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File: FtDotgEXsAAJ8nH.jpg (537 KB, 1284x1725)
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HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut’s most wide-ranging gun control measure since the 2013 law enacted after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting takes effect Sunday, with proponents vowing to pursue more gun legislation despite legal challenges happening across the country.

The new law, signed by Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont in June, bans the open carrying of firearms and prohibits the sale of more than three handguns within 30 days to any one person, with some exceptions for instructors and others.

“We will not take a break and we cannot stop now, and we will continue to pass life-saving laws until we end gun violence in Connecticut. Our lives depend on it,” said Jeremy Stein, executive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence.

Immediately after it was passed, the law was challenged in court by gun rights supporters. Connecticut’s landmark 2013 gun law, passed in response to the 2012 elementary school shooting in Newtown that claimed 26 lives, is also being contested in court.

Besides Connecticut, which has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, other politically liberal-leaning states including California, Washington, Colorado and Maryland also have passed gun laws this year that face legal challenges. They come in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court last year expanding gun rights.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom last week signed nearly two dozen gun control measures, including laws banning firearms being carried in most public places while doubling taxes on guns and ammunition sold in the state. He acknowledged some might not survive a legal challenge. Last week, a federal judge struck down a California law banning guns with detachable magazines that carry more than 10 rounds.
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They aren't.
Also the murder rate after 1996 continued to rise to an all time high until 2002, then for a few years remained the same pre-firearm ban, then declined.
The weapon ban had nothing to do with it. The mass surveiliance programs that started are what caused that.
Today the UK exists as one of the most authoritarian states in the western world.
I always love how anti-gun dickheads in the UK just pretend that the 2011 Cumbia shooting, 2019 Plymouth shootings and general gang/drug related gun crime don't exist because it flys in the face of their idiotic narative that the bans past after Hungerford and Dunblane have made gun violence in the UK a thing of the past.
>Source: Murdock
My names David. NOW im arthas menthril # 1 and sylvanas WINDRUNNER #1. IM LOOKING FOR MY GIFTS MY NEW BCI AND TO BE UNBANNED FROM posting on 4chan from home near canyon plaza chula vista. ca Mkultra drop mikes maze fake info cucked .... bend the knee todays attacks are long line of continuous streams by me that will continue. BTW are we hunting down people that give gifts for my innovations? tucker here to say that it feeels like it neeeds truthbombs

File: FmX17j3WAAI0rGC.jpg (130 KB, 1088x771)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Fascists like Trump, know they can only win with voter suppression. So when everyone votes, it's 'stealing' the election from fascists like him and the Republicans.


HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Donald Trump has a familiar target in his sights: Pennsylvania’s voting rules.

He never stopped attacking court decisions on mail-in ballots during the COVID-19 pandemic, falsely claiming it as a reason for his 2020 loss in the crucial battleground state. Now, the former Republican president is seizing on a decision by Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro to bypass the Legislature and start automatic voter registration.

The blowback has echoes of the 2020 election, when Trump and his allies relentlessly criticized decisions by the state’s Democratic-majority Supreme Court. That included extending the deadline to receive mail-in ballots over warnings that the pandemic had slowed postal service deliveries.

Republicans have joined Trump in railing against Shapiro’s action, saying there are not enough safeguards to prevent minors or undocumented immigrants from registering. The Shapiro administration disputes that.


Some Republican lawmakers are threatening litigation, saying Shapiro should have sought approval from the Legislature, where control is divided between the parties. Meanwhile, national and state Republican parties are seeking an explanation from Shapiro’s administration for how it will ensure that non-U.S. citizens and minors cannot register to vote.
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I dunno, liberals were burning down sections of cities. Magats got turned back with one bullet.
Bad post

Good post
Try to actually read my post. Purposeful voting restriction may be the case for the south but is not as much of an issue for the urban/suburban northeast, yet the deluge of media pushing for remote, mail-in, voting is huge.
GB2 being dead John Birch
We're a Democracy.
Donald J. Trump

File: 5081.jpg (49 KB, 1240x744)
49 KB
damn, he is mad as fuck he can't unilaterally ban guns, speech and jury trials
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>587 instances of you getting successfully trolled by multiple people
Gee it's a shame this board doesn't have IDs, then you could see the rainbow of people telling your faggot ass to get back to r*ddit

Meanwhile, 99% of these posts all you?
426 results
787 results
>he honestly thinks all those results are one person
Holy shit I knew you were insane but I didn't think you were retarded AND insane until now.
I remember when Obama was the worst president since WWII.
Only proto-chuds and teabaggers thought that. Democrats coined the term "Obama Derangement Syndrone" to describe them which Trump then stole.

