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Transactions will be prohibited in 45 days

President Trump has signed a new executive order prohibiting transactions with the companies behind eight Chinese apps, including Ant Group’s Alipay and Tencent’s QQ and WeChat Pay. Transactions will be prohibited in 45 days. Reuters was the first to report the news.

The full list of apps includes: Alipay, CamScanner, QQ Wallet, SHAREit, Tencent QQ, VMate, WeChat Pay, and WPS Office.

“The pace and pervasiveness of the spread in the United States of certain connected mobile and desktop applications and other software developed or controlled by persons in the People’s Republic of China... continue to threaten the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States,” the order reads.

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross confirmed that the Commerce Department will “begin implementing the E.O.’s directives, including identifying prohibited transactions.” Reuters reports that the Commerce Department will do so before Trump leaves office on January 20th, citing an unnamed official.

The new orders follow two earlier ones from August that already tried to ban transactions with ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, and WeChat. However, a judge blocked the WeChat ban in September and again in October, while a judge granted a preliminary injunction stopping the TikTok ban in December.

If the US is successful in banning these apps, it could be a pretty big deal, particularly for Chinese American families who use these apps to communicate online.

Update January 5th, 7:29PM ET: Added quote from the order.

Biden's first executive order will be to undo all executive orders t-Rump signed
>reeeeeeeeeee muh chinkchat
facebook has turned into FAKEbook.
This illegal decree is going to cost Steam 50-100 million Chinese customers.
>If the US is successful in banning these apps, it could be a pretty big deal, particularly for Chinese American families who use these apps to communicate online.
Can't they just use something else? I thought Chinese people were good with computers.
does this actually DO anything besides make life irritating for chinese immigrants and their anchor baby kids?
Any chinese spy wouldnt be using public apps like this that scream "I AM CHINESE AND LIKE TO USE APPS MADE FOR CHINESE PEOPLE"

its security theater. except its poorly done. like a "BEWAR OF DAWG" sign painted crookedly on your front gate.
Why wouldn't a Chinese spy use Chinese software? First of all, it's software made by an entity the spies would fully trust. Secondly, there's so many fucking Chinese plebs using these apps that there's plenty of civilian cover traffic on those networks, which also makes it suitable for anyone engaging in espionage. If you're going to spy, you don't send messages on some reserved, exclusive network, you hide your communications among legitimate signals. This is precisely why the United States Department of Defense released shitloads of their own encryption tools to the public decades ago, and even opened the source code to a lot of it. The more of us using those tools and encrypting everything that doesn't even need encrypted just for the hell of it, the easier it is for the CIA to blend in whenever they need to send an encrypted message from a hotel room or something.
What else? Have you ever used WeChat? Western technology is stone age level in comparison. You use 4chan as your chat software. Can you pay your taxes and utility bills with 4chan? Manage your bank accounts and share portfolios? Make a doctor's appointment? Order a pizza? Pay a prostitute? Follow your company newsfeed? Manage your girls? Have a video conference with your team? Track the covid spreaders? 4chan can't do shit. Western dumbware.
I have WeChat and I'm fairly sure I can't manage my bank account through it. The rest is either funds transfer or video chat, both of which Facebook have.

4chan was programmed by a fifteen year old and has *zero* paid employees. Why you want to compare it to a billion dollar company is beyond me.
Was this the last official state and foreign policy he enacted before the cancel blackout?
>Has he ever said that he concedes?
Doesn't matter. When former Secrrt Service officials who worked on past presidential transitions, when asked what would happen if Trump refused to leave the WH at 12 noon on 1/20, have said he would be treated like any doddering old man who had wandered onto the property and be escorted off the grounds.
Lmao OOOkay chink. Stone age? Get back to the PlayStation pussy
>he actually believes living and organizing his entire life through a government spyware app is the future
>what is agency, liberty, autonomy
>what is INFOSEC & OPSEC
>being this new
The "using 4chan as your chat software" is just amazing shit you couldn't make up even if you tried though, hats off to the 50 cent army they're way more retarded than I thought possible.
China would not loan Trump any more money. So he attacks them.
Guess he'll be attacking everyone and every country then, because he couldn't even get a car title loan at 15% interest/month from his friendly neighborhood loan shark company.
Does this mean Jeff Bezos is packing up shop for another country?
cope moar Biden is gonna fix the mistakes t-Rump made
I'd laugh if it turns out Biden doesn't reverse these and his decisions are objectively worse (hard, I know) than Trump's but everyone writes it off because "anything is better than Trump".

"Anything is better than the Khmer Rouge..."

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