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File: 1200x0.jpg (96 KB, 1200x966)
96 KB

The Sandy Hook families who forced Alex Jones into personal bankruptcy after they won $1.48 billion in defamation damages have offered the Infowars host a deal to pay them 6 percent of what he owes in exchange for dropping their claim against him.

“Jones may elect to receive a complete discharge for himself and (his parent company also in bankruptcy) if he agrees to pay, from any source, at least $8.5 million per year, plus 50 percent of any income over $9 million per year, for 10 years,” reads a settlement offer by the families’ attorneys, filed two days before Thanksgiving in Texas bankruptcy court. “The time has come for Jones to choose whether he is willing to pay his creditors a reasonable portion of what they are owed or would prefer to remain embroiled in costly and time-consuming litigation for years to come.”

Jones’ bankruptcy attorneys had not responded to the families’ settlement offer on Monday, except to tell the judge in a pre-Thanksgiving filing that Jones was working on his own plan to get out of bankruptcy that would be presented in December.
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Run away, lying commie faggots. Daylight is breaking, cockroaches.
Fuck off with your checkbox bullshit, faggot.

>Under New York executive law. 6312 The action, the section under which this is brought, because they said the remedies are generally equitable, not money damages. And historically there hasn’t been a right to a jury trial for equitable damages. That is taking away the business license and that sort of thing. But I would have filed a jury demand to litigate the issue because here there are very severe monetary punishments at issue potentially. And I think there’s a strong argument to be made for the right to a jury trial.
It could have been requested, but Trumps team ignored the window. There's precedent for it being requested for cases being prosecuted under Section 63(12).
Choose one: Trump has shitty lawyers, or they deliberately chose not to request a Jury trial
> Is there a point in debating which absurdly high amount he's going to be giving them?
If you're gullible enough to think Sandy Hook was a hoax, Alex is being unfairly persecuted for muh freezepeach, and that most of the stuff Alex says is true, then yes, you're going to defend that failed crazy worldview, especially if it makes you feel like a redpilled special snowflake while you're doing it.
So which source is more credible here:
>The judge presiding over the case
>The nigger blog you just linked
Think hard, bro.
>Alex (and his lawyers) say that they've turned over everything and the plaintiff says otherwise.
And they lied. As evidenced when the phone fucking came out.
>How does the judge come to that conclusion?
I believe he strikes his little hammer into his desk.
>He can issue subpoenas to banks for the records.
The records were already under legal order to be turned over. How would a subpoena have helped? Did you mean a warrant? That would be an extraordinary step for a civil trial
>Have you ever participated in issuing a subpoena in a civil trial? I have.
You sound like it.


A conservative-leaning political action committee backed by the influential Koch network is endorsing Nikki Haley for the Republican presidential nomination.

The Americans for Prosperity super-PAC says Haley is best positioned to beat former President Donald Trump in the primary election and President Biden in the general election.

In a letter addressed to "Grassroots Leaders, Activists, and Interested Parties," Americans for Prosperity Action says it's throwing its support behind the former South Carolina governor and United Nations Ambassador.

The statement says the Republican party has been choosing "bad candidates who are going against America's core principles," and that Democrats are responding with what it calls "extreme policies."

Americans for Prosperity, or AFP, says it believes nearly three-quarters of Republican voters are ready to move on from Trump. That's despite the former president leading among Republicans by a wide margin in national and key primary-state polls.

The AFP statement notes though that Haley has moved into second place in multiple polls and promises to spend on new mail, TV and online ads backing her.
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t. Sidney Powell
The talking points you are repeating were debunked by the people who made them up.
> London is 70% brown these days.
So was the British Empire at its peak. What a coincidence.
Dozens of independent audits confirmed it was.
Youdebooooonked him so hard there.The way you dodge all his statements of fact so well by just using the old "appeal to authority" chestnut.
How original of you.
Feel free to deboooonk me too.

In a Truth Social post Monday, Donald Trump explained his recent gaffes—claiming he’s been intentionally mixing up Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s names in speeches “sarcastically” as a way of suggesting that Obama is the person pulling the strings instead of the current president.