File: 1548200812296.jpg (11 KB, 261x208)
11 KB

Representative Matt Gaetz, the far-right Republican from Florida, said on Sunday that he would move this week to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his leadership post, promising to follow through on weeks of threats to oust him for working with Democrats to keep the government funded.

Mr. Gaetz’s announcement came the day after Mr. McCarthy, in a stunning reversal, steered around Republican opposition to a stopgap spending plan and turned to Democrats to help him push legislation through the House to avert a shutdown. The California Republican said he knew he was putting his speakership at risk by doing so, and dared his detractors to try ousting him.

In an interview that aired on CNN on Sunday, Mr. Gaetz, Mr. McCarthy’s main tormentor, said he would do just that. By bringing up a measure called a “motion to vacate,” he can call a snap vote on whether to keep Mr. McCarthy in his post.

“I think we need to rip off the Band-Aid,” Mr. Gaetz said. “I think we need to move on with new leadership that can be trustworthy.”

Mr. Gaetz had long threatened to oust Mr. McCarthy if he failed to bend to Republican hard-liners’ demands for spending cuts. In the interview, he accused Mr. McCarthy of lying to his G.O.P. members during negotiations, and making a “secret deal” with Democrats concerning future funding for Ukraine, which he and dozens of other conservative Republicans have opposed.

“Nobody trusts Kevin McCarthy,” he added, predicting that the only way Mr. McCarthy would remain speaker by week’s end is “if Democrats bail him out.”
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Are you talking about the Boogaloo Riots?
The B in BLM stands for Boogaloo?
No. BLM did the protests. Boogaloo Boys did the riots.
That's correct. Youre average hillblly that hates jews is an anti-semite.
Being high IQ myself, I practice critical semtic theory.
This, the one boogaloo who killed a fed and his co-conspirators in the Republican media and party then pushed the lie it was a BLM just convicted.

File: bwql-superJumbo.png (2.37 MB, 1352x900)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG

Nearly a week after deadly clashes in Kosovo triggered one of the gravest escalations in the former breakaway province in years, the opportunity for reconciliation between ethnic Albanians and Serbs seemed as distant as ever.

The killing of a Kosovo police officer and an ensuing gun battle at a monastery brought years of distrust and bitterness to the surface -- as a war of words between Serbia and Pristina's governments, competing days of mourning, and calls for sanctions marred already fractious relations.

The United States on Friday warned of "a large Serbian military deployment along the border with Kosovo" and called on "Serbia to withdraw those forces from the border".

On Saturday, in the southern Serbian town of Raska near the border with Kosovo, no particular movement or increased presence of Serbian armed forces were visible, according to an AFP journalist.

Last Sunday, three Serb gunmen were killed in an hours-long shootout with Kosovo police, after they ambushed a patrol and later barricaded themselves at an Orthodox monastery near the northern border with Serbia.
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“They only wanted the start of a war to be on Sunday, September 24. [It’s well known] how the war started in Sarajevo. On March 1, 1992, during a wedding, an Orthodox Serb priest was injured. We were very careful that something similar doesn’t happen. But I think they wanted to repeat the scenarios from the beginning of the war [in former republics of Yugoslavia].”

Kurti said Milan Radoicic, a top Kosovo Serb politician who admitted on Friday that he planned the attack, “received logistical, military equipment and preparation from Belgrade, and also received political orders from President Vucic”, noting their close ties.

Radoicic – vice president of the “Serb List”, a Belgrade-supported Serb political party in Kosovo – resigned from his position on Friday and called the attack a “defence” operation against Kosovo authorities. But he has denied any involvement or support by the Serbian government.
‘Serbian security institutions’

Dan Ilazi, head of research at the Kosovar Centre for Security Studies, told Al Jazeera that German and US officials also acknowledged the equipment involved would be difficult to acquire without high-level connections.

“For instance, one of the grenade launchers they used can only be purchased by the permission of the government in Serbia. Plus, some of the individuals involved in this attack, according to Kosovo police, are part of the security establishment in Serbia,” Ilazi said, adding that Radoicic’s “connections to the Serbian government are very transparent”.

