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Our lord Jesus Christ truly is the savior of all humankind.

Young master Trudeau, being a good catholic family man, uses these values in his every day political decisions.

As a proud Canadian, I condemn these Atheistic barbarian Mongols and their attempts to carry on where Genghis Khan left off.
And I highly doubt China gives a shit. MORE IMPORTANTLY I highly doubt Canada is gonna block Chinese immigration to Canada because that would be racist.

So a soon-to-be colony is caterwauling in the sunset of its independence. Xinnie the Pooh don't give a fuck.
And Xi literally asked, "Who the fuck is Trudeau and why would I care what a nobody says?"
there not the only one's but im pretty happy with canada, i really wish i could visit that country again.
Christian people don't care about muslims and never have because we've been fighting them for centuries and could care less
Trudeau is virtue signalling at best, if I know him right.
Didn't this guy take part in Trump's failed coup and try to break into Pelosi's computer?
How has he not be arrested yet?

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