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File: monkeputler(33).jpg (63 KB, 357x334)
63 KB
>Vladimir Putin has become so personally involved in the Ukraine war that he is making operational and tactical decisions “at the level of a colonel or brigadier”, according to western military sources.
>One source familiar with Western intelligence said that Putin often makes decisions on minutiae like the location of attack lines and day-to-day operational goals.

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Your reading comprehension is absolute dog shit , and you know it
Oh please, don't get defensive now. Didn't you brush off Russias failed invasion with the US weapons talking point? If US weapons are that good to make an irregular militia defeat the full weight of the Russian army what you must be implying is that the US is VASTLY superior, no?
I didn't say anything about the us in relation to Russia.
I stated that Ukraine had the largest military in Europe and was getting free weapons from America.
Everything else is you imagining what you wanted me to say
Btw, yes, I do think America is superior to Russia.
But I also think your reading comprehension is absolute dog shit
>I didn't say anything about the us in relation to Russia.
Yes you did, as I outlined earlier you said something along the lines of "DURR, RUSSIA ONLY LOSIN CUZ UKRAINE USING THE VASTLY SUPERIOR WEAPONRY FROM US THAT RUSSIA CAN'T COUNTER"
>Btw, yes, I do think America is superior to Russia.
Hahahaha, was it that hard lil chud? That was like pulling a fucking tooth wasn't it, I had to get you in a logical chokehold after you doubled down before you spat out the truth
>says something about US and Ukraine
your a fucking idiot, anon, straight up

File: retard.jpg (56 KB, 640x518)
56 KB
Hillary Clinton agreed to let campaign officials run to the media with a fake story regarding Trump-Russia collusion after the FBI could not find evidence to back it up. As is common with the fake corporate press, they did not vet, research, nor fact check, and manufactured a narrative that led to the Russiagate lie that a fringe group of boomers still perpetuate today.

“Going to the FBI does not seem like a very effective way to get information out to the public,” Mr. Mook said. “You do that through the media, which is why the information was shared with the media.”

Within weeks, the FBI determined that the evidence didn’t support the allegations of a secret communications channel. Special counsel prosecutor Andrew DeFilippis pressed Mr. Mook on whether the campaign had vetted the allegations before sharing them with the media. “We didn’t have any subject-matter expertise with which to judge what we were briefed on,” Mr. Mook said.

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Just report the anon above me for spamming.
Jannies have been cleaning that up lately
>Donald J. Trump
most votes for an incumbent president in history and elected 3x: 2016, 2020, 2024
sounds pretty based if you ask me
Mr. Donald J. Trump
The corproate media works for the dnc
Except for Fox News Channel, which works for Donald J. Trump.

File: 1652979199304.jpg (55 KB, 679x539)
55 KB
Retired General and MSNBC Contributor Posts War Footage from Ukraine — Except It’s From a Video Game

Retired four star general and MSNBC contributor Barry R. McCaffrey quickly deleted a tweet on Monday after he was informed by critics that what he appeared to think was actual war footage was just a snippet from a video game.

The tweet, originally published on Monday, has been captured as a screenshot by numerous Twitter users, including National Journalism Center program director Becket Adams.

“Russian aircraft getting nailed by UKR missile defense,” McCaffrey wrote. “Russians are losing large numbers of attack aircraft. UKR defense becoming formidable.”
The tweet of a plane being shot down, however, was from the video game Arma 3. In the video’s description, it clearly says the game’s name. Arma 3 is an open-world military shooter game that launched in 2013. The original title for the short clip is “Russian MiG-29’s Get Shot Down By Air Defense System,”

i, uh, have some concerns. of all people, you’d think a retired general with four combat tours and three purple hearts under his belt would have *some* idea regarding what this stuff really looks like. the video was clearly animated.

— Becket Adams
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trust the experts, goyim
MSNBC wasn't using him at all when he made the tweet. The story doesn't have anything to do with MSNBC.
I'd rather trust the experts than randoms on youtube, odysee, or rumble
Why does MSNBC get such stupid dumb liars to come on their show all the time?
>Their audience is dumb
Oh, right..
Because he is a four star US General.
>he is a four star US General
Who somehow can't distinguish video game footage from war footage.
Great guest, quality MSNBC programming for braindead retards, he's just like the audience!

