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File: 960x0.jpg (133 KB, 960x640)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
A CBS News poll released on Tuesday, found that just 32% of Americans approve of the president's response to the events and protests in Minneapolis, while a separate survey from Morning Consult determined that nearly half U.S. residents think Trump is doing a poor job of handling the situation.


President Trump received net negative ratings when Americans were asked about his response to the protests and events in Minneapolis.

Nearly half (49%) of respondents in the CBS poll said they disapprove of Trump's handling of recent events, while just 32% approve.

Only 33% of those polled said they approve of the response by former Vice President Joe Biden, but his unfavorables were lower than that of Trump (25%).

The Morning Consult poll, released late Monday night, determined that the fallout from George Floyd's death and the subsequent protests could have significant implications for the 2020 election.

45% of registered voters think Trump is doing a poor job of addressing the situation.

When asked “are you more or less likely to vote for President Trump or Joe Biden as a result of George Floyd’s death and subsequent protests,” 45% said they are more likely to vote for Biden, with 31% more likely to vote for Trump.

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There's actually a whole list they want. Looks like they made a website for it too.


To be fair, didn't know it existed either until I saw the hashtag trending on twitter like a day or two ago
Oh, ok, seems reasonable. They should put 8cantwait.com on those signs. Do the protesters do that?
>30 unarmed black men are being killed by cops annually
ok now how many black men are killed by black men each year?
>See guys, murder by criminals totally justifies murder by authority figures.
I think some of them do.

File: creepy police.jpg (87 KB, 634x423)
87 KB

The Met gives police the green light to take a knee during Black Lives Matter protest.

Have a look at what the Metropolitan Police are doing in the pictures. It is really creepy. The pose they take looks just like the cop taking the knee to George Floyd's neck.

It is the same with all the creepy white people 'taking a knee'. They are symbolically kneeling on a black person's neck. It is so creepy.

White people just can't help themselves with their racism can they? The white power symbolism always comes out. Kneeling on black people's necks. Damn.
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da face of TERRORISTS

if you two are americans then you should probably read history before calling other countries nazis.many of your medical institutes,inteligence services and leading scientist where nazis or corporations built with nazi/waffen ss ideology.and your country didnt press war crime charges and even helped to avoid them against personel who where in unit 731,in exchange for medical reports from human experimentation.experimentations wich was done to american pow's too.you didnt also help the japanese civilians after nuking them,instead usa sent a team of scientist to collect data on effects of radiation on humans and then let them die.and i could really go on and on.
Based Finngolians dabbing on pavement apes
I as Russian do not understand what is the support?
What I see now is how the blacks rob the shops, marauding, beat and kill people and the police, is this your fight for the rights of blacks? it is not a struggle for their rights. Why whites kneel in front of blacks is a shame, the police must kill the marauders or put them in jail. After all this, Black will hate even more. Do they want equal rights? For what? They do not want to work, so why should they be hired if they do not have professional skills and do not want to study?
What is happening is racism towards whites
>"What is happening is racism towards whites" He types as he proceeds to blame the actions of criminal black people on the innocents as well, ignoring how all races are involved in both the looting and legitimate protests. He laughs to himself, assured that those with darker skin then him are inferior even though he's spent his whole life doing nothing but bitch about them. Clearly he is superior, because his skin contains less pigment.

File: baltimore-police.png (986 KB, 1179x663)
986 KB
986 KB PNG
Floyd had landed five years behind bars in 2009 for an assault and robbery two years earlier, and before that, had been convicted of charges ranging from theft with a firearm to drugs, the Daily Mail reported.

“What is not being told is the violent criminal history of George Floyd. The media will not air this,” police union president Bob Kroll told..... Floyd had allegedly just tried to pass a phony $20 bill before he died"

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>the Daily Mail reported.
>nypost link

alt-right bootlickers welcome a police state
remember to vote trump in november to ensure cops remain free to hand out execution as and when they feel like
>i can prevent someone from breathing for 8 minutes without realizing that it will kill them
if you calmly and rationally do something you know can kill someone and they die it's not manslaughter
It's hard to take someone's claim that they can't breathe seriously when they're screaming at the top of their lungs for 8 minutes
>screaming at the top of their lungs for 8 minutes
i don't think that's what the videos shows tbh
Gee, almost like they were about to die or someth- wait.

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>multiple videos...ripping up sidewalks
Post one.
Oh, wait... I found one.
lol you know this is only the first of like 10 PV threads that will be spammed here by some desperate activist /pol/tard
More like Project Falsitas.
forgot link:

File: EZiV3FlWsAEWt-D.jpg (48 KB, 697x731)
48 KB
Police are looking for a cyclist wanted for attacking a man with his bike on the Capital Crescent Trail.

The victim, who asked to remain anonymous, said he and others were posting flyers in support of the George Floyd protests Monday morning when they came across the cyclist near MacArthur Boulevard.

