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Sexual predator asks sexual predator for a get out of jail free card. Charming.

In the final days of the Trump White House, Rep. Matt Gaetz is said to have asked for blanket pre-emptive pardons for himself and unidentified congressional allies.

And funny how Trump is distancing himself from Gaetz like the plague and pretending like they didn’t even meet - especially with the high possibility of the whole Jeffrey Epstein and Maxine pedophile ring being exposed - that was held at multiple Trump properties...

I’ll give it to Gaetz for being as smart as he is for running to his bestie Tucker and to the other press and for being so open to the public for his own safety.
>funny how Trump is distancing himself from Gaetz like the plague and pretending like they didn’t even meet

It’s too bad Trump didn’t steal the election to keep his Teen Miss America fuck girls a secret any longer... His house of cards is falling faster than his sudden distaste for Diet Coke
Is there a singe moral honest republican left?
Sure. Small county mayors of Bumfuck, who give a shit about his constituents because half of them are family.

Republican values are actually extremely good small scale. It's when it's applied to anything more than, say, a couple hundred people who all know each other from around town/at church/the trailer park that it turns into a rotted shitpile.
17 will get you 7.
Can’t really think of one off the top of my head except for Romney and that’s only because the other republicans are so awful they make him look good by comparison.
Liz C. Trump shited on her dad enough to make standing with him impossible and she seems to have more balls compared to other house members.

The LA guy in the senate who at least voted to have a trail from Trump.
nope only honest democrats /thread.news is done sorry rebloodlicans.
>17 will get you 7.
Does this mean that if I date a 17 yr old, i have a chance at her 7 yr old brother?
This is disgusting.
No it means wait until your sister is 18 before you allow your Evangelical preacher man to deflower her so you can marry with complete confidence Jeebus has blessed her womb thru the vessel of the preacher man's seminal fluids, Cletus.
why is pedophilia so common amongst republicans?
I mean look at Roy Moore, Trump, and now Gaetz... The fact that they even permit pedophiles to speak at their conferences and lead them is such a disgrace.
Lolololol Now it’s leaking that Trump had to be talked out of supporting Matt Gaetz because his skeletons might come to light with their sex trafficking business

Poor Matt Gaetz is going to be arrested before Prom Season
The left is projecting its crime on others to deflect from their own pedophile connections to epstein, the Royal family, and the house of saud. Wait until it comes out Clinton, Bush Biden, and Obama gangfucking 5 year olds to death
Not so fast. Trump is now defending him by saying he never asked for a pardon and he is innocent since he says he dindu nuffin. Since Trump opened his little carp mouth and gibbered, we can assume it is a lie and in fact Gaetz did ask for the pardon and is guilty as sin itself.

>"Congressman Matt Gaetz has never asked me for a pardon," Trump said in a statement. "It must also be remembered that he has totally denied the accusations against him."

Did MG actually commit a crime?
The only thing I've heard:
- talked about sex with peers

There was some talk about him having a 17 year old GF was that proven?
>Projecting on people who’re actually guilty of those crimes

Mirror mirror on the wall...
Trump's out of office. How's he gonna pardon anyone?
his house of cards will never fall because this website will always help to prop it up. 4chan LOVES pedos when they're right wingers.
This is >>>/news/
On here, it was obama's economy until March 16, 2020 9:47am EST
On here trump got a 3 trillion dollar small loan from his father to purchase an iron man suit which he used to personally murder border children
On here, trump doesn't even have any money personally. He's broker than our local shill.
On here, trump personally masterminded the entire global COVID epidemic.
On here, trump had entered the US in more foreign wars than any previous presidents
On here, Trump used his minority gauntlet to dissolve minorities into clouds of tear gas on the southern border

And you can be damn sure that on here Trump is going to find a way to pardon not only Matt gaetz, but adolf hitler and genghis khan as well
>it was Obama's economy until 2019
>there was then a short period of Trump economy in the 2020s when everything went to shit
>Now that things are looking good again it is magically Bidens economy.
Protip: Anyone saying it is X's economy are just picking and choosing where to set the cut offs to best support their worldview.
Issues with Gaetz (that we know of):
>Allegedly worked with a third party to transport a minor across state lines for the express purpose of sex
>Known close associate of a kiddy diddler under investigation by the FBI
>Allegedly showed pictures of underage girls to fellow GOP congresspeople, said "I fucked them, based huh?"
>Evidence of him shopping for fake IDs for underage girls from someone now arrested for pedophilia and fake IDs
>Alleged damning blackmail evidence against him of him with underage people
>"There are no pictures of me with underage prostitutes"
>Single vote, in all of Congress, against sex trafficking bill
>Sought blanket pardon from Trump in secret, denied
>Denial likely related to counsel by AG Barr saying he's currently under investigation
>Investigation is non-partisan, carried out under both Trump and Biden
>Bizarre relationship with adopted son and his sister, who received lavish gifts from Gaetz family (hush money?)
>He's become a political hot potato, no one's interested in keeping him, including former close allies like Fox and OAN
>Voluntarily announced he would be seeking no further office before scandal broke, despite being relatively young rising star in GOP
Not all of that is illegal and so far none of it is publicly confirmed, but circumstantially it is a metric ton of smoke. Far less has been used to accuse other people of being pedos in the past, so it's likely fair to say he's done SOMETHING wrong. Not necessarily exactly what he's currently accused of, but way too many well-connected people who knew and liked him have cut him off for there to be no reason for his sudden ostracization. In fact, it's quite possible that he's guilty of more than we what we can guess at with current info.
We do know he hired an underage sex worker and transported them across state lines specifically for sex.
Meaning he's at least looking at statutory rape and child sex trafficking.

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