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The British mercenary Aiden Eslin, convicted in the DPR, informed his relatives about his imminent execution and said goodbye to them. The Telegraph writes about this on Wednesday.

He said that "his time is running out" because the British authorities did not try to negotiate with Russia and the DPR on his release.

Eslin, who was sentenced to death for attempting to "forcibly seize power," was informed at a trial in Donetsk that his sentence would be carried out.

"Aiden was very upset when he called his mother <...>. The bottom line is that Aiden said that the DPR had informed him that no one from the UK had contacted him and that he would be executed," the publication quoted Aslin's grandmother Pamela Hall as saying. "Of course, I hope this is not true," she added.

Britons Aiden Maslin, 28, and Sean Pinner, 48, were captured in Mariupol in April. They were sentenced to death by the Supreme Court of the Donetsk People's Republic.

The head of the DPR Denis Pushilin previously stated that, since the British are mercenaries, literally - "they came to kill civilians for money," he does not see "grounds or prerequisites for their pardon."

>since the US troops are mercenaries, literally - "they kill civilians for money," he does not see "grounds or prerequisites for their pardon."

I don't support our troops.
Gets a job some where else.
Jon Stewart can go fuck himself.
I thought they had Ukrainian citizenship making them not mercenaries
Facts are inconvenient
Russia commiting even more war crimes not realizing they are the only nazi scum that needs wiped from the planet. Wonder how the Russian citizens feel knowing that a old senile kgb agent upset about dying is commiting mass suicide with his entire country? They should kill Putin
Putin knows he has two options:
1. Fall out of a window so someone more reasonable can take over
2. Be thrown out of a window after Russia gets its balls flattened for starting a war with the west.

Either way, Russia is fucked for decades. If you're going to go to war over oil/gas while using lies to cover up the reason, you'd better have a stronger military/coalition and attack a weaker target that doesn't have most of the rest of the world on its side.
>Russia is fucked for decades
Idk man economically they are doing waaay better than the west. Their goods are actually getting less expensive
Objectively false.
Good to see dual citizenship buying them in the ass. People should choose which country they’re going to be loyal too. Idiots had a problem with Russians in Ukraine but no problem with Pakis in Britain
Yeah it’s weird how western media sources were declaring how Russia had lost the war before it even began. You just can’t believe Western propaganda. The funniest thing is that the reason the US supports Ukraine is that the US is successfully pushing gay pride in Ukraine, the western Euros support Ukraine because they want to emulate whatever the US is doing. Most of the Ukrainians I’ve met don’t actually give a fuck because it’s really a question of which oligarch’s control Black Sea access and the oil pipelines
Their currency is currently the strongest but who their can buy products like new cars that haven't have the modern accessories stripped from them. Things might be getting cheaper but even if you have money you are unable to buy anything of value which is why the millionaires/billionaires are running like hell. They would be throwing their money away on junk.
Even most Americans don't agree with the gay pride faggotry but whether you agree with it or not now everyone hates Putin more because he is a war criminal that orders mass murderer and rape. He will have his head put on a pike before the west is done with him. Made for tv execution of Putin with the switch pulled by Bruce Jenner just to piss him off.
This is par the course for mercenaries.
luxury products are subject to an import tax anyways and it's BETTER for russia if all their money stays in their country. and lets get real there's probably some underground market they're using right now to sell oil to the EU countries that embargoed it anyways.
> Even most Americans don't agree with the gay pride faggotry but whether you agree with it or not now everyone hates Putin more because he is a war criminal that orders mass murderer and rape.
The same western media that charged Putin with every crime under the sun is the same media that portrays us as racists when we’re white, intolerant when we’re Christians, and idiotic when we’re patriotic. I see the media telling lies about me so why would I believe what they say about Putin?
Then believe the raw reports of Russian soliders committing war crimes on Putin's orders.
I see a lot of these on the internet, the problem is it is difficult to determine where and when things are taking place and even what nationality the assailant or the victim are.
How about the ones brought up to international human rights councils at the UN?
>I thought they had Ukrainian citizenship making them not mercenaries
This is mass-media.
They don't do fact-checking.

IRL they are not being convicted as mercenaries. It is the 323 article (seizng power by force; punishment up to death penalty during wartime) that they are being accused of.

Also, their citizenship is all kinds of iffy. Nominally, they were supposed to renounce their old citizenship when they were getting Ukrainian. I.e. court can argue that they aren't actually citizens of Ukraine. But this is extraneous, as their status isn't relevant.
It is somewhat ironic that Russian backed seperatists are sentencing someone to death for "seizing power by force."
And which of those were determined real in a judicial process? I’m not going to believe something just because it has a bunch of retweets. This sounds like a repeat of the Syrian sarin gas hoax
What kind of mass killings are we talking about? About the fake in the Bucha https://waronfakes.com/bucha/

And what about the Malaysian Boeing? Russia was not allowed to join the commission to investigate the plane crash, but Ukraine was allowed, on whose territory the plane was shot down. In addition, I am sure that Putin does not care about the threats of NATO and all these accusations. He owns the largest country in the world and supplies the whole world with gas, oil, rare earth metals and grain. In addition, Russia has not yet ceased to exist as a state, although the sanctions war began 8 years ago.
>Russian backed seperatists
The correct term is loyalists.

After Maidan coup Donbas region retained and defended constitutional order. It recognized Yanukovich as its president, pre-Maidan constitution, old laws, and so on. The (unfulfilled) goal of Donbas was to restore Ukrainian constitution across all the Ukraine, not to secede. Even subsequent treaty (Minsk accords) did not suggest secession from Ukraine, only the right of Donbas to old laws/constitution.

West called Donbas separatist because it didn't want to admit that it was legitimate government of Ukraine.
Good Evening, Ivan.
The media lies in any country. All the stories about independent media are an illusion and a deception. Biden's election and the "independent" Ukrainian media reporting on hundreds of thousands of dead Russians are a clear example of all this lies.
If in Europe the media talk about the cannibal/Nazi Putin who eats children, then in Russia they say that all European countries are countries with nascent Nazism, where Russophobia occurs everywhere. However, my mother lives in Serbia and I have been to Europe several times, so I know for sure that the Russian and European media only say what they are paid for. This whole war in Ukraine is a false war. Russia has hypersonic missiles, knows the location of all ports and railway stations, but lend-lease continues to arrive in Ukraine - why and how? Why was the Russian army 20 kilometers from Kiev, but refused to storm? Mariupol, which was fortified no worse than Kiev and had a military base of the best Ukrainian unit, the Russian army took in a few days and drove all the forces of the AFU into the catacombs. And why does NATO supply such an insignificant lend-lease to Ukraine and continue to buy Russian gas and fertilizers for agriculture? While the American and Russian elites are dividing money and territories, people all over the world are beginning to experience financial and other difficulties, and civilians in Ukraine and Russian border territories are forced to live under artillery shelling or leave their homes. All this is really sad. I am sure that because of this war, the whole world will face a new global economic crisis, which will surpass all others in its scale. I am sure that because of this war, the whole world will face a new global economic crisis, which will surpass all others in its scale, and if a new epidemic or a food crisis happens, the whole world will be in complete ass.
Ok Ivan
>everyone who doesn't agree with me is [insert current western media obsession]
He's just uses a lot of me_th

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