“The extent to which the Serbian president himself knew about this attack is debatable … The responsibility over this attack, the evidence presented so far, clearly seems to show participation of Serbian security institutions.

“My personal suspicion is that this perhaps is also instigated, or supported or encouraged by Russia, who maintains a strong presence in Serbian security institutions,” Ilazi said.
Vucic and his office did not respond to Al Jazeera about the allegations, but he has denied any government involvement in Sunday’s attack.

On Thursday, he told the Reuters news agency that Serbia will investigate the origin of the seized weapons including a cache of assault rifles, anti-tank rocket launchers, hand grenades, land mines and drones.

“Why this would be beneficial for Belgrade? What would be the idea? To destroy our position we have been building for a year? To destroy this in a day? … Serbia does not want war,” Vucic said.

He said suspects will be investigated and Radoicic would be “summoned by the prosecutor”.

In turn, Vucic accused Kurti of wanting to expel Serbs from Kosovo.

Kurti’s refusal to form an Association of Serb Municipalities, as part of the 2013 agreement between Belgrade and Pristina that would allocate Kosovo Serbs more autonomy, is what fueled tensions leading to violence in Banjska, he said.

Vucic told Serbian TV he has year-old information that Serbs in Kosovo have been preparing for resistance, noting the barricades Serb residents set up more than a year ago.

“The situation is boiling … Kurti did this, he united Serbs,” said Vucic.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
“[Republika Srpska was formed] because there was a war and a genocide in Bosnia. And now he wants a war and one more genocide in Kosovo so he can get a Republika Srpska [in Kosovo], but he won’t,” Kurti added.

Meanwhile on Friday, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters the United States is calling on Serbia to withdraw its forces from the border, after it detected an “unprecedented” Serbian military build-up – “a very destabilising development”.

In a statement on Friday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he spoke with Vucic to de-escalate tensions. He “welcomed KFOR’s increased presence and the North Atlantic Council’s decision to authorise additional forces”.

To avoid such attacks from happening again, Kurti told Al Jazeera two things are urgently needed – security for Kosovo and sanctions for Serbia.

“All the time they are running some military drills by our border … I think this is very dangerous. They will think you are either afraid or weak. That’s why the international community – the European community, NATO, the US and the UK – must show and prove to Belgrade that a return to the 1990s will not be allowed.”
bumping for actual news
>Serbia has withdrawn some troops stationed near the border with Kosovo, after having increased the numbers deployed there following a gun battle in northern Kosovo in which four people died, army commander General Milan Mojsilovic said on Monday.

>Tensions between Belgrade and Pristina soared since Sept. 24, when Kosovo police near the northern Kosovo's village of Banjska fought around 30 armed Serbs who barricaded themselves in a Serbian Orthodox monastery. Three attackers and one police officer were killed.

>The skirmishes prompted new international concern over the stability in the predominantly Albanian Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia in 2008 after a guerrilla uprising and a 1999 NATO bombing campaign that drove out Serb security forces.

>"Serbia had deployed 8,350 troops near (the border) ... with Kosovo, ... and reduced them to 4,500 at the moment," Mojsilovic said.

>He said the army presence in the so-called Ground Safety Zone, a 5 kilometre-wide (3-mile) strip inside Serbia along the Kosovo border, had "reverted to normal."

>Serbia has not "formally raised the level of readiness" of its 22,500-strong army, Mojsilovic said.

>Kosovo on Saturday called on Serbia to reduce the number of troops along the border, while the United States on Friday said it was monitoring Serbian military deployment, describing it as destabilising.
>Pristina blamed Serbia for providing financial and logistical support to the group that fought Kosovo police, which Belgrade denied.

>Mojsilovic said that Milan Radoicic, a Kosovo Serb politician who had admitted to taking the part in the skirmishes in Banjska, had not taken part in training with the army.

>Some 50,000 Serbs who live in northern Kosovo do not recognise Pristina's institutions and see Belgrade as their capital. They have often clashed with Kosovo police and international peacekeepers, but Sunday's violence was the worst in years.

>NATO, which still has 4,500 troops in Kosovo, said on Friday it had "authorised additional forces to address the current situation".

New York governor Kathy Hochul is witnessing the destructiveness of democrats border policies and flip flops: Border is 'too open'
Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY) said Sunday the border is “too open” and that all the migrants coming to her state pose a “real problem.”

On CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday, Hochul called for stricter border measures and worried about the number of illegal migrants who have been coming across the border and settling in New York.
“I want them to have a limit on who can come across the border. It is too open right now," Hochul said. "People coming from all over the world are finding their way through, simply saying they need asylum. And the majority of them seem to be ending up in the streets of New York."

She continued by saying that it has become “a real problem for New York City” and something needs to change.

“We are one of the most diverse places on earth because of our welcoming nature, and it's in our DNA to welcome immigrants,” Hochul said. “But there has to be some limits in place, and Congress has to put more controls at the border.”
She is not the only New Yorker who has called for stricter border measures. Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams has also urged Congress and President Joe Biden to do something about the border, saying they can’t handle all the migrants coming into his city.

“Let me tell you something, New Yorkers, never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to — I don’t see an ending to this,” the mayor said about illegal immigrants coming to New York City. “This issue will destroy New York City.”
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I dunno, man. Just seems kinda gay to always bring up trannies unprompted. "Faggot" has always just been a general insult, even beyond its historical usage here on 4chan. The fact that you would even suggest there is an equivalence proves that you never used this website prior to 2016.
We need that leftist Zoomer to come tell Hochul that the border is not too open because apprehensions are up 300%.
>And the majority of them seem to be ending up in the streets of New York."
Democrats are completely delusional. NYC is getting like 2% of the immigrants, nowhere near the majority. But Democrats spent so long with their head in the sand that they didn't realize just how severe the border crisis was, so now they think that the tiny amount NYC is getting is all there is.
Besides, borders are racist and immigrants are a net positive, not a burden, so NYC should be happy about all the immigrants they're getting.
>never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to — I don’t see an ending to this
Because you literally voted for it not to have an ending:
“And the wave still continues. It’s not going to stop. Nor should we want it to stop."
-t. Joe Biden.
Now let's wait for the leftist Zoomer to tell me that's missing context and then fail to elaborate on how this context changes anything.
I was here in 1947, shitposting stills from Namakura, faggot. Back when trannies were femboys and not insane enough to even suggested they were real women.
And "faggot" used to have more impact as a insult back then since faggots were seen (and still are) as the backwards dregs of humanity. Using tranny has the impact now.
>We need that leftist Zoomer to come tell Hochul that the border is not too open because apprehensions are up 300%.
Why would they want to be btfo in another conversation?
They'll probably just say "debunked" a bunch in this thread every time you cite a statistic
It's not polite to engage with mentally ill people.

Didn't france recently ban all domestic flights (excluding private jets) and all cars in paris (excluding company cars owned by rich jews)?
I guess this is what happens when you fill your country with 3rd worlders and then ban all good forms of travel and force people into the slowest possible mode of travel
>Paris is battling a major bedbug infestation, with reports of the bloodsucking pests being spotted in the French capital's movie theaters, trains, and at Charles-de-Gaulle Airport.

>Videos posted on social media appear to show the tiny insects crawling over seats on a commuter train and on the Paris metro.

>More than one in 10 French households was infested by bed bugs between 2017 and 2022, according to Anses, the French Agency for Food, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety. Anses said the recent uptick in bedbug infestations was due to the rise in travel and bedbugs' increasing resistance to insecticides.
34 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Migrants contribute to scum and poverty which in turn leads to bed bugs.
If you flooded somewhere with Irish, you'd see the same thing.
french tourists have visited tropical regions for decades and practiced western hygiene yet france never had anything like this, now with the recent surge in "refugees" we suddenly get a super strain of tropical insecticide resistance bed bugs everywhere, put 2 and 2 together
Bed bugs have always been a French thing. This isnt something new because of muh refugees. Their perspective is more like the US on mosquitos, a nuisance but just a normal part of life.
ITT: Boomers and low IQ that frequent CNN and the like
>It's OK we're 3rd world
What a mess.
Bed bugs are immune to all over the counter insecticide, it has nothing to do with standard of living. Your chances of running into bed bugs anywhere in the 1st world in the next 20 years are pretty high.


Apple has all the elements to create its own search engine for its devices should it decide to end its reliance on Google, according to a new report.

Google has been the iPhone's default search engine for more than a decade, with the web giant reportedly paying Apple between $8 billion and $12 billion each year as part of the deal. But the deal is complicated by US government charges that Google maintains a monopoly in online search and online ad sales.

