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File: contrarian3.jpg (62 KB, 1528x800)
62 KB

The dam is breaking when it comes to Democrats urging Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) to resign. They responded with cautious silence Friday after the Justice Department announced Menendez’s indictment on bribery charges; by Tuesday, at least 18 Democratic senators, and many other party leaders, had called for him to step down. But perhaps predictably, Republicans pushed back Tuesday.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) delivered the moment some had wagered might come from Donald Trump: He urged Menendez not to resign by citing the idea that this was the same Justice Department that had secured two of Trump’s indictments and couldn’t be trusted. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) later echoed the sentiment.

The GOP defenses of Menendez are obviously somewhat self-serving, but they are also clarifying.

“The charges against Senator Menendez are serious and troubling,” Cotton said. “At the same time, the Department of Justice has a troubling record of failure and corruption in cases against public figures, from Ted Stevens to Bob McDonnell to Donald Trump to Bob Menendez the last time around.”

Cotton added that Menendez “should be judged by jurors and New Jersey’s voters, not by Democratic politicians who now view him as inconvenient to their hold on power.”

Rubio later added that “in America guilt is decided by a jury, not politicians in fear of their party losing a Senate seat.”
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Hey, did you not get the memo from the meeting this morning Sergei? We have to defend Menendez.
Apologies Chang, I'm using the same model laptop Hunter did so I didn't get the email fast enough
I'll keep that in mind in the future, whenever a Republican resigns for misconduct it's actually because they want to cover up an even bigger story.
>they try to get Menendez to quickly resign and go away so the story gets out of the news
Congrats for admitting Dems don't support corruption, want corrupt officials out of office, and have significantly better political sense than Republicans.
Oh, they just ignore it. Lol. Lmao.

File: target.png (540 KB, 693x706)
540 KB
540 KB PNG

Target says it will close 9 stores in 4 states because of theft, worker safety

Target announced on Tuesday that it is closing nine stores in four states, citing theft, organized retail crime and worker safety.

The stores will close Oct. 21.

In a press release, the company said the "difficult decision" was made to protect workers and customers.

"We know that our stores serve an important role in their communities, but we can only be successful if the working and shopping environment is safe for all," company officials said in the statement..

The company said it previously had invested "heavily" in crime-prevention strategies at the affected stores, such as adding more security team employees, using third-party guard services, and putting into place theft-deterrent efforts.

"Despite our efforts, unfortunately, we continue to face fundamental challenges to operating these stores safely and successfully," the company said.

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I'm not him but I will agree that he's wrong. They are not uniquely black, they are generally caused by high crime, which for purely economic reasons tends to be much higher in urban black neighborhoods
>Data from 2006 depicting the percentage of races living in areas with low access to healthy foods. This issue predominantly affects the African-American community.[35]
wow, it literally says what I said it said, faggot
>predominantly means 100%
look, everyone, anon is wrong again
>brick and mortar retailers getting destroyed by online marketplaces, forcing them to scale back operations
>we should blame theft lmao
Isn't it curious how they're only "getting destroyed by online marketplaces" in areas run by pro-crime Democrats?

>SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California will ban people from carrying firearms in most public places while doubling the taxes on guns and ammunition sold in the state under two new laws Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Tuesday that will test the limits of the U.S. Supreme Court’s new standard for interpreting the Second Amendment.

The federal government already taxes the sale of guns and ammunition at either 10% or 11%, depending on the type of gun. The law Newsom signed adds another 11% tax on top of that — making California the only state with a separate tax on guns and ammunition, according to the gun control advocacy group Brady.

The money will pay for security improvements at public schools and a variety of gun violence prevention programs, which will go directly into the pocket of jewish billionaire and Newsom donor Michael Bloomberg. Newson regularly preforms fellatio and anilingus on Bloomberg in exchange for campaign contributions from everytown for gun safety. including those geared toward young people in gangs. The money from the federal tax, which has been in place for more than 100 years, pays for wildlife conservation and hunter education programs.
The laws were some of nearly two dozen gun control measures Newsom signed on Tuesday. But he acknowledged many of these laws might not survive legal challenges now that the U.S. Supreme Court has imposed a new standard on interpreting the nation’s gun laws. Just last week, a federal judge struck down a California law banning guns with detachable magazines that carry more than 10 rounds — one of three major pending cases challenging California’s gun restrictions.
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Good for Cali, not being murdered by guns is a real human right.
none of these laws will lower the murder rate and none of these laws are constitutional
Criminals will have to rob people even harder to pay for their bullets.
Yeah because all the other times they tried to tax problems into fixing themselves worked so well for them.
Like every demoKKKrat policy, the point is to piss on law abiding working class people.