Trump, 77, also took a jab at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, his competitor in the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, for teaming up with the “Democrat’s Radical Left ‘Disinformation Machine’” to suggest that he is “cognitively impaired.”

The DeSantis War Room posted a list of Trump’s blunders earlier this month on X, formerly known as Twitter, writing: “This is why his handlers won’t let him debate.”
In the Monday morning post, Trump defended himself by boasting that he “ACED” a cognitive test during his recent physical exam. He then called out Biden, who has also had his fair share of gaffes, writing, “Biden should take one so we can determine why he wants Open Borders, No Energy Independence, A Woke Military, High Inflation, No Voter I.D., Men playing In Women’s Sports, Only Electric Cars & Trucks, A Weaponized DOJ/FBI, and so many other CRAZY things!!!”

Biden, 81, has been subjected to criticism by political opponents over his age since before he was elected, while a poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research showed that roughly three-fourths of U.S. adults consider Biden as too old for a second term.

5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Do explain why for the class, with credible sources to back up your claim.
Do you not live in the US?
Quit being a fuckface.
How close was he with epstein? Any photos together floating around the internet? Maybe some passenger logs on his plane or entries in his books?
>Trump said a thing
Wow, so newsworthy. Trumpsexuals csnt stop thinking about Trump.
They seem to have abandoned this board, and it isn't the first time.

File: chief_Nero AI_moving.gif (881 KB, 224x305)
881 KB
881 KB GIF
Click on the GIF.


> Holden Armenta became an unexpected focus of an article by senior writer Carron Phillips that focused on a photo of the boy standing sideways, suggesting he was wearing blackface with no mention of the red side.

> “The NFL needs to speak out against the Kansas City Chiefs fan in Black face, Native headdress,” read the headline, which accused the boy of “doubling up on the racism.”

> [...]

> “He is Native American — just stop already,” she wrote of her son.

(I thought "Why not? Let's try one of these newfangled face animating AI services." I chose the first free one I came across ("Nero"), and the photo is the result. I was happily surprised to see the lad give a wink and a smile, proving that even artificial intelligence knows when people are just enjoying life.)
It's an amusing truth that comes up with regularity: Men who love Donald Trump struggle on the dating market. This is neither surprising nor regrettable. Supporting Trump is much like refusing to bathe, blowing your nose in your hands or farting loudly on purpose. It's a repugnant habit that makes you repulsive to normal people. The whole point of dating and marriage is to find happiness, not to spend the rest of one's days suffering in silence while the racist you live with cackles over Greg Gutfeld's latest hateful diatribe disguised as "comedy."

This should be common sense. Yet our sexist culture remains too enamored by stories of female self-sacrifice to accept that it's just fine if Trump voters never get laid. Even people who really should know better have taken to bullying liberal women for their refusal to date male Trump voters. "If attitudes don’t shift, a political dating mismatch will threaten marriage," declared a recent headline of a Washington Post column by the editorial board. To make it even grosser, the op-ed was published the day before Thanksgiving, as if to arm "concerned" relatives who planned to spend the holiday pestering single women at dinner over when they will get serious about finding a husband.

In this unsigned essay, the authors fret that the "ideological divide" between young men and women is preventing Gen Z — who range in age from 9 to 27— from getting married. Women under 30 are far more likely to be liberal than men, who are far more likely to identify as conservative. Citing data showing that Democratic voters generally refuse to date Trump voters, the Post editors argue that people should be more willing to date across party lines, and learn to appreciate "alternative perspectives that may at first seem odd or offensive."
The op-ed presents as if this entreaty to date across party lines as if it's generalized advice being offered to both men and women, and both Republicans and Democrats. But of course, it's aimed primarily, if not exclusively, at Democratic-voting women. The polling data shows that most Republicans are already willing to date Democrats. (Which makes sense, since Democrats make more attractive partners.) It's mostly Democrats — and mostly women — who decline to date those from the other party.

