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File: iAep9ckUJjEC.jpg (21 KB, 628x360)
21 KB
Based, I hate rappers and public transit riders
Good. I love seeing reddit wiggers getting stabbed.
Not valid news sources.
there is literally a video of him being stabbed
Actually there isn't.
Harry Potter robe.
Shitty fake rapping.
Cut to kooaid looking blood on neck and shirt with no visible would.
Whining, crying and screaming like a bitch at the end looks fake as hell.
Shit looks like a stupid youtube prank vid and probably is.
He was rapping a, "epic rap battles of history" verse from youtube. Pretty common rap battles with some comedy and history mixed In.
Of course he is obsessed with the most basic thing imaginable. When you make a rap project and you can't attract any black people to it, it's because they think it's lame.

I can't believe some random reddit person got stabbed over epic rap battles of history. I'm being a hater and it's not a bad YouTube series at all but to get stabbed over it, I can't stand the people that get completely obsessed with that show
Leftists stab your eyes out besides you're ever so slightly further right than they are, even if you're still well into the left side. Let that sink in. The left are a dangerous bunch
Paste the article newfag
Was he stabbed for rapping too loud or was he stabbed for being confrontational to that other guy while he was rapping too loud at him directly?

Everything out of context here as usual
Ya I agree it looks fake
there is a video, faggot
he was stabbed for not being black
supposedly this actually happened in 2013. Regardless, WHITE LIVES MATTER
I remember the day when black niggers need to sing to be heard and they chose rap or gangsta-rap now its time for white turn
]]] kkk take my baby away
Wait I'm sorry, can you please explain how being confrontational while rapping justifies stabbing someone in that context? What the fuck?

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