File: Jessica-Rosenworcel.png (369 KB, 1000x563)
369 KB
369 KB PNG

> Net neutrality — the concept that internet service providers should be prohibited from blocking or degrading access to users — is back in political play. And not everyone’s happy about the reprise.

On Tuesday, FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel proposed restoring the agency’s net neutrality rules under its authority to reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service (rather than an information service). The proposal seeks to “largely” return to the Open Internet Order rules the FCC adopted in 2015, before they were overturned in 2018 by the Trump administration.

“In the wake of the pandemic and the generational investment in internet access, we have a window to update our policies to make sure that the internet is not only open, but fast and fair, safe and secure,” Rosenworcel said in remarks at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. “I am committed to seizing this opportunity. Now is the time for our rules of the road for internet service providers to reflect the reality that internet access is a necessity for daily life. Let’s get to it.”

Rosenworcel proposed the FCC take the first procedural steps toward reaffirming rules that would treat broadband internet service as “an essential service for American life.” Such net neutrality rules would affirm, under Title II of the Communications Act, “that broadband service is on par with water, power, and phone service; that is: essential,” according to a summary of her remarks provided by the agency.
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>You are the retard who keeps using circular logic.
I don't think you know what circular logic is.

Also nothing going horrifically wrong (that we know of) for the brief window NN was gone is not indicative leaving it gone long term is a good idea.

I would point out that removing it gave people literally fuck all tangible benefit.

You don't get rid of your spare tire cause you haven't fucking had a flat yet.

Also throttling and other bullshit HAS happened in fucking telecoms and website to website. There is literally nothing to suggest fucking ISPs are special.
Fast lanes are a good thing, you retarded cuck. Net Neutrality will ensure they never happen, which is stupid. Enjoy all network data throttling because too many people are streaming 4k video at once.
nothing happened
>Net Neutrality will ensure they never happen, which is stupid
No, it won't, you cock gobbler.
>Enjoy all network data throttling because too many people are streaming 4k video at once.
If too many people are streaming 4k video at once, ISPs should build more/better infrastructure to handle the increased traffic, so they can provide people what they are fucking paying for.

If they can't afford to do that, they should fucking charge people more for bandwidth.

Alternatively, they can switch to metered plans if they think that would be more profitable.

What they absolutely have no business doing is adding a metered system ON TOP OF a non-metered system and anyone that supports that has sponge for brains.
Yeah bro. Because we can just infinitely build more infrastructure. It's the ISP's fault if big tech wants to waste bandwidth because Ranjeep can't into code.

File: foxnewslogo.jpg (84 KB, 630x500)
84 KB
Fox News really is going down the toilet if they can't even manufacture a story anymore


An attempt by a Fox News reporter to draw concerned comments about rising crime rates in Seattle didn’t quite go as planned.

During a recent segment of a conservative political commentator Jesse Watters show, reporter Johnny Belisario was sent out onto the streets of the American city.

While he tried to draw residents about how they felt about crime there, their responses fell flat from what the broadcaster clearly wanted.

The segment was introduced as claiming that ‘crimes and drugs are now expectations in Dem (ocratic) cities’.

As broadcaster Jeanine Pirro shared, the reporter was sent to a ‘progressive hellscape’ and then lamented the fact that residents apparently ‘mocked the idea that the city is spiralling out of control’.

A selection of clips were then shown, with residents shutting down the claims posed to them by the reporter.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The damage control drones have been deployed
Honestly, I was interested in this article until I watched the embedded video and realized it's totally unrelated to the story, it's literally about ken paxton, Hunter Biden, and some dude standing trial for murder.