Adding further insult to injury, the editorial board cites right-wing sociologist Brad Wilcox, who is set to publish yet another in a long list of books that treat compulsory heterosexual marriage as a panacea for all social ills. Wilcox has a shady history of ties to anti-gay advocacy. Disturbingly, he once argued that marriage prevents domestic violence. In reality, marriage just traps women in relationships with their abusers.

In trying to sell women on this "marry men who repulse you" plan, the editorial board unconvincingly argues that simply being married makes people happier than being single. But while it may be true that married people — even those in politically mixed marriages — report higher levels of happiness than single people, it doesn't follow that the wedding ring is the reason. Most Americans marry for love, after all. Being married to someone you wanted to marry is very different than what is being suggested here: lowering your standards just to get married.

To be a bit crass about it, think about it this way: Two women buy a pair of shoes. The first one is allowed to try on every pair in the store until she finds ones that fit well and look good on her. The other woman buys the first pair on the rack, without even checking if it's her size. Which woman do you think will be happier with her purchase a week from now? And choosing who you marry has even more impact on your life!

File: 1670544887251240.webm (3.69 MB, 1920x1080)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB WEBM

The Koch political network on Tuesday delivered perhaps the most important endorsement of the GOP primary so far, cementing elite donors' coronation of Nikki Haley as the most viable alternative to former President Trump.

Why it matters: With the backing of Americans for Prosperity Action, the powerful political group founded by billionaires Charles and David Koch, Haley will unlock new access to influential donors, millions in ad spending, and a massive ground operation that rivals that of the RNC.

The endorsement also deals a huge blow to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has insisted dating back to his campaign launch in May that the Republican primary is a two-man race between him and Trump.
AFP Action acknowledged in a memo that DeSantis' supporters "will be disappointed in our decision" — but ultimately concluded Haley is the candidate best-positioned to beat both Trump and President Biden.

Between the lines: The endorsement could help Haley plug two of the biggest vulnerabilities of her candidacy.

1. Grassroots organizing: While her polling momentum is unmistakable, the scope of Haley's ground operation in Iowa has paled in comparison to the army of door-knockers deployed by DeSantis and his allied super PAC.

AFP Action — which boasted of the "largest grassroots operation in the country and a presence in all 50 states" — is now vowing to put thousands of organizers into the field in support of Haley.
"Additionally, in the coming days, we'll launch extensive mail, digital and connected television campaigns to supplement those on-the-ground efforts," senior adviser Emily Seidel wrote in the memo.
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Define "destroying America" for me so I can gauge my response to your level of schizo.
nimrata will never be president
>Food doubled in price in the last 18 months
>Define destroying uhmerica
Sure brah, keep thinking Democrats are the Avengers and Republicans are Thanos.
Not him but people with brains know inflation is a lagging indicator
It lagged Biden's inauguration. And then compounded 20% in 3 years.


Rep. George Santos will face expulsion again this week and predicts he'll be ousted

WASHINGTON — House lawmakers took steps Tuesday to force a vote to expel indicted Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., from Congress this week — the second time this month he will face an expulsion vote.

Santos, who admitted to lying about his background and has pleaded not guilty to multiple federal charges, easily survived a vote to oust him on Nov. 1. But he predicts he will be removed from office this time around.

Many lawmakers who voted against expulsion now say they will support it following the release of a damning Ethics Committee report on Santos just before the Thanksgiving recess.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
They know he's a con man.
They look at the cost/benefit ratio of keeping him around.
Same as the Dems and Menendez.

politics is a slimey profession
Can't Reps have firearms in Congress? They sure they want to throw this guy out? Not like he'll have much to live for if they do. Wouldn't be the first time a mentally unstable sociopath shot up their place of work the day they were canned.
Everybody lies on their resume why are we having such a fit about Santos? He does his job fine. He represents his constituents well by voting in their interests. It is starting to seem like a witch hunt.
I'm starting to become concerned with the sheer number of activist groups Democrats have.
What normal protesters make a stupid George Santos balloon?
Anything to distract from the fact that republicans are easy marks for con artists (like Trump and Santos)

File: file.png (566 KB, 1470x820)
566 KB
566 KB PNG

As Israel’s recent aggression on Gaza pauses after the 48th day, the state has accumulated a long list of what looks like blatant violations of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL), the law aimed to curb the brutality of war and set universal basic limits to address humanitarian concerns during armed conflict.

