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>A two-year-old is set to spend his entire life in a prison camp after his Christian parents were found with a Bible in their homes, according to a report by the US State Department

A toddler is said to have been sentenced to life in a North Korean prison camp after his parents were discovered with a Bible in their home.

The shocking tale was revealed by the US State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report.

It claimed the two-year-old and his entire family were locked up for their religious beliefs.

Several other cases of North Koreans being killed for being Christian were also included in the report, including the firing squad execution of a woman and her grandchild in 2011.

Other believers faced "pigeon torture", where they were suspended with their hands tied behind their backs, unable to sit or stand for days on end.

One victim said: “It was the most painful of all tortures.

“It was so painful I felt it was better to die.”

Some were tortured with sleep deprivation including one woman in solitary confinement who was driven to suicide in 2020 after prison guards refused to let her sleep.

As many as 70,000 Christians have been imprisoned for their faith under the Kim Jong-un regime, out of a possible population of 400,000.

The new publication said several North Korean Christians hid their faith from their children.

It cited the finding of one NGO, Open Doors USA (ODUSA), which said: “A Christian is never safe.

“Children are encouraged to tell their teachers about any sign of faith in their parents’ home.”

Another NGO, Korea Future, said children were taught in school about the “evil deeds” of Christian missionaries, including “ rape, blood sucking, organ harvesting, murder, and espionage”.

This is what China Libs want in America.
Where in America are the China Libs?
at the illegal chinese police stations
Absolutely grim
sucking bbc duh
ain't you been on xham, ph, pt, redtube, xnxx, anywhere, bro?
It's 2023 faggot
at least TRY to keep up
Libs are aiding the Chinese unknowingly. The Chinese are located in China. Libs are located in America.
Tough but fair
Under Trump we had peace with the NK retards.
it's weird that chinks can't have private police stations but jews get to have hatzalah larp EMS
Oppression of all sort was at an all-time low thanks to the least racist president the US has ever seen.
will you go back to your foreign corner of the internet please
I'm not buying this shit. I'm sure they are more ruthless, but those stories are exaggerations.
True. It's like Christians are supposed to show outrage at North Korea.
Literal propaganda for some upcoming war?
what's north korea gonna do? try to feed us rice that they dont even have until they die? asians literally have never won a war ever
>asians literally have never won a war ever
>International Religious Freedom
JEJ fucking kikes. That pos is a leftover from Raegan's "Project Democracy" circa early 80s.
These NGO types deserve the rope. Shit like RelGioUs FreEdoms are used to divide and conquer unitarian countries.
To be fair, any war waged without taking the land as a victor is immediately a lost war, as the US has proven over and over since the Vietnam war.
If the government says it, then I believe it. We all know that no government has ever lied to the citizens about their enemies.

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