Not a single URL linked In this entire article is for what it purports to be for.

At this point I honestly believe this was written by a journalist at "metro.co.uk" who had a couple still frames of people being interviewed and photoshopped a Fox News banner under it.
I live in a red state and travel a lot for work
The first time I went to Los Angeles for a few months for work, my mom told me to be careful because white men are targets and my sister was actually concerned I would be killed if I wore the wrong color shirt in public
Both loyal Fox News/ OANN viewers
Of course I go out there and have a great time. Didn't get spat on for being a white man, wasn't attacked by a swarm of homeless addicts, wasn't kidnapped by the cartels
There were homeless encampments and that's something that needs to be addressed but nothing like the Mad Max dystopia I was promised
Of course I come home and tell them all of this and they just brush it off and say I got lucky and shift to talking about how San Fransisco and New York are liberal hellholes
Almost like media can still lie to you even if it's reinforcing your worldview
Here's another link that seems to work:

File: 1695681124863380.jpg (119 KB, 900x744)
119 KB
119 KB JPG

Hunter Biden sued Rudy Giuliani and his former attorney Tuesday, claiming they hacked and manipulated data on an external hard drive associated with his laptop.

Giuliani and the attorney, Robert Costello, have frequently acknowledged accessing the hard drive's data. The lawsuit accuses them of having "dedicated an extraordinary amount of time and energy toward looking for, hacking into, tampering with, manipulating, copying, disseminating, and generally obsessing over data that they were given that was taken or stolen."

Giuliani has sought to paint Hunter Biden as a corrupt businessman, who cashed in on his father's political power. He and Costello have said they were provided the hard drive in 2020 by a Delaware computer repair shop owner who claims Hunter Biden dropped off the laptop the year before and never returned to retrieve it. In May, Hunter Biden also sued the computer repair shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, who has denied wrongdoing and said he obtained the laptop legally.
55 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You've got to be one of the top 10 most gullible faggots on this entire site
How much are the Biden's paying you to shill for them?

oh, right
>he does it for free
>the poster functioning as Jim Jordan's congressional aide wants to talk about salary
What think tank pays for you to spew debunked conspiracy theories on a dead board?
No you didn't
Your right. I only read the first 2-3 pages of hunters lawsuit vs mac Isaac, such as the statement of facts and the allegations, so that I would actually know firsthand what the lawsuit was about.
I didn't read the other 2-3 pages at the end with signatures and attestations

Your free to read the first few pages as well and see that hunters claim is that his signature is not valid and the contract not legally enforceable because the signature line was above a block of fine print
He alleges that Delaware law of 1 year should be enforced rather than what is written in the contract he signed

“Hunter Biden received $250K wires originating in Beijing with beneficiary address listed as Joe Biden's home”

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden received wires that originated in Beijing for more than $250,000 from Chinese business partners during the summer of 2019 — wires that listed the Delaware home of Joe Biden as the beneficiary address for the funds.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., has been investigating the Biden family business dealings and President Biden’s alleged involvement in those ventures.

As part of the investigation, Comer subpoenaed financial records related to a specific bank account and received records of two wires originating from Beijing and linked to BHR Partners.

BHR Partners is a joint-venture between Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca and Chinese investment firm Bohai Capital. BHR Partners is a Beijing-backed private equity firm controlled by Bank of China Limited. Hunter Biden reportedly sat on the board of directors of BHR Partners.

>The first wire transfer sent to Hunter Biden, dated July 26, 2019, was for $10,000 from an individual named Ms. Wang Xin. There is a Ms. Wang Xin listed on the website for BHR Partners. It is unclear if the wire came from that Wang Xin.
>The second wire transfer sent to Hunter Biden, dated Aug. 2, 2019, was for $250,000 from Li Xiang Sheng — also known as Jonathan Li, the CEO of BHR Partners — and Ms. Tan Ling. The committee is trying to identify Ling’s role.
80 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>its hard to say right now exactly what their business agreements were until at the very least this congressional inquiry concludes
So we're just investigating business dealings of family members of former VPs after they're out of office to make sure shit was above board with no evidence to the contrary...meanwhile the president's son in law got 2 billion from the Saudis right after leaving his WH gig and you don't give a fuck?