File: traffickers_dpwghi.jpg (981 KB, 3000x1688)
981 KB
981 KB JPG
her parents had to find her by IDing her naked photos on a prostitution website.
Reminder that this is the exact place Steven Bryer and Democrat lawmakers are arguing should be gun free zones and ban ccw

The Democratic Party and Kamala Harris are ranked the most UNPOPULAR out of nine political figures and institutions including Trump, Biden, DeSantis, Disney the Supreme Court and the Republican Party, new poll shows
The Democratic Party and Vice President Kamala Harris are less popular and viewed more unfavorably than the Republican Party, former President Donald Trump and even Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

A new NBC News poll published Monday shows that when Americans were asked their feelings towards entities and individuals, the Democratic Party ranked lowest among nine different prompts.

The Party clocked in with a net minus 19 percent favorability – 31 percent positive views from Americans and 50 percent negative.

With a net minus 11 percent, the Republican Party came in as more popular overall than Democrats, the vice president, President Joe Biden and Trump as the GOP prepares for a predicted bloodbath in the 2022 midterms to take back a majority in Congress.

Positive net favorability in the survey taken May 5-10 was earned by the United States Supreme Court with 1 percent net positive approval, Republican Governor DeSantis with 2 percent net approval and The Walt Disney Company with 3 percent net positive approval.
The Supreme Court's standing is surprising after the recent leaked draft opinion that shows an impending overturn of Roe v. Wade and has launched the nation into a heated pro versus anti-abortion debate.
Of the respondents in the Monday poll, 31 percent say they have a favorable or somewhat favorable view of Harris while 48 percent say they do not view her favorably. This means that Americans have a net minus 17 percent view of the vice president – ranking just two points below the Democratic Party.

President Biden has 37 percent positive and 51 percent negative for a net minus 14 percent viewership from the public
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>i'm still up 50% in the last 5 years lol
.5x over 5 years
this boy is actually bragging about this
the whole point of investing for retirement is to beat inflation
There been about a 20% inflation over 5 years, with about 12% of that just in the last 2 years
If the goal is to beat inflation everybody would be in bonds.
Most people put money in a retirement to turn a profit with a tax advantage that they can use during retirement
well putting your savings under your mattress isn't gonna beat inflation

and, again, over 5 years, i'm way up, so I don't know why people are complaining
>well putting your savings under your mattress isn't gonna beat inflation
Nice suggestion nobody made but you.
The point is that if you were *really* just trying to beat inflation you would be in bonds.
Since I'm assuming your not in bonds your goal is to *maximize* your retirement, as it is for nearly everyone, and not beat inflation, as it is for nearly no body.
Good job, your up .5...
Btw, minus the .25 from inflation over last 5 years and minus your captial contributions over that person your realized/unrealized returns are probably a lot closer to .1-.15

File: 1653114723768.gif (2.83 MB, 384x372)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB GIF
Democrats attempt to gerrymander so much in NY that a judge had to block it

Judge Approves N.Y. House Map, Cementing Chaos for Democrats
The new district lines, approved late Friday night, will create pickup opportunities for Republicans and force Democratic incumbents to run against each other.
A state court formally approved New York’s new congressional map late Friday, ratifying a slate of House districts drawn by a neutral expert that could pave the way for Democratic losses this fall and force some of the party’s most prominent incumbents to face off in primary matches.

The map, approved just before a midnight deadline set by Justice Patrick F. McAllister of State Supreme Court in Steuben County, effectively unwinds an attempted Democratic gerrymander, creates a raft of new swing seats across the state, and scrambles some carefully laid lines that have long determined centers of power in New York City.

Jonathan R. Cervas, the court-appointed mapmaker, made relatively minor changes to a draft proposal released earlier this week whose sweeping changes briefly united both Republicans and Democrats in exasperation and turned Democrats against each other.