The victim started recording the encounter.

The video shows the cyclist approach a girl and take flyers from her, the victim said.

“He sees me recording him and sees the fact that I recorded him as he was doing that, and he grabs his bike and he runs it into me and pins me to the ground,” the man who recorded the incident said.

The video shows the cyclist rushing at the victim.

The victim said the man used profanity, called them deviants and said they were inciting riots.

The victim said he is part of a project posting flyers in affluent neighborhoods to raise awareness about racial injustice.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>The victim said he is part of a project posting flyers in affluent neighborhoods to raise awareness about racial injustice.
Oh lawd
I smell bacon

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican financial regulators said Tuesday they have frozen the bank accounts of 1,939 people and companies believed to be linked to movements of about $1.1 billion in Jalisco drug cartel money.

The country’s anti-money laundering agency said it worked with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to identify the 1,770 people and 167 companies caught up in the financial dragnet, dubbed “Operation Blue Agave.” Blue agave is the cactus-like plant used to make tequila, which is the signature drink of Jalisco, the cartel’s home state.

Mexico’s Financial Intelligence Unit said the investigation involved “the main leaders, financial operators, relatives, businesses, lawyers and public servantes that used corruption to benefit the illegal activities of this organized crime group.”

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Is this the Mexican century bros?
well its shown in the past that usa wont do anything to fight agains drugs flowing in to the country.the war on drugs is in reality busting a black guy who has 5g of weed on him and giving him 5-7 years in prison.and this is how america feeds it diabolical private prison complex.tear down schools to build more prisons.oh say can you see...
Huh. Honestly, good for them.
Now just publicly execute them
I visited Mexico and spent a couple of months there. It was honestly one of the greatest, friendliest, most beautiful places I've ever known. The cartels are fucking that country and I just wish there was a way they could break those fuckers for good. It doesn't help that the US provides the drug market to finance them.

no one here cares what should be cared about.
I get angry at the people who peddle this 5G tinfoilfag nonsense for clickbait money. There is so much real news to discuss with telcom companies and internet carriers but instead we get OP's batsht crazy headline.
we will see whos crazy when the results come in.
yeah, you
The 5G frequencies are mostly the same ones that were used for UHF TV channels for 60 years. They can't hurt you. Sometimes I don't understand how people can automatically assume the worst about new technology..

File: 4f5.jpg (86 KB, 915x1056)
86 KB
Hang all niggers and race traitors


File: 1576137180184.jpg (123 KB, 707x440)
123 KB
123 KB JPG

The plaza between St. John's Church and Lafayette Park was full of people nonviolently protesting police brutality late Monday afternoon when U.S. Park Police and National Guard troops, with the use of tear gas, suddenly started pushing them away for no apparent reason.

And then it became clear.

President Trump wanted to walk from the White House through the park to the Episcopal church. Camera crews scrambled to keep up with him as he strode through the park, followed by his daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, along with Attorney General William Barr and other administration officials.
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Wow, it's like somebody dropped two days worth of /pol/ posts into a blender.
>government officials
literal bad actors
Commies don't get an opinion
>If you're trusting the word of literal bad actors
Show me where I did this, Mr. Sea Lion.
I'm citing a lack of evidence for anyone in the crowd using baseball bats or pipes to refute the baseless WH claims. Nothing about "bad actors" interjecting into the dialog.
Get gud, bitch.

>over government officials
Notoriously unreliable government officials.

>then we can't have a conversation.
If you're just here to troll, then, no, we can't.
So sad...
nobody is going to believe the white house press spokesman for an administraion that casually lies a dozen times a day. if she wants to be believed she can provide evidence like anyone else.

evidence that will, of course, never be presented.

File: EZdD7caU4AIU7TF[1].jpg (172 KB, 1024x672)
172 KB
172 KB JPG

WASHINGTON — The bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington condemned President Donald Trump on Monday for his visit to St. John's Episcopal Church near the White House after law enforcement officers used tear gas to clear protesters from the area.

"Let me be clear: The president just used a Bible, the most sacred text of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and one of the churches of my diocese without permission as a backdrop for a message antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and everything that our churches stand for," Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde told CNN.

"And to do so... he sanctioned the use of tear gas by police officers in riot gear to clear the church yard. I am outraged," Budde said.

Budde is the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese Washington, overseeing more than 80 Episcopal congregations, including St. John's. She is the first woman to serve in her position.

Trump had just delivered an address from the Rose Garden Monday evening, pledging to be a "law and order" president and calling himself an ally to peaceful protesters. As he spoke, officers used tear gas canisters, rubber bullets and shields to force hundreds of protesters out of Lafayette Park by the White House. They had been peacefully demonstrating for several hours, demanding justice for George Floyd, who died while in police custody after a Minneapolis officer pinned Floyd's neck down with his knee.
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RUN FOREST RUN !!!!!!!!!