And I'm to believe this congressional inquiry will be honest and impartial?

>It's unknown right now exactly what steps the Biden family took on their behalf but it is known why this oligarch was working thru Biden to further Chinese foreign interests
You literally cannot show a single fucking connection to Biden so explain to me how that's fucking known?

>Extortion isn't legal even if bribery isn't involved.
Threatening to shittalk about someone isn't extortion, you namby-pamby fuckwit.
>Neither is unregistered foreign lobbying.
Threatening to shittalk about some also isn't lobbying on their behalf, but even if Hunter did do exactly that, what the fuck does this have to do with Biden? You literally cannot charge him with being lobbied to. That's not a fucking thing or all of Washington would be in prison.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>And I'm to believe this congressional inquiry will be honest and impartial?
Probably the same level of integrity as any previous one against a president I would wager..

You could probably even expect some greater integrity out of this one since most of the findings they've discovered have been released for the public to see so there's no question about if it's real or not
>Probably the same level of integrity as any previous one against a president I would wager..
So no then?
Did you think the last one had integrity? If you didn't, then I would not expect you to feel much different about this one
>keeps talking about the debunked Saudi instance
They're not the same. Jared is not a lifelong crackhead living with daddy who was a senator for his entire life. Jared did not launder the money through 20+ different shell companies. Jared did not use burner phones or fake names on government devices. Jared did not fail to pay taxes on the income or commit gun crimes. Jared wasn't receiving money from the CCP (the greatest threat to the US) or Ukraine (currently supporting a war with 500k deaths under dubious circumstances.

The facts are that Jared's and Hunter's cases could not be more polar opposite.

>You literally cannot show a single fucking connection to Biden so explain to me how that's fucking known?
>skips entire thread where its detailed
>says no evidence

>Threatening to shittalk about someone isn't extortion, you namby-pamby fuckwit.
A known crackhead is shaking down the CCP government??? LOL

>You literally cannot charge him with being lobbied to.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

33 replies omitted. Click here to view.
biathlon rifles aren't made to kill. they are made to shoot targets while skiing.
There are a whole bunch of sports rifles designed for various sports and not killing.
Also 5 guns isn't even that many. someone could have a dear gun, an upland field gun, a trap gun, a .22 rifle and a duck gun
politics/gun control threads aren't allowed on /k/
the purpose of the 2nd amendment is to protect the basic human right of all people to keep and carry weapons of war.
But not all guns are designed to kill people.
Incurable retards.
>biathlon rifles aren't made to kill. they are made to shoot targets while skiing.
Biathlon competition only fires at five targets four times and therefore only need a five round magazine. Also Olympic biathlon have been using airguns and not firearms for years now. Nobody cares about sporting firearms because they're all gimped abominations. You might as well pretend that a fencing foil os a reason why people should be able to carry a sword in public.
yes, anti gunners are retards
>Biathlon competition only fires at five targets four times and therefore only need a five round magazine.
the 1990s awb had a ban on mags above 10 rounds and saw no drop in murder rate
Mag bans literally do nothing.
> Also Olympic biathlon have been using airguns and not firearms for years now.
they use .22 long rifles, which is a firearm with gun powder, you lying jew