In Manhattan, the final map would still merge the seats of Representatives Carolyn Maloney and Jerrold Nadler, setting the two Democratic committee leaders, who have served alongside each other for 30 years, onto an increasingly inevitable collision course.
Democrat gerrymandering > Republican gerrymandering
It pisses me off to see Republicans will just lie, saying they only acknowledge it when democrats do it. Until Republican hypocrites stop themselves, the only way for their competition keep up with their cheating is to also do it. This is why only dumbasses care about party affiliation, and Chads just care about the fucking gerrymandering.
>Chads just care about the fucking gerrymandering
Then you should be happy about this story.
Accuse others of what you are guilty of.
Democrat 101

File: 1653144945850.jpg (340 KB, 2085x2963)
340 KB
340 KB JPG

Investors are reassessing the premise that justified Tesla’s astronomical stock price and made its founder, Elon Musk, the richest person in the world.
Tesla’s $1 trillion valuation made sense only if investors believed the electric car company was on a path to dominate the auto industry the way Apple rules smartphones or Amazon commands online retailing.
But Tesla’s shares have declined more than 40 percent since April 4 — a much steeper fall than the broad market, vaporizing more than $400 billion in stock market value. And the tumble has called attention to the risks that the company faces. These include increasing competition, a dearth of new products, lawsuits accusing the company of racial discrimination and significant production problems at Tesla’s factory in Shanghai, which it uses to supply Asia and Europe.

Mr. Musk has not helped the stock price by turning his bid to buy Twitter into a financial soap opera. His antics have reinforced the perception that Tesla lacks an independent board of directors that could stop him from doing things that might damage the company’s business and brand.
“From a corporate good governance perspective Tesla has a lot of red flags,” said Andrew Poreda, a senior analyst who specializes in socially responsible investing at Sage Advisory Services, an investment firm in Austin, Texas. “There are almost no checks and balances.”
Even longtime Tesla optimists are having doubts. Daniel Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, has been one of the most steadfast believers in Tesla on Wall Street. But on Thursday, Wedbush lowered its target price for Tesla — the firm’s estimate of the shares’ fair market value based on future earnings — to $1,000 from $1,400. Mr. Ives cited Tesla’s problems in China, where lockdowns have throttled the supply of crucial parts and materials and demand for cars.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I know your just a sorry busted ass shill but nearly every asset tracked by the sp500 is down 30-40%, and most of them have been steadily losing for about a year, it just so happened that Tesla took longer to begin losing value than the other ones
t. Elon's personal media drone
>But Tesla’s shares have declined more than 40 percent since April 4 — a much steeper fall than the broad market
>a much steeper fall than the broad market
Cope harder shill
>NY Times

Leftoid rag - into the trash it goes!
Tesla simply held out longer against Bidens horrible economy. It obviously took Tesla as long as April to finally feel the effects of Bidens economic rule

>see a penis
>get paid a quarter million dollars
>bitch about it
The absolute fucking state of roasties to say that a job where you get paid $250,000 to look at a dick once a year is traumatizing
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Finally, an AI that actually has a useful purpose!
Having less censorship similar to 4chan is a hell of a lot closer to having free speech and less of an echo chamber than what Twitter has been over these years

Commie book of old tricks?

"Prove a negative, I invented! Or you are guilty!"
The fastest way out of false accusations for someone like Musk is to throw a bone to the roastie accusing him. 250k to get the lying cunt to just go away is MUCH cheaper than a court fight, especially in a he vs she case. Innocent parties pay creeps out of court all the time. Nothing to see here. The left is trying to cancel Musk.
Did you reply to the wrong post? What negative I implied Musk had to prove?


All paid out of the pocket of our good friend george soros.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
ok boomer
Donald J. Trump
So crazy that they didn't cause anything near the destruction or deaths in Portland, Minneapolis, Kenosha, etc.
rioting is only permitted in poor communiites
a window gets broken in DC and suddenly its an """insurrection"""
Thanks for the heads up, just checked their stock price, its $12 a share atm, fingers crossed i can make enough to retire.

Do you have any more tips?

File: 1653042102032.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1080)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG

The Conservative Political Action Conference this week is meeting in Hungary, where authoritarian strongman Viktor Orban is giving them pointers on how to take and wield power.

