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The Senate blocked a measure to impose new sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany after the Biden administration warned it could disrupt allied unity in the confrontation over Ukraine.

The measure by Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas failed on a vote of 55 to 44. It needed 60 votes to pass.

The vote was held open for several hours as Democrats grappled with a setback on unrelated voting rights legislation.

“Russia has nakedly and unequivocally used energy as energy blackmail,” Cruz said Thursday on the Senate floor. President Vladimir Putin has done that “openly, brazenly and laughingly and absolutely nothing happened,” Cruz said.

Opponents of the measure said it would damage U.S. cooperation with Germany and other NATO partners as they try to head off a potential invasion of Ukraine by Putin’s forces deployed on its borders.

The bill “would undermine the current diplomatic situation,” said Senator Jeanne Shaheen, a New Hampshire Democrat who had introduced earlier sanctions proposals with Cruz. “We are in a very different situation right now” than when two earlier bills were passed.

The Biden administration also has argued that imposing new sanctions on the undersea pipeline now could undercut the U.S.’s ability to persuade other European nations to join in severe economic penalties later if Russia invades Ukraine.
The legislation “will not counter further Russian aggression or protect Ukraine,” Emily Horne, a spokesperson for the National Security Council, said in a statement Wednesday. “Instead, it will undermine our efforts to deter Russia and remove leverage the United States and our allies and partners possess in this moment all to score political points at home.”

The White House backed an alternative plan from Senator Bob Menendez, the New Jersey Democrat who heads the Foreign Relations Committee, that would make the sanctions contingent on Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Nearly 40 senators have signed on to that bill.

But Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the pipeline is what’s divisive, as it bypasses Ukraine.

“The government of Germany should have shelved this project itself a long time ago,” McConnell said. “These sanctions, like the prior Nord Stream 2 sanctions that had overwhelming bipartisan support here in Congress, are not about driving a wedge in Europe. The pipeline itself is the wedge.”

McConnell called for a stronger stance against Russia, saying on the Senate floor that the U.S. should extend additional humanitarian and military support to Ukraine.

“We must not pull our punches out of some fear of provoking Putin,” he said. “What will encourage Putin is if he senses American weakness.”

Read more: Russia Says U.S. Talks at Dead End, But Still Hopes for More

Construction of the new pipeline is essentially complete, but Germany has yet to issue the certification required for it to begin operating.
>doing something won't do anything
Dems always.

"10% for the BIG GUY!" lulz
Democrat here. What's the issue? We're supposed to wait until *after* they invade Ukraine again to file the sanctions, not before.
Unfortunately the USA decided it would pick Ukraine of all places in Europe to be its staging point, despite the fact that everyone fucking hates Ukraine, from the rightwing Europeans who hate Slavs, to the leftwing Europeans who hate unabashed actual Nazis, to Russia and its allies who despise Ukraine on principle.

I had a Sensible Chuckle when Ukraine told Germany to give it money because it owes them as much as Israel, when Ukraine has, and celebrates, battalions that were allied with Hitler. They're frankly a nation of pigs, and trying to force Europe to give a shit if Ukraine or Russia comes to blows is like expecting us to care about a monkey knife fight, except both monkeys in this case are hideous mongoloids and stupider than any other capuchin swinging from the trees.
I mean, this is choosing between two different flavours of shit.
>democrat here
Please tell me you're only pretending to be a redditor.
/r/guns is fine
low iq automaton
War is bad for everyone. There's no reason to deprive Ukraine of resources, or Russia of capital, if the result is further instability in an already *very* unstable region.
so they help ivan but wont help Pierre?
>kills keystone
>doesn't sanction nordstream 2
yeah not obvious at all
Keystone was canadian you moron
What is your point?
That makes it worse, you absolute moron
are you retarded. you'd destroy your closest neighbor and ally from helping you hike ur own gas prices but won't do it to a potential agressor great logic liberals. Enjoy ur 5$ gas prices
Imagine unironically defending the multinational BigOil industry.
Yeah man, supporting the right to pay 200% higher on gas is really sticking it to those evil oil companies.
Wait till we get really pissed, because I'm prepared to pay up to $20 per gallon just to show those oil companies how serious I am about not defending oil companies any more

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