Teenage boogaloo boys who were in no way a part of any of the peaceful protests in Philadelphia began rioting and looting again, after a police officer was exonerated for shooting a teenage boogaloo boy who brandished a knife at him
Dozens of people were arrested after a group of teenagers looted several stores in Philadelphia’s Center City District on Tuesday. The flash-mob-style ransacking at stores such as Apple, Foot Locker and Lululemon came after a peaceful protest over a judge’s decision to dismiss all charges, including murder, against former Philadelphia police officer Mark Dial in the Aug. 14 fatal shooting of 27-year-old Eddie Irizarry. Interim Philadelphia police commissioner John Stanford said at a news conference that the looters, who were seen on video in masks and hoodies, were not part of the protest but rather “a bunch of criminal opportunists.”
After the protest over the Irizarry case ended around 7:30 p.m., Center City District businesses reported to police that they were being broken into or getting ransacked starting around 8 p.m., Stanford said.
Video posted to social media shows people “dressed in black attire and wearing masks” running out of Lululemon and Apple with merchandise. Police said another “coordinated attack” unfolded at Foot Locker.
Stanford said officers arrested between 15 and 20 people on Tuesday night for actions that he underscored were not related to the protest. The number had grown to dozens by Wednesday morning, according to police. “These were not protesters. These were criminals. These were people that took advantage of an opportunity and looking to destroy our city,” Stanford said.
“It’s disrespectful to the Irizarry family and what they’re going through right now,” Tumar Alexander, Philadelphia’s managing director, told reporters Tuesday night.
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney (D) posted on X, formerly Twitter, that he appreciated the swift and necessary arrests. “This was a sickening display of opportunistic criminal activity, and we will not stand for it,” he wrote. He added that his office was working with police to “assess which areas of the city may need increased coverage or additional resources to ensure the safety of our residents and businesses.”

New York Judge Rules Trump Committed Fraud in Valuing Assets
A New York judge on Tuesday found that Donald Trump and his family business committed fraud by making false and misleading valuations on much of his real-estate empire and ordered the cancellation of legal certificates that have allowed the Trumps to do business in the state.The ruling handed a significant early victory to state Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat, on part of her civil-fraud case against Trump, which is set to go to trial next week.She sued the former president last year and has accused Trump in court filings of inflating his annual net worth by as much as $3.6 billion between 2011 and 2021 by falsely valuing his properties.Overvaluing his real estate, including his flagship Manhattan building, the Trump Tower, his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and his golf courses, allowed Trump to obtain bank loans on more favorable terms, James has alleged. She is seeking financial penalties of $250 million.The cancellation of the business certificates also was a centerpiece request in the attorney general’s case, a remedy that could cripple the Trump Organization’s ability to operate in New York.Trump, the Republican front-runner for the 2024 presidential nomination, has denied the allegations and attacked the case as politically motivated.Chris Kise, a lawyer for Trump, said the ruling was outrageous and disconnected from the facts and governing law. “The court disregarded the viewpoint of those actually involved in the loan transactions who testified there was nothing misleading, there was no fraud, and the transactions were all highly profitable,” he said.Kise said the full impact of the decision was unclear but pledged that Trump and his family “will seek all available appellate remedies to rectify this miscarriage of justice.
Dear anon,
Your ebonics headlines are so painful to read, I hope you know that. If that is your intent, then congrats, I guess.
>butthurt repub is seething

File: trumpitsover.png (93 KB, 409x297)
93 KB
The finding by a judge in a New York civil case that Donald Trump committed fraud in valuing his real estate properties undermined the narrative of the business career that launched him in politics.


Nearly every aspect of Donald J. Trump’s life and career has been under scrutiny from the justice system over the past several years, leaving him under criminal indictment in four jurisdictions and being held to account in a civil case for what a jury found to be sexual abuse that he committed decades ago.

But a ruling on Tuesday by a New York State judge that Mr. Trump had committed fraud by inflating the value of his real estate holdings went to the heart of the identity that made him a national figure and launched his political career.

By effectively branding him a cheat, the decision in the civil proceeding by Justice Arthur F. Engoron undermined Mr. Trump’s relentlessly promoted narrative of himself as a master of the business world, the persona that he used to enmesh himself in the fabric of popular culture and that eventually give him the stature and resources to reach the White House.

The ruling was the latest remarkable development to test the resilience of Mr. Trump’s appeal as he seeks to win election again despite the weight of evidence against him in cases spanning his years as a New York developer, his 2016 campaign, his efforts to overturn his 2020 election loss and his handling of national security secrets after leaving office.
The federal case accusing him of plotting to retain power despite his defeat at the polls three years ago paints him as a threat to democracy, as does a similar prosecution in Georgia. The classified documents case portrays him as willing to obstruct justice to cover up a reckless disregard for the laws that govern the handling of such documents. A New York prosecution stemming from hush-money payments to a porn star in the closing stages of the 2016 election sets out evidence of the kind of political skulduggery he professes to want to eradicate from Washington.

