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Trump remains bunkered in the White House as the world spins on
naah he goes out to play golf
>President Donald Trump participated in his final Group of 20 summit on Saturday by tweeting throughout the opening session and skipping a special side-conference focused on the coronavirus pandemic.

>But only 13 minutes after the scheduled 8 a.m. ET, start time, Trump was sending tweets focused on his efforts to overturn the results of the US presidential election.

>By 10 a.m. ET, the President had departed the White House on his way to his namesake golf club outside Washington, DC.
Trump privately plots his future — including possibly another presidential bid in 2024

President Trump still falsely claims he won in public, but behind the scenes he has told advisers that he could announce a presidential campaign before the end of this year.
Trump also has been exploring ways to make money for relatively little work, such as paid speeches to corporate groups or selling tickets to rallies. In addition, he may write a score-settling memoir of his time as president and appear on television in some capacity.
US expected to formally withdraw from Open Skies Treaty that bolstered European security
By Ryan Browne, CNN

Updated 8:58 AM ET, Sun November 22, 2020
"Anthony t-Rump, are are you making it snow?"

"Yes, I'm making it snow."

"Why, that will ruin half the crops! You know that, don't you? Half the crops, that's what ... but it's good that you're making it snow, Anthony t-Rump. It's real good."
>Trump remains bunkered in the White House as the world spins on

Take the pill MILANIA, Barron!
It's painless
i'll show them, i'll not give the fake news anything to report, i'll dry them up and then they'll see how important t am to them when they start jonesin' for a tRump fix

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