News Alert: Protesters' breach of temporary fences near White House complex prompted Secret Service to move Trump to secure bunker
The Washington Post

18 hours agoDetails

The Washington Post
Democracy Dies in Darkness

News Alert Jun 3, 5:26 PM

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>for a message antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and everything that our churches stand for
Wait until this guy gets to the part of the Bible with the money changers in the temple.
Reminds me of some other leader who was regulated to a bunker while his country fell apart around him, what was his name again?
Say his name:
Huh. Thats a little odd.

As if shit wasn't going sideways enough over here.

5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>thinking alaska doesnt matter

how old are you?
are these earthquakes out of the ordinary?
My house swayed, too dangerous for my family. Moving out
Alaska btfo
A little stronger than usual, but not terribly so, there's worse things to deal with in this shithole.

File: 1573868058935.jpg (26 KB, 480x360)
26 KB
Dozens of children and several staff members were wounded in a knife attack at a primary school in south China. The alleged attacker was reportedly a man who worked at the school.

At least 37 students and two adults were injured in a knife attack at a primary school on Thursday, state media reported.

The attack took place at a school in the city of Suzhou in the Guangxi autonomous region, according to reports on Twitter from the Global Times newspaper.

Local authorities later confirmed the attack, saying it occurred around the time when the students would normally arrive for class.

"37 students suffered mild injuries and two adults suffered more severe injuries. All of them were sent to a hospital for treatment, and none of their lives are in danger," the local government said.

Chinese news portal The Paper identified the suspected attacker as a 50-year-old man who works as a security guard at the school, DPA news agency reported.

Police have taken him into custody.

The school’s principal and another security guard were among the injured, The Paper said.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
A d if knives were banned, no one would have been stabbed.
Next they'll ban having hands
So you're saying that primary schools should not be gun-free zones?
I think it should be a case by case basis. If the neighborhood is Lebanon tier, no. Arm the teachers.
>oi, u got a loicense for dat middle finger?

File: 1591244069987.jpg (173 KB, 948x912)
173 KB
173 KB JPG

Federal prosecutors in Las Vegas have charged three men alleged to be members of the far-right extremist "Boogaloo" movement with multiple state and federal violations of conspiracy to cause destruction during protests in Las Vegas, as well as possession of Molotov cocktails.

Charging documents say Stephen T. Parshall, aka "Kiwi," 35; Andrew Lynam, 23; and William L. Loomis, 40, all of Las Vegas, were arrested Saturday on a state criminal complaint alleging conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism, material support for committing an act of terrorism and multiple explosives violations. The plot was foiled with help from an informant, authorities said.

The "Boogaloo" movement, which federal prosecutors describe as a "term used by extremists to signify a coming civil war and/or collapse of society," has been linked to some online posts about protests over the death of George Floyd.
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I like to ignore everything that doesn’t fit my narrative.
Wow talk about the media run state calling attention to a potential threat to its hegemony on the American goy mind. This system is so fake and gay and people really have to start to notice it on such a large scale that society is just rapidly taking a shit and the utter failure of elites to maintain such a gigantic lie that society is for the citizens. Its jews trying to hold a bucket of water and its splashing everywhere and the white fish wants out of the bucket to a real society that they control.
Take your pills and come back when you can type a readable sentence anon.
Where did the media touch you?

Donald Trump has been railing against vote by mail for the past few months – falsely citing the potential for voter fraud, which is extremely rare. As it turns out, the president himself bungled the system.
Trump registered to vote in Florida last September under his White House address – 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, according to the Washington Post. But Florida does not allow people to register to vote without an in-state address, and one month later, Trump resubmitted his application with a Florida address and voted in the Republican primary.

On his registration form, Trump told Florida officials his legal residence was in Washington DC but on another day also said he was a “bona fide resident” of Palm Beach, Florida, home to his Mar-a-Lago Club, according to the public records reviewed by the Post.
Other voters have faced significant consequences for the same mistake. In fact, as some Democrats pointed out, the same issue is listed on White House website as voter fraud.
A city manager in Florida paid $5,000 in fines for putting the wrong address on her registration, as did a restaurateur in Palm Beach county. Florida Republicans also challenged state Democrats in 2018 in a vote-by-mail investigation, but the state found there was no fraud. Florida also tossed out thousands of mail-in ballots for supposedly having signatures that did not match original registration forms.
Meanwhile, Democrats and some Republicans have called on states to ease vote-by-mail restrictions amid the pandemic. Tuesday’s primary election showed people waiting in line for hours in cities such as Washington DC, some of whom had not received absentee ballots in time.
If this happens in November, election officials fear the public could be at risk for contracting Covid-19, as some did in Florida and Wisconsin during elections earlier this year.

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