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Sup dudes, I was drunk and using an angle grinder (with grinding wheel) without shoes. I dropped it and it cut through two tendons, the nerves, and then it hit bone. This is pre-surgery. It made me think of you, /o/, the first place to warn me to never take the shield off and don't trust harbor freight cutting wheels to not shatter into your eyes.

Share your injury stories and give us pics if you got'em.
I had a runaway UNIMOG deglove the skin on my lower right calf muscle and tear two holes in my shin all the way down to the bone. Three hospital stays, four debridements, two skin grafts, three months of PT and c-diff outbreak from all the antibiotics.
i hope they have to amputate your head retard
>the first place to warn me to never take the shield off and don't trust harbor freight cutting wheels to not shatter into your eyes.
>blaming the tool instead of the idiot user who dropped his shit without shoes on
Those will f u up. I fumbled that side handle and went to bone in nothing flat on two fingers. I tried to remain calm and get control with the other hand. Should've just dropped it. Would you do anything different? Besides shoes of course. Do you think it would be much different if you were less drunk?
This sounds alot like dumbass Mr cummy
File: 149003722779.png (11 KB, 559x344)
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Could have been worse.

The first time I tried to use my 7 inch grinder, I didn't have a guard. I also didn't have a handle.

It slipped and now I have a pretty good scar on my right hand.
Oh nah it wasn't the tool's fault. It just torqued around in my hand when I shut it off and I dropped it. The mention of the shield was just something I learned from /o/ a while back, that's what made me think of here.
Give us your angle grinder scars. Did you need surgery?

hope recovery goes well
Feels more like a >>>/diy/ thing. Unless it was auto related? What the fuck was u doin op?

>pic related op angle dropping his grinder
I don't know that it would have gone much differently even with shoes or without being drunk. I have to wonder if it would have caught the material and grabbed in even further. Tough boots would have probably minimized it. It's a cheap ass angle grinder and the switch is on top. It twisted when I shut it off and I lost my grip. There's no safety mechanisms on it whatsoever to cut it off while not being handled. It was actually off as it was falling and was still spun up fast enough to slice through my foot, spin itself off, hit the ground and go riding off in a wave of sparks like a fucked up RC car.
File: Gay Package.jpg (80 KB, 640x480)
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Shit dude , have a bmw driver as a get well present
Just trying to deburr the edge of an intake pipe that I shortened.
No surgery.

Cant post pic, my right hand is masturbating rn.
Yeah fuck everything about that. That's shitty man. What happened? Did it run over your leg or something?
That is String Emil, he is great.

I once, obviously without thinking, grabbed the cutting disc of my angle grinder to get a better cutting angle. Pro tip: move the handle, the spinning thing is to be avoided. Only cost a small amount of skin, could have gone worse
Thats when I got my fingers. During shut down. I think that I was going to accidentally drop ot but it got caught up in my hand. I guess thats the take away people can get from this is that switching off can do unexpected things. And but some crocs on.
Id show my fingers but you fuckers haven't taught me how to do it.
The parking brake didn't engage and it started to roll away with people on it. I tried to get to cab to stop it but I couldn't keep up and the back wheel clipped my leg and tossed me down the road.
When I was 4, I cut into my fingers with a steak knife while cutting an apple
>Hold apple with hand, fingers on table
>Cut downwards
>Eventually hit fingers
Scar on one finger but I really can't think of any other accident. There have been close calls with 3 phase linishers and polishing wheels grabbing workpieces but really, I wear all the PPE like one of 'those' people who have seen things.
>Guy carrying 8mm sheet aluminium
>Slips and cuts all tendons in left hand

>Guy overriding safety on a brake press
>Minces index finger

>New(ish) guy using a cutting wheel but cutting towards him
>Grabs before the offcut drops and zips 2mm into his hip bone

>Foreman too lazy to remove welding gloves to clear up a mounting hole he fucked up
>Glove gets caught in flute, slaps emergency stop but still breaks his wrist

Is it really so fucking hard to put on the appropriate gear and take 5 goddamn seconds to not be a lazy cunt?

Closest one I've seen to death was a contractor using our lathe, leaned across (wearing a t-shirt, luckily) to brush some spaghetti from the other side and the chuck snagged his watch but shattered a link instead of throwing him over.
No good deed goes unpunished. Was this a military thing?

Especially when the switch is in a bad spot. Good to invest in one with a grip safety or at least the button by your thumb. I looked at the modern version of the one I have--looks like they moved the switch to the side. Hmm..wonder why.
>Closest one I've seen to death was a contractor using our lathe, leaned across (wearing a t-shirt, luckily) to brush some spaghetti from the other side and the chuck snagged his watch but shattered a link instead of throwing him over.

Lathes are scary as hell. One little piece of clothing drifts in and suddenly you're a pretzel.
>thought I would try to drift a Honda
>this happens
>minimal damage
>torn power steering line
>had a tow truck pull me out
>told boss I stopped to get something to eat
>>Foreman too lazy to remove welding gloves to clear up a mounting hole he fucked up
>>Glove gets caught in flute, slaps emergency stop but still breaks his wrist

can you explain thisone to me please
File: 00.png (57 KB, 500x533)
57 KB
You know when sometimes you wish the OP had dropped it on their jugular because they were too stupid to take proper precautions in spite of the advice of others and now instead of being eliminated from the gene pool like they deserve, they've been given another opportunity to pass their obviously dysfunctional genetic material to another generation?

