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The US Embassy promised that USAID will give Ukraine refrigerators to store the Pfizer vaccine.

The United States Agency for International Development USAID will provide refrigerators for the transportation and storage of the Pfizer vaccine to Ukraine.

This was reported on Facebook by the press service of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

"To support Ukraine's vaccination efforts, USAID is helping prepare for Pfizer and other approved vaccines by directly supporting ultracold storage and shipping chains and supporting efforts to provide the public with accurate information about vaccines," the post said.


Ukraines jewish dictator refuses to take russian vaccine which would be produced on demand inside of Ukraine. instead they stole the money to build roads and then stole the same money into own pockets. The Order to keep away from Russian SputnikV came directly from US embassy resulting in few thousands death(ukrainian gov put actual stats under secret and ban from public. all nummbers published there are either WHOs or local speculations). when local population started to revolt. Ukrainian jewish dictator took money again and went on beggar tour resulting with the contract with indians. after massive remarks against indian vaccine indians simple refused to deliver more (mostly because ukrainian jewish dictator just used racism to stop the trade and to steal the money again)

now Ukraine has the highest Covid rates in the world(also speculated) and ukrainian jews spending millions on naked parties in Dubai.
Meanwhile Stalinist dictator Putin signs "law" allowing him to remain Czar of Russia until 2036. Sorry, Vlad, you aren't getting Ukraine now that your orange puppet got the boot.

Poor Vlad didn't want petro-state.

But Bush Jr, and them republicans and their Wall street Rulers, they fucked the global economy up with the 2008 crash and Great Recession,and Poor Vlad, he couldn't do like those sneaky Chinks do, already around the bend, with a post industrial economy and heading into an techno, info based one.
He had to stick with Oil.
Just like those Mideval barbarous Arabs.

And Who woulda thunk that oil is black and not green!

Now my question, students, is why do 2 somewhat similar nations, totalitarian, both with dictators, have such different outcomes?

It was the Golden Horde


Russians had to pay tribute and were the last great European power to modernize
Fuck, they had serfs into the 20th cent!
Not the modern day serfs like US Amazon workers, but agro-slaves.

And as a result, they had no Magna Carta and the resultant freedoms and this led to Ivan the terrible .


From the above article:
" It’s a cornerstone for the rights of individuals, and a symbol of democracy, influencing countless thinkers and leaders throughout history – from Thomas Jefferson to Gandhi and Nelson Mandela."

Ivan the terrible still exists today in Vlad.

Chinese will always have Confucius.


From above article:"for countries under the influence of Confucianism, the government often acts as a role-model for the people to emulate. In attempting to explain Confucian government macro-economic policies, it may be useful to examine some of the key government macro-economic policies implemented by countries under the influence of Confucianism as per Table 1 by using the four factors of production: natural resources, labor resources, capital resources, and entrepreneurship as a framework."

So Americans and Chinese, thank Magna Carta and Confucius respectively.

Poor Vlad, all he got is paying protection money to the Mongols
cheese loueese
I just wanted to relax and do a little fun posting.
You gals make it all heavy and brainy.
Back to /randumb/ for me.
Democrats have an obsession with Ukraine apparently?
Thanks for the history lesson
And the Republicans? Who are the obsessed with?
>And the Republicans? Who are the obsessed with?

Dr zoos
and sloppy Joe biden's mutts
>Ivan the terrible

stupid translation of his nickname. he was actually Ivan the Mighty..
He was mighty Terrible....Ivan?
The jewish leader of UA also talked with Poroschenko b4 he took leas. Obv to talk about corruption and how to walk one line with the US
Jesus Christ Russia is evil, why would you post this if you didnt want Russia nuked?

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