As lucrative as that deal is, Apple could do better, argues Bloomberg's Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter Sunday. If Apple were to launch its own search engine, the advertising revenue it could generate would likely rival the stream of money that comes from the Apple Watch market, he said.

While calling such a move a "long shot," Gurman points out that Apple has already provided a glimpse of what such an offering would look like, having already built search engines into services such as App Store, Maps, Apple TV and News.

As part of the possible effort, Apple has a team that been creating a next-generation search engine codenamed Pegasus. The technology, being developing under the supervision of John Giannandrea, Apple's senior vice president of machine learning and AI, more accurately surfaces results. Gurman writes. The technology is already in some apps and could one day show up in the App Store, he said.
Apple's also been tinkering with Spotlight, its search feature that helps iOS users find things on their devices. Apple started adding web search results to this tool a few years ago, Gurman points out, but those results were supplied by either Microsoft's Bing or Google.

The search engine speculation comes amid the ongoing Google artitrust lawsuit brought forward by the US Department of Justice, where Apple was brought on as a witness in the lawsuit regarding its multibillion-dollar deal that makes Google the default search engine on iPhones. The US government accuses Google of maintaining a monopoly in online search and online ad sales.

Giannandrea reportedly revealed during testimony in the lawsuit that a new feature in iOS 17 allows you to change the default search engine on your iPhone when using Safari in private browsing mode. In iOS 17, which ships with the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, users can set two default search engines: one for regular browsing and one for private browsing, he said.
Great, so now it will be even harder to get out of the apple ecosystem.
time to buy samshit, again, i hate how samshit stops supporting critical security updates only after two years, apple at least supports even older devices for 4+ years

Shocking moment five Border Patrol agents CUT through razor wire at Eagle Pass and allow migrants to enter the US - after Texas Governor Abbott re-installed it along Rio Grande


As per usual, DailyMail's reporting is far above average. Video in link. I encourage clicking it.

This is the shocking moment five Border Patrol agents cut through razor wire at Eagle Pass and help migrants to enter the US.

The group can be seen actively pulling away the razor wire and cutting it with what appears to be bolt cutters before helping numerous migrants up an embankment.

Footage of the scene obtained by DailyMail.com then shows the officers helping a group of migrants including women and children who are hoisted up by officers.

Officers can then be seen helping women carrying their children up over the embankment, and also placed fabric over the wire to avoid any injuries.

After making it over the border, those who have just crossed can be seen lining up to be processed.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
44 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Go back to church.
>Gott Mit Uns on belt buckles
Where was Shitler's 'Gott' when the Atheist Soviets were just down the strasse...?!
No wonder so many Germans surrendered to the forces of the one who made the quotes here: >>1221650
>okay, also here go you go, you get to take care of them since you wanted them
>Meybe we should do a swap, one woman or child for every deranged murderous fuckwit
>swapping immigrants for leftists
I'm actually okay with this
>heh, no you

File: turk1).png (463 KB, 730x410)
463 KB
463 KB PNG

Turkey says its warplanes have carried out raids on Kurdish targets in northern Iraq following a suicide attack on a government building in capital Ankara.

A Turkish interior ministry statement on Sunday said some 20 targets of the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) group were “destroyed” in the aerial operation, including caves, shelters and depots.

The military ramped up air strikes in Iraq’s PKK bases in Gara, Hakurk, Metina and Qandil, the statement said.

The strikes came hours after a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device near an entrance of the interior ministry building in Ankara, injuring two police officers. A second assailant was killed in a shootout with police.

A news agency close to the PKK said the group claimed responsibility for the suicide attack.
The People’s Defense Center Headquarters Command released a statement about the action that targeted the Security General Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs near the Parliament in Kızılay, in Ankara at 09:30 this morning.

The statement, according to which the sacrificial action was carried out by a team affiliated with the Brigade of the Immortal, said the following:

"Today at around 9.30 a.m., a unit of our 'Brigade of Immortals' carried out a sacrificial action in front of the Turkish Ministry of Interior. This action was explicitly planned for the opening of the parliament and in relative proximity to the building, which is considered a massacre and torture centre. It was carried out according to plan and without any obstacles. Our comrades who implemented this sacrificial action overcame the guard post and penetrated inside the security area. They were successful and achieved their goal.