Law experts have called out Israel for considering itself above the law and criticizing the drawn-out history of impunity the occupying state continues to enjoy. Before we continue, we must understand that IHL does not stop wars from taking place, instead, it offers restrictions to how it should be carried out. Theoretically, the aim of war must not be to destroy the enemy, but only to overpower their military ability.

The founder of IHL is Henri Dunant, a Swiss businessman, who, en route to France, encountered the Battle of Solferino and witnessed wounded soldiers who were left to die due to lack of help. He set up a makeshift hospital at a church in the village of Solferino and treated the wounded, French or Austrian, without discrimination, with the help of ladies and elderly in the village.

Upon his return, he wrote a book called “The Memory of Solferino” where he proposed an independent entity in each state to protect and care for the wounded during war regardless of which side they come from, and partook in a team to establish the International Red Cross Committee.

The first-ever set of laws entailed that Red Cross Societies along with military medical service, both protected by their medical emblems, must adhere to the duty to respect, protect and care for sick or wounded military. After the world wars, the list of protected persons and the degree to which they were protected were expanded to include prisoners of war, civilians, press correspondents, etc. No one can create special agreements that go against these protections.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
tRump knows who holds the reins
Nobody gives a fuck about the impotent whining and finger wagging of self-important inbred euro-trash. Sory not sorry, your time of relevance is long gone.
>I gives us blah blah blah in an area of the wolrd thousands of miles away that the US should simply fuck off from and focus on it's own problems instead of killing arabs for Israel.

The irony is that the Arabs loved the U.S. after WWII as we had kicked out the British and French colonial powers, only for the U.S. to throw that all out the window by supporting European Jewish colonists, turning us into the Great Satan.

All for a nation the size of New Jersey with the population of New York City that offers nothing in return for all our blood and money.
B-but g-greatest ally. Greatest and best ally ever.
Simply no other ally is greater than Israel with it's militarized bulldozers designed to destroy houses.
No other ally has been so great as to test our ships with missiles to mislead the US into a war with Egypt.
Great great ally. Greatest. We get so much from them like, -40 billion in aid every year, and in return we receive wars in Afghanistan.
Lol the White House literally said today that Israel can't displace any more Palestinians in their offensive because the warcrimes are too blatant. Two weeks ago Genocide Joe said support for Israel was without any restrictions or conditions.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The Texas Supreme Court on Tuesday scrutinized efforts to clarify exceptions to the state’s abortion ban, which a growing number of women say forced them to continue pregnancies despite serious risks to their health.

The Texas lawsuit is among the biggest challenges to abortion bans in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade was overturned last year. In July, several Texas women gave emotional testimony about carrying babies they knew would not survive and doctors unable to offer abortions despite their spiraling conditions.

A judge later ruled that Texas’ ban was too restrictive for women with pregnancy complications, but that order was swiftly put on hold after the state appealed.

The decision now rests with Texas’ highest court, and during arguments Tuesday, one justice on the all-Republican panel signaled concerns about potentially giving physicians too broad discretion to provide exceptions.

“This very well could open the door far more widely than you’re acknowledging,” Justice Jimmy Blacklock said.

A ruling from the court could take months.

