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>assaults man
>kills his pet
>gets off scott free
Fuck seattle courts.
More like
>Be feeble old cooter
>Assault random passerby
>Get reked for being an asshole
Funny story tbh
>gets released pending trial
>lying OP interprets this as "gets off scot free"
I love how the article gives no details about the attempted robbery part and instead makes it sound like the old man preemptively maced some nigger just in case he was a mugger

Imagine thinking law and order is going to happen with a bunch of libshits in charge
It's just a fucking dog lmao

>Nooooo the heking pupperino noooooo
Fuck off reddit
I came to this thread expecting Floridaman. I'm leaving disappointed.
a dog is someone's property. that property was destroyed without permission and this has caused emotional distress. fuck that fag and fuck you too, election tourist.

Imagine being an illiterate faggot and commenting about libs any second you get because you're an obsessed little faggot who im sure was just crying in another thread about
>defending a dog killer just because he was likely a POC
The absolute state of liberals.

nah, he's justifiably irritated.
the low IQ right wing faggotry here is a bit much lately; pretty much every thread is full of dumb fucking cunts bawwing about libs or trying to remember some dogshit they saw on a prager u video so they can make some half assed point, thus owning the libs etc - all getting a little boring tbh.
Oh black people
Based Randomman. When comics and franchise?
>the U.S. Presidency

Imagine thinking law and order is going to happen with a bunch of QonservaQuck MAGAts in charge
Well then you're just a sack of meat with some neurons in it let me meet you!

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