So far none of those cases has discernibly hurt Mr. Trump’s campaign in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, which polls suggest he is leading by large margins. In fact, polls show the indictments have consolidated his support among Republicans. The prosecutions have helped his fund-raising.

Whether the effect of Justice Engoron’s ruling is any different remains to be seen. But his finding imperils both Mr. Trump’s public image and his business empire. The former president now faces not only the prospect of having to pay $250 million in damages, but he could also lose properties like Trump Tower that are inextricably linked to his brand.

Mr. Trump’s lawyer in the case, Christopher M. Kise, called the ruling “outrageous” and said the decision would be appealed. He called it “completely disconnected from the facts and governing law.”

“The decision seeks to nationalize one of the most successful corporate empires in the United States and seize control of private property all while acknowledging there is zero evidence of any default, breach, late payment or any complaint of harm,” Mr. Kise said.

Mr. Trump, in a lengthy post on his social media site, called the statements in the ruling about fraud “ridiculous and untrue,” and said the decision was a political attack against him in the midst of the presidential campaign.
In all of Mr. Trump’s recent legal travails, his typical tactics for self-preservation have largely failed him. When cornered, Mr. Trump has traditionally sought to bluster his way out of trouble, falling back on exaggerations or outright lies to escape.

These methods have served him well in the business and political arenas, where there is often little price to pay for bending the truth and where voters tend not to distinguish between gradations of prevarications. Those methods, though, have been much less effective so far in the courts, which operate according to strict standards of veracity and staid and sober rules.

In straightforward terms, Justice Engoron punctured Mr. Trump’s bubble of protective falsehoods about the way he conducted his business.

“In defendants’ world,” Justice Engoron wrote, “rent-regulated apartments are the same as unregulated apartments; restricted land is worth the same as unrestricted land; restrictions can evaporate into thin air.”

“That is a fantasy world,” the judge went on, “not the real world.”

Mr. Trump’s other weapon of choice — bullying his adversaries — has not fared much better in the courts. This month, federal prosecutors asked the judge overseeing his federal election interference case to impose a gag order on him, citing his “near daily” social media attacks on people involved in the proceeding and the threats they were generating.

Mr. Trump blew past an early warning from the judge in that case, Tanya S. Chutkan, to be mindful about what he said concerning the witnesses, prosecutors and potential jurors in the case. But if he thought he could simply muscle through the judge’s admonition, prosecutors called his bluff. Now Mr. Trump has placed himself on what could be a collision course with the judge that could result in his public statements being curbed in the middle of his presidential campaign.
Mr. Trump is being constrained by the very system he often uses to try to stymie opposition: the courts. In the last two years, Mr. Trump has filed a blizzard of legal actions against news networks, political critics and even the Pulitzer Prize committee. Several of those cases have been dismissed.

But Justice Engoron’s decision hinted at a trait that has longed defined Mr. Trump’s personality and approach to doing business. He has always sought to create his own reality, often getting away with it — up to a point.

In a 2006 lawsuit that Mr. Trump filed against the journalist Timothy O’Brien, the author of the book “TrumpNation: The Art of Being The Donald,” which estimated that Mr. Trump’s net worth was no greater than $250 million, the future president sat for a deposition and made a surprising statement about how he calculates the value of his holdings.

“My net worth fluctuates, and it goes up and down with the markets and with attitudes and with feelings, even my own feelings, but I try,” Mr. Trump said.

A judge ultimately dismissed his suit.

File: Imnuts.png (72 KB, 340x512)
72 KB
CHICAGO — Brittney Allen was walking her dog, Darla, in Avondale when a squirrel leaped over her head onto a low-hanging tree branch.

“I screamed, and Darla was looking at me like, ‘What is going on?’” Allen said. “Recently, I’ve noticed tons of squirrels darting around, doing weird parkour moves. They ricochet off fences and into the trees. I’ve never seen anything like it.”
It turns out squirrels are doing backflips to celebrate the fact that oak trees have surprised them with a huge influx of acorns this fall.

