jpg (54 KB, 500x667)
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Nah, I don't need to. I can remember what I need to do without silly lists.

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