The lawsuit does not seek to repeal Texas’ abortion ban but to force more clarity on when exceptions are allowed under the law, which is one of the most restrictive in the U.S. Under the law in Texas, doctors who perform abortions risk life in prison and fines of up to $100,000.
Opponents say that has left some women with providers who are unwilling to even discuss terminating a pregnancy. Among those in the packed court gallery Tuesday were women who joined the lawsuit after being denied abortions, some of whom criticized justices for questioning whether women should instead sue physicians for failing to provide care.
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Then why is abortion a thing?
it's not. it doesn't happen. it's just another chud conspiracy
They’re mostly black, and they don’t really count as human.
>womans health..
murders baby ...
robs you
Excludes you!
>Democratic party
"Just fucking nod yes"
Everyone should be colored and gay
Not in your accomplishments, just for your skin tone and sex perversions

24 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Is that why you keep samefagging about posting the article?
I'm pretty sure everyone on the board already knows you're not going to post the fucking article at this point so it can only be samefagging.
I don't know what you're babbling about. Link's up top, you can click it or keep bitching.
I stopped replying to your threads ages ago. I just wanted to point out the obvious samefagging.
The article doesn't even do the math to base their assertion on. What a waste of time.

Disney should ditch their boy products, as they're a princess company. Trying to turn boy products into princess ones hasn't ever worked. It just loses the boy market, and doesn't attract any girl customers to make up for it.

They're marketing to a market that doesn't exist.
All the boys play Roblox and Minecraft. Gen alpha doesn't watch television.

Libs supporting terrorists because they love killing babies in womb

File: se52kr892dc61.jpg (88 KB, 1334x750)
88 KB

Two proposed federal class action lawsuits, filed in the wake of a Markup investigation, accuse the grocer of disclosing private data through its online store and pharmacy
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Correct. Would you like to add something of substance to your post?
republicans think ccp via tiktok is a data threat and maybe it is but e have more to fear from american mega corps
I don't see the point of emphasizing "portability" if not to imply they did nothing illegal here, when they obviously have.

So if that wasn't your implication, what was the point of your post? Enlighten me, faggot.
No that wasn't the implication of my post at all.
The idea is you have no privacy anyway because your data can be accessed by anyone who claims they have a need for it.
So what's legal is just as frightening as what isn't in this case.
I mean fair enough, but if anyone "inappropriately" accesses this information through official channels without the person's permission, they can't legally make money from doing it... So why would they? Personal motive?

File: file.png (91 KB, 831x472)
91 KB

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden on Tuesday offered to testify publicly to a House Republican impeachment inquiry of his father's Democratic administration, a dramatic escalation in a partisan brawl.

In a response to a subpoena from the House Oversight Committee, Hunter Biden's lawyer blasted the panel's probe as "a fishing expedition" and "empty investigation," telling the panel chairman a public inquiry was the only way to prevent "your cloaked, one-sided process."

"We have seen you use closed-door sessions to manipulate, even distort the facts and misinform the public. We therefore propose opening the door," attorney Abbe Lowell wrote committee chairman James Comer in the letter proposing a Dec. 13 public hearing.

Representatives for the committee and Hunter Biden could not be immediately reached for comment on the reports.
35 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I'm a Democrat and I want the old Republicans back NOW!
Shows MAGA is doing something right. Fuck you.
The Republican party consists of the Nazis and Vichy France.
They're all equally guilty of betraying America, and the 'moderates' had so many chances to dump Trump and they didn't take it, they own every action he does
All federal court cases are mandated to not be televised, so your attempt to show hypocrisy is invalid.
Rightwingers live in their own fantasy land
Care to link that statute you're citing that doesn't exist there, faggot?

Trials of this type used to be held in the public square so more people could witness them, not less. The idea that our court system could operate just as well or even better if nobody in the public knows what's going on is pretty laughable. Remember when leftists complained about secret FISA courts 5 minutes before they used them to illegally spy on Trump? Peperidge farm remembers.

The Vermont shooter of Palestinians is a white male. Not Jewish. Sorry, chuds. He went to Harvard a 70% white university
Vermont Shooting Suspect Interned at Harvard and Taught Children
The suspect accused of shooting three Palestinian college students in Vermont on Saturday night has worked as a farm hand, a Harvard research assistant, and a former ski instructor, according to a resume reviewed by The Daily Beast.