Oak trees are masting right now, which means they’re dropping more acorns than usual, said Jalene LaMontagne, a biology researcher and professor at DePaul University.

“There’s a big oak tree near the fence where [the squirrels] all hang out and there’s acorns littered all over the ground,” Allen said. “It’s like their little hotspot where they find all their stuff.”

Masting events usually happen about every three to six years, but oak trees avoid settling into a predictable routine so that they can keep squirrels on their toes, LaMontagne said.

“The time that masting occurs varies so that animals can’t figure out trees’ timeline and eat all the acorns,” LaMontagne said. “If the squirrels could predict when trees typically mast, they probably would have evolved to have their babies around that time. If they ate all those acorns, there’d be no more oak trees.”
It turns out squirrels are doing backflips to celebrate the fact that oak trees have surprised them with a huge influx of acorns this fall.

>oaks do random flushes of acorns to avoid timing by parasites/predators
That's pretty neat.

Not looking forward to the next cicada brood. Asshole birds and other animals really fail to eat all those noisy bugs that cause massive tree damage.
Who the fuck soyjacks a squirrel? Is this what soyposting does to your brain?
Red squirrels are becoming endangered in Europe, because of bigger invasive gray squirrels eating all their food. It’s a euro meme

File: RicesWhale1.jpg (18 KB, 318x318)
18 KB

It was a whale of an announcement.

After years of research, scientists said they had discovered an entirely new species of whale swimming right under their noses in the Gulf of Mexico.

Yet as soon as scientists identified Rice’s whale, also known as the Gulf of Mexico whale, two years ago, there was a problem. There were hardly any left. With only about 50 remaining, the whale is one of the most endangered marine mammals on Earth.

Now efforts to protect the whale are running headfirst into that other behemoth off the Gulf Coast: the offshore oil and gas industry.

The Biden administration has proposed protecting a massive swath of ocean from Texas to Florida, potentially restricting fossil fuel activity in one of the nation’s top oil-producing spots. Already Biden’s deputies sought to remove millions of acres within its habitat from an offshore oil lease sale originally scheduled for Wednesday.

Offshore oil drillers and Republican lawmakers from Gulf Coast states responded with lawsuits to stop protections they say are economically crippling and hastily executed.

A federal district judge last week agreed, ordering the Biden administration to reverse course on the upcoming lease sale. An appellate court Monday delayed the lease sale until November.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
29 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>posted from my private jet
>retarded whale in inbreeds to make a "new species" of retards incest whales
>There were only ever less than fifty of them because they're all incest retards
>Get added to endangered species list
Fuck off
But enough about trump supporters
>posted on behalf of Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud
oh not the whales

N.Y. judge finds Donald Trump committed business fraud for a decade


NEW YORK — A judge overseeing a $250 million lawsuit against Donald Trump ruled the former president and his company committed fraud by inflating his net worth in business transactions, narrowing the scope of what the state’s attorney general must prove at an upcoming civil trial.

New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron also ordered the cancellation of Trump business certificates and imposed sanctions on attorneys representing him, two of his adult children, two other company executives and the business for repeating arguments that failed multiple times previously and were called “borderline frivolous.”

The judge’s ruling represents a significant setback for Trump by revoking his company’s authority to do business in New York, where the Trump Organization is headquartered and where Trump has major real estate interests. It also represents a victory for Attorney General Letitia James (D), who had asked that Engoron simplify the upcoming trial by deciding in advance that fraud was broadly committed so the state would need to prove only specific illegal acts.

Trump and his attorneys have denied any wrongdoing. Trump spokeswoman Alina Habba said the judge’s ruling Tuesday would be appealed.

Five Trump attorneys have been ordered to pay $7,500 each to a state organization that reimburses clients whose attorneys misused funds. One of the attorneys sanctioned by Engoron is Christopher Kise, a former Florida solicitor general who also represents Trump in federal court there in the indictment over the retention and mishandling of classified documents.

The decision orders the parties to suggest candidates for receivers who will oversee the dissolution of the various entities that make up the Trump Organization’s corporate structure
It's joever
>dissolved Trumps corporations
>his lawyers fucked up so bad it basically can't be appealed
Trump Org is dead

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