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File: gina.jpg (46 KB, 600x750)
46 KB
The hot gran told Daily Star Online: "I’m staying in a beautiful beach villa at the five star Sheraton Grand Resort Hotel on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

"I’m surrounded by my family. Spoilt and enjoying the beautiful sunny warm weather."

The glam gran was treated to jewellery, champagne, and bunches of flowers.

Alongside her giant '50' pink balloons, Gina had a gorgeous cake to celebrate her big day.

Her family also surprised with her with a birthday message broadcasted from the sky.

As she looked up from her meal by the pool, the Australian model was greeted with an impressive birthday message.

Gina said: "My family surprised me with helicopters flying past saying ‘Happy 50th birthday Gina’ when we were at lunch around the pool."

On Instagram, the gran posted snaps of her milestone birthday, and well-wishers flooded her comments with messages.

One said: "HAPPY 50TH you don't even look like 50......Awesome."

Another commented: "Happy birthday you only get better with age."

A third said: "You mean 30? Happy birthday!” while another said she looked half her age: "Happy birthday dear! You look 25."

Earlier this year, the self-proclaimed World's Hottest Grandma has said she was furious after her racy videos were removed from TikTok.

Gina said her saucy clips were taken off the Chinese-owned video app for violating "community guideline violations".

One of the videos showed Gina, dressed in a crop top, pushing a lawnmower around the garden, and another was a selfie with the buttons of her shirt undone, revealing her cleavage.

Gina rose to fame in 2018 when she made it to the finals of Maxim's Finest Australia contest - a competition that pitted her against 18-year-olds.

For more hot pics of this GILF
The grandma, who has a one-year-old grandchild, ended up losing out on the title of Miss Maxim Australia in what was reportedly a close race but retained the fan-bestowed title of “world’s hottest” granny nonetheless.

Last year she accused Instagram of threatening her free speech after removing her photos.
Me wanna see 18 yr old BBC in her granny vag.
I pay goods Yen for this, not crappy burger bucks
Too much plastic surgeries
it is amazing what not being fat can do
liberal detected
>her family
does that include a long-term husband, or is she not into that yet?
I would love to see her get fucked to death by a horse
Fuck off retard
I would If I could
This, from the party that gave us Sarah Palin.
>Trying to find her recent nudes
>All scrubbed

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