Kim Lane Scheppele, a professor of international affairs at Princeton University and expert on Hungarian politics, tells Grid News in an interview that Trump supporters are hoping to replicate Orban's political success in the United States by rigging election rules so that they can effectively rule the country despite having the support of a minority of voters.

"Orban’s base is about the same size as Trump’s base: About a third of the Hungarian population will defend him no matter what," she explains. The rest of Orban’s victory is a combination of lying about the opposition, coming up with hot button issues that get the electorate riled up before the election, coming out with all of these social welfare benefits to essentially buy off parts of constituency and then rigged election rules."

The result, she says, is that Orban has "perfected the art of taking one-third of your public as a base and constantly locking in super-majoritarian power by rigging all the other rules."

This is more of a challenge in the United States, however, which has a longer democratic tradition and a broad media ecosystem that prevents one party or faction from establishing permanent dominance over a prolonged period of time.

In Hungary, meanwhile, Orban has shut down critical media outlets, which would be a direct violation of the United States Constitution's First Amendment.

"Orban won reelection with a campaign slogan of 'peace and security,' promising Hungarians, 'I will not drag you into war, but the opposition will,'" says Scheppele. "Which was a lie about the opposition, but Orban controls all the media, so how was the opposition going to get their views out?"
23 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Stop samefagging and spreading and saying the same thing in every thread you come across like a twitter npc
Found the triggered shitlib
Wouldn't be the first time. At least it's a little more humane than using dead relatives and pets (also sometimes dead).
>prevents one party or faction from establishing permanent dominance over a prolonged period of time
...but it already does? Only smooth brains think the voting process itself is rigged, what makes the election rigged is that all the people who make the primaries and into the final race are playing on the same team (just red or blue). trump is no different in that matter despite what his party thinks, he gets paid to make choices on behalf of others just like biden.

Dems want to remove the Electoral College...

Conservatives want something different.

It's ok to have differing views.

File: kill.jpg (84 KB, 780x438)
84 KB
Citing the vile online manifesto attributed to the Buffalo shooter, Gov. Hochul on Sunday urged social media companies to crack down on hate speech — calling the sites “instruments of evil.”

105 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You came here in 2016 fuck right the fuck off back to the Reddit shortbus
This, half of pol is halfbreed niggers and spics.
>while most people on reddit don't give a shit about 4chan
And yet here you are, on 4chan instead of R*ddit

You need to go back
Literally the whole site would suffer. How long have you been around?
care to give an example?

>What the fuck makes this evil cunt think she could receive communion anyway? - The church really just need to excommunicate her AND Biden


San Francisco’s Roman Catholic archbishop has banned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) from receiving Holy Communion during Mass until she repents of her public pro-abortion stance. “A Catholic legislator who supports procured abortion, after knowing the teaching of the Church, commits a manifestly grave sin which is a cause of most serious scandal to others,” Ssalvatore Cordileone wrote in a public notification Friday. “Therefore, universal Church law provides that such persons ‘are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.'” “I am hereby notifying you that you are not to present yourself for Holy Communion and, should you do so, you are not to be admitted to Holy Communion, until such time as you publically repudiate your advocacy for the legitimacy of abortion and confess and receive absolution of this grave sin in the sacrament of Penance,” the 65-year-old clergyman wrote.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
taxes are a meme that only affect the top earners that pay half of all taxes every year while half of the people in the country pay $0 in taxes.
retards that don't know this deserve to have their voting rights revoked for being so uneducated on where US money actually comes from and how the govt fucks everyone but themselves
>He actually believes this lie.
Also the church should lose their non profit status for this clear discrimination.
lel sooooooo much seethe from leftoids on this one
>while half of the people in the country pay $0 in taxes.
Because they don't have any money you fucking idiot. A large majority of the country lives paycheck to paycheck and the wealthiest 1% of Americans holds almost a third of the country's wealth, it would be immensely unfair to have a system where top earners don't pay most of the taxes.
if god hadn't sacrificed jesus, there wouldn't be catholocism

parents sacrificing their children is literally canon

File: DYW8XmHWsAAZBe7.jpg (77 KB, 1200x675)
77 KB
The Minister stressed that the intentions of European countries were literally "exposed" during the special operation. According to him, the Russian Federation will fulfill the tasks of protecting civilians in Ukraine.