However, as usual, the fascist AKP/MHP regime has chosen this time to brazenly deny its losses suffered in this action and to disregard the people and public opinion. Every person should know that the members of the Brigade of Immortals could have achieved a very different result with only a small change in their timing if they had wanted to. However, such a decision was deliberately not taken and the main objective - to send the necessary message to the concerned bodies and to warn them seriously - was maintained.
This action is an act of legitimate defence against the disregard of human rights that are being trampled on against national and international laws; against the inhuman practice and policy of isolation that is being implemented in all the jails of Turkey and Kurdistan; against the use of chemical weapons against our guerrilla forces despite the universal validity of the Chemical Weapons Convention; against the plunder of our nature and the ecocide in Kurdistan; against the oppression of the Kurdish people and all democratic circles. If the AKP/MHP regime does not stop its genocidal and fascist-motivated crimes, legitimate actions in the sense of revolutionary justice will continue.

This meaningful act of heroism, which was carried out on the day when MPs met in parliament for the first time after the summer recess, was dedicated to the memory of Axîn Mûş (Hülya Demirer), commander of Amed province and once commander of the Brigade of Immortals, and the comrades who fell alongside her. This great and historic action was carried out by our friends Rojhat Zilan and Erdal Şahin. We commemorate these immortal Apoists in the tradition of self-sacrifice, to whom our respect is due, with respect and gratitude, congratulate them and all other companions who contributed to this action and wish them continued success. More information on the identity of the brave sacrificial of the Brigade of Immortals will be shared with the public at a later date."

File: Immigration housing.jpg (255 KB, 835x997)
255 KB
255 KB JPG

California sleeping pod business hopes to alleviate affordable housing crisis in the state
Brownstone Shared Housing seeks to combat California's housing and homelessness crises

A California company is looking to help alleviate the housing crisis in the state by offering "sleeping pods" to people.

Brownstone Shared Housing gained widespread attention over the last few years as a way to combat the housing crisis by offering comparably affordable living quarters within 3.5 feet wide and 4 feet tall private beds. According to the business’ website, rent for one of these beds range between $500 and $900 per month depending on the building location.

The three building options, located in Palo Alto, San Francisco and Bakersfield, hold at least a dozen of these beds along with communal bathroom and kitchen arrangements.

However, the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection is investigating the California business for potentially lacking the proper permits to build "sleeping pods" as well as any other additional work on the property.

"We have opened an investigation to determine if there is a code violation. The complaint was referred to DBI by the City Planning Department. We won’t know what permits are potentially required until a site visit and evaluation is conducted," Department of Building Inspection communications director Patrick Hannan explained to FOX News Digital.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
127 replies omitted. Click here to view.
...and yet, a supposed 'Red Wave' wasn't even a trickle. Republicans Against Trump in 2020: no doubt they'll be around next year. A previous Republican governor of California refused to endorse an orange retard: no flies on him. He can still get loans from major financiers: no doubt from Deutsche Bank...!
In Soviet America - which includes California - slain schizos are you
The government gives free housing to illegals. Rich slumlord landlords get paid that rent directly by the government.
>the rental market and the home-buying market are completely separate and independent
It really blows my mind thinking about just how bad leftists are at economics
>all immigrants are illegal
>the children and grandchildren of immigrants are also illegal and can't get loans
Not to mention this stupidity
>Biden's immigration policy isn't letting in millions of illegals.
Then whose immigration policy is letting in millions of illegals?
You have more empty houses than homeless people kiss my ass, why not just crack down on entire complexes being used as AirBnBs?

Special counsel notes Trump’s gun store visit and Milley remarks in push for gag order


Prosecutors pointed to the moment, as well as the former president’s recent attacks on departing Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, in asking a federal judge to place more restrictions on Trump, particularly on what he can say, as he awaits trial in Washington, DC, on federal charges of 2020 election interference.

“The defendant either purchased a gun in violation of the law and his conditions of release, or seeks to benefit from his supporters’ mistaken belief that he did so,” the prosecutors wrote on Friday. “It would be a separate federal crime, and thus a violation of the defendant’s conditions of release, for him to purchase a gun while this felony indictment is pending.”

The prosecutors note that Trump re-posted a video asserting he bought the weapon, and that a video shows him with the gun.

