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In recent days, tragic news has been received about Ukrainians who were sick with coronavirus. Our fellow citizens are dying. But not because they could not be saved, but because of the lack of oxygen in hospitals.

On November 15, Olga Grabar, a teacher at the Zhytomyr State Technological University, was in intensive care with a covid. From there, the Ukrainian woman complained to the mayor about the lack of oxygen for patients.

"I know you can do anything in this city! I don't know how we can get through the night now, but in the morning there is no oxygen at all! I'm lying here myself, the oxygen has been turned off 8 times today! Poor doctors in intensive care do not know that make!" - wrote Grabar.
Two days later, on November 17, she died in Zhytomyr City Hospital No. 1. Olga Grabar was 39 years old.

"There is no oxygen. We have a basic hospital for admitting patients from the Chernivtsi region, and there are only four oxygen points and a mass of broken concentrators that overheat and do not work. People turn blue, suffocate, and you cannot help them, all the oxygen has been distributed, and there is simply nowhere to connect new hospitalized people. It got to the point that people come with their cylinders - they get it through friends or even bring an industrial one. There is no oxygen distribution, which was quite realistic to do in seven months of the epidemic, there are not enough concentrators that could also be purchased ( 30-50 thousand hryvnia apiece - Ed.) ", - said Olga Kobevko.

A similar situation was described to the media by the Odessa volunteer Ekaterina Nozhevnikova.

"In September, the patients really fought for oxygen, tearing each other's masks. There was a big problem, there weren't enough concentrators for everyone. Power has gone for 8 months, I'm sorry," said the volunteer.

They'd probably starve to death if they didn't have a bottle of water despite being next to a river

8 suicides in 2 month in the same hospital.
Learn how to breathe before it is too late or this could happen to you.

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