Moscow's fears about the West's plans for Ukraine were 100% confirmed. This was stated by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at a press conference with his Malaysian counterpart Abdoulaye Diop.

"They explained once again the reasons why we had no other choice but to launch a special military operation, during which, by the way, all our fears about what the West was trying to do from Ukraine are absolutely confirmed," he said.

According to the minister, the intentions of European countries were literally "exposed" during the special operation. Lavrov reminded his Malian counterpart about what has been happening in Ukraine over the past eight years, as well as about Kiev's refusal to comply with the UN Security Council resolution on the settlement in Donbass. All the tasks set by Russian President Vladimir Putin will be fulfilled. We are talking about protecting civilians in Ukraine, primarily in the Donbas, and preventing the creation of direct threats to Russia's security in Ukraine, the minister added.

Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that military threats near Russia's western borders are increasing. In particular, the minister recalled that the closest neighbors of the Russian Federation — Finland and Sweden — have applied to join NATO, so tensions continue to increase.


9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Russians are out for blood
They are picked best time for it also. Usa/EU are ruled mostly by complete retards who are willing to ruin their country just to spite Russia.
Sanctions didn't work with Iran and Venesuela, and they are seriously believe that they will work on Russia?
>Sanctions didn't work with Iran and Venesuela, and they are seriously believe that they will work on Russia?
Yes, sanctions have worked in all three countries and will continue to be effective.
>Russian concerns
Like what? That the west wouldn't just roll over and let Russia play war in Europe? Kek
>All the tasks set by Russian President Vladimir Putin will be fulfilled
That's a huge doubt for me, unless Putin has been busy moving goalposts lately
>just to spite Russia
Nations aren't children in a schoolyard. Europe is doing what it's doing not simply to spite Russia, but to show that this kind of warmongering is unacceptable. If Europe had just let Putin do his thing, who's to say that Ukraine is the last time this will happen?

Turkey should be excluded from NATO because of its policy and position on membership in the alliance between Sweden and Finland, said the president of the Middle East Forum, oriental historian Daniel Pipes.

“Ankara is pursuing a policy hostile to NATO members like Greece, it has invaded Syria, it is threatening Europe with Syrian migrants, it is buying S-400 systems from Russia,” he said.

“The time has come to exclude Turkey from NATO. Let him go to Russia, China and Iran. Good riddance," Pipes concluded.
>Like what? That the west wouldn't just roll over and let Russia play war in Europe? Kek
Oh, wow. Someone actually thinks that not getting everything they want is unacceptable.

Are you 12? Because you sounds like 12 y.o. spoiled kid.

>Nations aren't children in a schoolyard.

>but to show that this kind of warmongering is unacceptable
Good thing everyone who could remember how Europe declared it unacceptable to invade Yugoslavia in 1999 died of old age.

File: photo1653004101.jpg (339 KB, 1350x759)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
In the last 24 hours Polish Brand LLP has sold its Russia brands to an unknown Chinese Consortium. Shopping is back in Russia
>Shopping is back in Russia
The war is won! Kiss her deep for the papers!
With what money are Ruzzians going to buy things?
> muh inflation
Ruble improved by 40%, you idiot. You could get 80 rubles for 1 USD pre-war. Now you get only 57.

Its US/EU that are running out of money (or into hyperinflation, if they keep printing money).
Donald J. Trump
Anon, ECB target inflation rate is 2%. In both March and April it was 7.4%, forcing hyperoptimistic EuroCommision to admit that annual inflation wouldn't go below 6%. USA is at 8.3% now, while UK has 9% inflation.

And the shit hadn't even hit the fan yet. Its just markets starting to prepare for the coming meltdown.

Note that this is also the time when banks are supposed to inject economies with cash to make them bounce up from recession, but they can't do it as it would make inflation much worse. US/EU objectively need money, but they can't them.

You are a fuckwit, anon.

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