Jason J. Eaton, 48, was arrested Sunday afternoon and charged with three counts of second-degree attempted murder in connection with the shooting. Police say the college students were walking along a Burlington street when the suspect opened fire with a handgun “without speaking.” Afterward, he fled.
The students have been identified as Hisham Awartani, a Brown University student who was shot in the spine; Kinnan Abdalhamid, a Haverford College student who suffered a gunshot wound in the buttock; and Tahseen Aliahmad, a Trinity College student who was shot in the upper chest, according to a Burlington Police probable cause affidavit. Two of the victims are in stable condition, police said, and the third is seriously injured.

Eaton had previously struggled with depression and had Thanksgiving with his family just days earlier, his mother told The Daily Beast in an exclusive interview. “Jason has had a lot of struggles in his life but he is such a kind and loving person,” Mary Reed, his mother, said on Monday. “I am just shocked by the whole thing.”
41 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>jewish and jewish isn't a race
It's a race when it needs to be a race (ie: holocaust) and a religion when it needs to be a religion (ie: fellow whites, I'm white just like you)
>prove someone was jewish by telling us they love mein kampf
Jews love mein kampf. They use it to endlessly kvetch about how poiysecuted they supposedly are.
>white supremacist ideology was the factor tying most mass shooters together
Only a tiny minority of mass shootings are due to 'wyatt soopremust' ideology. Most are shit skins as they are incapable of living in civilization and don't understand what the metal thrower is supposed to be for. Next is mentally ill Jews. Then mentally ill leftists. Then deranged whites. And last white supremacists. Although, I wish Wyatt soopremusts would shoot up legit targets at much higher frequency, and not retarded targets like supermarkets.
>Only a tiny minority of mass shootings are due to 'wyatt soopremust' ideology.
Many of the more recent ones have been due to left wing ideology. This is probably another one given that this guy went to Harvard.
You're arguing with zogbots about whether or not somebody is Jewish; you don't expect intellectual honesty here, right?
white supremacy is cancer, proof itt

File: 1701218608859726.gif (679 KB, 500x280)
679 KB
679 KB GIF
Republicans, the party of criminals strikes again!


Nov 28 (Reuters) - Republican mega-donor Bernie Marcus said on Tuesday he would likely still give money to Donald Trump's 2024 presidential bid if the former president was convicted of a crime - but the billionaire does not plan to be one of his biggest financial backers.

Marcus, a co-founder of home improvement retailer the Home Depot (HD.N), announced earlier this month that he was supporting Trump, the runaway frontrunner for the 2024 Republican nomination contest that kicks off on Jan. 15 in Iowa.

Trump faces four criminal cases, including state and federal charges stemming from his efforts to overturn his 2020 election loss to Democrat Joe Biden. Trump, 77, denies any wrongdoing and has pleaded not guilty in all four cases. The unprecedented legal turmoil has prompted questions about what would happen to Trump's campaign if he was convicted or jailed.

Asked in an interview with Reuters whether he would still support Trump if he were convicted, Marcus replied, "I think so. Because I think it's all trumped up."

Marcus, 94, who supported Trump's White House runs in 2016 and 2020, said he had spoken to the former president recently. "I never discussed his legal fees or his legal problems," Marcus said, adding that Trump was "very happy" about his support.

Marcus and his wife Billi Wilma Marcus were the seventh-largest individual Republican donors in the 2020 election cycle, giving nearly $25 million to Republican campaigns, according to OpenSecrets, a nonprofit group that tracks money in politics. Business magazine Forbes estimates Marcus' net worth at around $8.8 billion.
Marcus would not be drawn into specifics of his donations this time around, saying only he would support Trump in the primary and in the general election against Biden in November 2024, should Trump be the nominee. However, Marcus cautioned he would not be a major financial supporter.

"Of course, I'm going to support him to some extent, but I'm not one of his big givers, that's for sure," Marcus said.

The billionaire said he also liked Republican presidential candidates Nikki Haley, a former U.N. ambassador and South Carolina governor, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but did not think they could beat Trump in the nominating contest.

Marcus said he thought Trump was a "fixer" who would be beneficial to the U.S. economy and strong on Middle East foreign policy.
tRump only did what 80% of politicians do, He was just too blatant about it.
The other 20% do worse things
Nope, just rightwingers.

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