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A government report concludes that federal police did not clear protesters from Lafayette Park near the White House last summer so then-President Donald Trump could walk to a nearby church for a photo op.

The report, released Wednesday by Interior Department Inspector General Mark Lee Greenblatt, says U.S. Park Police and the U.S. Secret Service determined it was necessary to remove protesters from the area in and around the park last June 1, so contractors could install security fencing.

Federal police didn't learn of Trump's plans to walk through the park and examine damage from a fire at St. John's Episcopal Church until mid- to late afternoon – hours after they had begun planning for the security fencing and the contractor had arrived in the park, the report says.

"The evidence we obtained did not support a finding that the USPP cleared the park to allow the president to survey the damage and walk to St. John’s Church,” the report said.

Bunker boy may not have ordered it, but he got over his cowering in his bunker when he saw it was safe to come out after the peaceful protestors were gassed.
>he saw it was safe to come out
The coward took advantage of the situation
That won't stop the fascists mouth breathers from claiming it's a fact.
>the fascists mouth bre
to whom do you refer?
the fascists mouth breathers on the left?
or the fascists mouth breathers on the right?
or the non-partisan fascists mouth breathers such as myself?
The bunker Obama built?
>peaceful protesters
Pick uno
Thanks to how partisian Republicans have made the country, no one will believe the report since Greenblatt was a Trump appointee and we're finding more and more of how corrupt officials like him were. See how Trump spied on his political enemies.

The best way to look at this is Trump did the old mob boss tactic of not directly ordering the feds to beat and deploy chemical weapons on the peaceful protestors in the park, but made it clear that's what he wanted so he could hold his photo op and the Feds went ahead beat and gassed everyone they could.
The fact the feds involved all covered up what departments they were from made it even more shady and chemical in nature.
>See how Trump spied on his political enemies.
Obongo did that too and you thought it was fine then
>>Trump dindu nuffin!
>>Says person appointed to the post by Trump.
No one with a brain would believe it since the excuse is so retarded. They 'weren't clearing the square for Trump, it was so they could build a fence'.
Like ANY construction crew(esp. a government paid one) would work near a political mob or a political speech for a fucking fence. They get paid whether that fence goes in or not because they showed up lol.
There's also the fact they could have just waited for curfew to start when the protestors would be forced to vacate.
That's part of what made Trump ordering the use of chemical weapons on the people of Lafayette Park even worse, they got attacked while they were legally allowed to be there still and it was an hour or thirty minutes before curfew.

So even this excuse sees a massive violation of civil rights.
You probably did think it was fine
In the end, trump didn't order the gassing, etc to clear his way.

Bill Barr did, so workers could build a fence.
tRump took advantage of it.
But the MSM will bury this, because the man is still a threat.

As for Barr, the Hitlers and tRumps are assclowns without their Goebbels & Himmlers to enable and empower them.
Hitler is no assclown like tRump.
He was delusional like tRump, though.

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