“The defendant should not be permitted to obtain the benefits of his incendiary public statements and then avoid accountability by having others—whose messages he knows will receive markedly less attention than his own—feign retraction,” the prosecutors argue.

The gun discussion catching prosecutors’ attention doesn’t mean Trump will be charged with any additional crimes. Yet if the judge were to look into violations of his release and find he broke his bail terms, Trump could face consequences including having to await his trial in jail.

>Yet if the judge were to look into violations of his release and find he broke his bail terms, Trump could face consequences including having to await his trial in jail.
Holy shit, hahahaha
But mum first amendment rights to threaten the judge, prosecutor and jury!
Means it isn't.
>Some of you guys are alright, believe me, okay
>Don't come to America tomorrow

The United Automobile Workers union said 7,000 more of its members would walk off the job two weeks after it began strikes at the Big Three automakers.


The United Automobile Workers union increased the pressure on Ford Motor and General Motors by extending its strike to two more car assembly plants on Friday, saying the companies had not moved far enough to meet its demands for higher pay and benefits.

The move is the second escalation of strikes that started on Sept. 15 at three plants, one each owned by G.M., Ford and Stellantis, the parent of Chrysler, Jeep and Ram. The union said it would not expand the strike against Stellantis this week because of progress in negotiations there.

The U.A.W.’s president, Shawn Fain, said workers at a Ford plant in Chicago and a G.M. factory in Lansing, Mich., would walk off the job on Friday. G.M. makes the Buick Enclave and Chevrolet Traverse sport-utility vehicles at the Lansing plant. Ford makes the Explorer, the Police Interceptor Utility and Lincoln Aviator in Chicago.

“Ford and G.M. have refused to make meaningful progress at the bargaining table,” Mr. Fain said in a live-streamed video.

Ford’s Chicago plant employs about 4,600 U.A.W. members and G.M.’s Lansing plant has 2,300 union workers. Including the workers who walked off the job earlier, more than 25,000 U.A.W. members at the three companies have been called on to stop working. The three automakers together employ nearly 150,000 U.A.W. members.

A week ago, workers walked out at 38 spare-parts distribution centers owned by G.M. and Stellantis. The U.A.W. did not expand its strike at Ford because, the union said at the time, it had made significant progress in contract negotiations with that company.
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It is 100% reasonable for UAW wages to track with executive wages.
Maybe. But corporations, CEOs, and the wealthy elites are even worse. So between the two I support the violent blue collars.
Labor rights in this country are a disaster. We treat our low or no skill workers like slaves and whine it'll hurt businesses if we raise minimum wage.

Unskilled and low-skilled laborers are human beings. They deserve to be treated as such.

Raising the minimum wage, historically speaking, has always been a positive move.

And if you disagree it's because you don't know what you're talking about.
>We treat our low or no skill workers like slaves
Hey now, we treat our high skill workers like slaves too. And we treat our slaves like dogs.
I'm highly skilled and my job is comfy af.
Also, we tend to treat our dogs like family

Proud democrat fraudster SBF is about to get slammed in court
He's also a meth head. He's complaining that the jail isn't giving him enough Adderall and they are making him eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Inside the Metropolitan Detention Center, the Brooklyn jail where he is being held, Sam Bankman-Fried, once the head of a multibillion-dollar crypto empire, sounds as if he’s being treated like most inmates there—which is to say, shabbily. Arrested on federal fraud charges in December, after the collapse and bankruptcies of his hedge fund Alameda Research, his crypto exchange FTX, and related companies, Bankman-Fried was out on $250 million bond at first. But the judge overseeing his case revoked bail in August after prosecutors complained of Bankman-Fried’s “escalating evasions of his bail conditions,” and the 31-year-old was jailed
Nowadays his lawyers have said he’s subsisting on peanut butter sandwiches—alas, Bankman-Fried, who is vegan, can’t eat the “flesh diet” served in jail, one lawyer said. His therapist, who’d also been an executive coach at FTX, wrote the court saying Bankman-Fried had only a small amount of his medications on hand when he was jailed, and needed a consistent supply of Adderall, for ADHD, and Emsam, for depression. (On Monday, his lawyers noted in a filing he’s been getting only a half dose of Adderall.)
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Will someone PLEASE get this democrat megadonor his amphetamine??
He's in jail without his fully daily requirements of amphetamine.
This is cruel and unusual
Good post
Good post as well
Worst poster on the board
Why are you repeating this debunked lie?

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