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Patriot stands up to Cia unlike cucks at capital
Shootout ensues
the CIA needing the FBI to save their ass again, oh I am laffin
post the article
was the shooter Jordan Peele?
Authorities have identified the shooter as Sam Hyde
This shit glows so hard.
I can just imagine one of our resident gun nutzis ending up in a news report like this one day.
>i dunno how t'fuck t3h CIA werkz
>they have to be t3h retarded
Do the needful, OP. The gene pool will thank your ancestors.
Why was the FBI tailing the dude anyway. Something fishy.
he wanted to shoot up the CIA and the FBI tracked him down over the internet
The "truth" get's silenced while the lying and corrupt get reported. It isn't news unless it's leftist propaganda. Can't wait for this crappy show to end already.Never been so depressed. America looks like a joke because the media keeps the covid narrative alive and kicking. instead of exposing the pedo ring involving government
/ hollywood elite! They find anybody to interview so they can get their 5 minutes of fame. Feeling quite fed up today!!! Where is this biblical ending to the shit show? America needs a feel good story to raise everyones spirits,so far I haven't seen it.People are so plastic and unfeeling it is all so fake and phoney , everyday I almost feel like ending it all. Tired and lacking sleep and I'm in a lot of pain.

A senior law enforcement official said Roy Gordon Cole Jr. drove up to the checkpoint at headquarters in Langley and would not move, NBC News has learned.

After a long effort to get him to move, Cole got out of the car claiming to be carrying a bomb and holding something that looked like it might be a device, and the FBI shot him, the official said.

>NBC news serving the same hentai ads as 4 chan now
Seek help /x/tard before you end up like this guy who was spattered over the pavement.
Jesus, stop ranting you incoherent fuck.
This is why the world sucks; you can't articulate your thoughts and develop this mish mash of ideas that make sense to you and a couple of other fucktards and feel bad because no one else understands.

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