This is one of those times.
>Welding some floating glass tabs
>Spatters some shit over the hole with MIG
>Faster wouldn't fit with spatter in the way
>Walks 6 steps over to drill press to clean it
>Still wearing gloves
damn that sucks.
you guys glaziers?
Balustrades/fences/gates/louvers etc. Boss did some hobby/bespoke mill/lathe work, none of us regulars ever touched that beast.
String Emil: The most honorable man on German Twitter.
i had to google that lol. how hard do you think it would be to make louvers for a rear car window? probably not the louvers your talking about, but im just curious how you would go about it.
File: 1549871563040.jpg (121 KB, 540x720)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
don't drink and use machinery anon, hope you get well soon
i got a 3rd degree burn from a motorcycle falling on me but i never took a picture
I injure myself all the time at work. This is when I was bitten by a window regulator
And this is my stapled scalp from when I hit my head on a lift. They made me take a piss test after that one
Call me a puss if you want, but I wear steel-toed work shoes in my personal shop when I'm doing any kind of mechanical work. I bought a pair of Keen low-top shoes for crawling around the overhead at auto plants, but can't really wear them anywhere else. The places I work now all require over-the-ankle.

Basically, I use the same safety/PPE/housekeeping methodology in my own shop as I do in the field.
>do heavy mechanical work
>everything goes fine
>change some interior bits
>bleeding knuckles, fucked up finger tips
>Replace 4 gearboxes on heavy industrial equipment over 6 days.
>Use every fucking tool I've got, including ones I didn't know I had.
>Everything is hot, heavy, filthy and covered in oil
"She have any sisters?"
>Not a scratch
>Getting in truck
>Split head open on door frame
>OSHA reportable
File: 1487822700509.gif (1.99 MB, 270x342)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
My buddy at work was using the metal chop saw to cut up the posts for steel shelving. The posts has holes along it for height settings and the 12" cut off disc grabbed an edge twisted the blade causing it to shatter. One piece landed halfway across the shop near me and a customer, and another put a hole into the metal roof 30 feet above. Luckily no one was hurt but I've since avoided using a chop saw.
Abrasive disk chop-saws are murder machines. Stay out of the line of fire.

I saw your gif-related happen to a guy with a chainsaw and a fallen tree limb. Suburban homeowner Boomers should not be allowed to operate powered equipment. They can buy all they want to show off to their friends, but for the love of Mike, please let people who actually know how to do shit, do shit.

In my shop I always wear our best safety shit when I'm doing any real work. Face shield for grinding or cutting, ear protection, and thick gloves. I'm not taking any chances.

Another dude there always calls me a pussy because he uses our angle grinder without safety gear. Not even glasses. I'm just waiting for him to get fucked and for me to say I told you so, but hopefully it doesn't happen.
I got the flu once
>runaway UNIMOG
No, we were doing off-road tours.
Puss, I only use safety glasses when I'm cutting with and angle grinder and my face has to be staring at the blade catching sparks. Cutting shit like races off of hubs and shit, never use glasses.
I'm also using snap on or matco cutters on their supplied discs. Never had any issues ever. Also not an idiot. Most the time the discs explode b/c they're cheap or old and get cracks in them or you wedge them hard af like an idiot.
two times using an angle grinder with a wire wheel
>wearing button up shirt
>grinding towards myself
>shirt gets caught in wheel
>scratch my tummy
>that was it
I saw a guy lose half his face to an angle grinder I will never use one fuck that. Same with chainsaws, my uncle lost his leg to chainsaw.
File: IMG_20190211_132703230.jpg (926 KB, 2542x3184)
926 KB
926 KB JPG
I've got an angle grinder scar to share lol
This is on my left arm, elbow area
I trashed 3 cars including my own when I was like 19 because I was trying to find some good tune on the radio and forgot to look at the road from time to time, just rammed into their backs when they stopped
luckily nobody was injured and my insurance covered most of it but I feel like such a faggot still to this day
I stepped on something at the beach
Damn Op, hope it heals nicely that sucks
>replacing the timing belt for the first time
>have my friend holding one of the cams from spinning with a breaker bar
>I'm bent down putting a belt on the crankshaft
>suddenly my friend let's go of the breaker bar
>camshaft swings breaker bar into my head
That's probably the worst I've had
How did that make you feel
Did you get the AIDS?
>work just installed a big bandsaw for cutting fat steel beams
>60 year old tradesman is hired to operate it
>first day he's left alone with it, it jams
>he goes to unjam it while wearing gloves, thinking he'd turned it off
>he hadnt
>machine unjams, glove gets caught, his hand is minced in half
>other half of hand remains in the bizarrely intact glove
The company kept him on as a goodwill gesture, even though it was entirely his fault. A 60 year old tradesman with a gammy hand (it got sewn back on but wasn't very functional) wouldn't have much hope of further employment, so he got taught office work and how to program the laser machines.

Poor guy couldn't catch a break. When he was 62 he had a heart attack, and then last year (his retirement year) he got diagnosed with lymph node cancer. He was always quite happy to show people photos of his detached hand and bloody stump, as a warning to be safe in the factory.
My girl rear ended a car in traffic because she was brushing her hair on the way to work
Story from my friend.
>friends out cutting logs
>getting buzzed off shit beer
>guy does a cut with the tip of the blade basically drilling straight on
>chainsaw digs in and flings down
>Flings twords his crotch
>gets stuck in his jeans
>dudes bleeding everywhere
>they drive him to the ER
>guys truck is covered in blood
>look down the next day, dude's Testicle is just sitting there on the floor.
>DRs fix up fucked up dude
>his friends call him franken Dick
>tries to sell the truck, get cops called because of the blood.
I hope she gets hit

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