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File: 1606108957864.jpg (42 KB, 768x960)
42 KB


President Trump on Monday directed the General Services Administration to “do what needs to be done” — signaling cooperation with President-elect Joe Biden’s transition process even as he vowed to “keep up the good fight.”

“I want to thank Emily Murphy at GSA for her steadfast dedication and loyalty to our Country. She has been harassed, threatened, and abused – and I do not want to see this happen to her, her family, or employees of GSA,” Trump tweeted Monday evening.

“Our case STRONGLY continues, we will keep up the good fight, and I believe we will prevail!” he wrote across two tweets. “Nevertheless, in the best interest of our Country, I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, and have told my team to do the same.”

Biden’s official transition has been in limbo in the weeks since he was projected president-elect because the General Services Administration, of which Murphy is the administrator, had not formally signed off on the Democratic nominee’s victory through a process called “ascertainment.”

Murphy reportedly sent a letter to Biden’s team Monday afternoon signaling the process could move forward.

Trump’s move to allow the transition of power to proceed came not long after the Michigan Board of Canvassers certified its election results showing a Biden win, in another blow to Trump’s legal challenges and his attempts to delay certifications in key states.
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>Doesn't realize he wanted to start a war with Iran but was stopped by his people
>Massive drone campaigns don't matter
>Or the shitshow in Yeman.
There's also the whole issue of Trump ordering the assassination of a US citizen on US soil.
Going to defend that?
>no new wars
Irrelevant when we've continued to escalate the ones we already have, like in Yemen.
>bringing home the troops
Never actually happened on any significant scale and in the few situations where it was done it was a total failure leaving our allies out to dry. Yeah, we should've never gotten involved in Syria to begin with, but hastily pulling out only makes the situation worse. It was a blatant populist PR move with no actual substance behind it.
>no more world police
Assassinating Soleimani sure seems like world police action to me.
>trying to stop the selling of our industrial base to china
>trying to stop mass migration and protect workers wages
Not true but also what do these have to do with anything?
Not him but you appear to have no idea what you are talking about and appear to have swallowed the administration's propaganda
>There's also the whole issue of Trump ordering the assassination of a US citizen on US soil.

>Yeah, we should've never gotten involved in Syria to begin with, but hastily pulling out only makes the situation worse.
"I am opposed to forever war but also: HOW CAN YOU STOP THE FOREVER WAR"

You're a necon, just embrace it.
>It was a blatant populist PR move with no actual substance behind it.
The substance behind it is, as you say:
>we should've never gotten involved in Syria to begin with

File: monolith.png (865 KB, 618x878)
865 KB
865 KB PNG

A mysterious monolith has been discovered in a remote part of Utah, after being spotted by state employees counting sheep from a helicopter.

The structure, estimated at between 10ft and 12ft high (about 3 metres), appeared to be planted in the ground. It was made from some sort of metal, its shine in sharp contrast to the enormous red rocks which surrounded it.

Utah’s highway patrol shared images of both the sheep and the monolith.

The helicopter pilot, Bret Hutchings, told local news channel KSLTV: “That’s been about the strangest thing that I’ve come across out there in all my years of flying.”

Hutchings was flying for the Utah department of public safety, which was helping wildlife resource officers count bighorn sheep in the south of the state.

“One of the biologists is the one who spotted it and we just happened to fly directly over the top of it,” Hutchings said. “He was like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, turn around, turn around!’ And I was like, ‘What?’ And he’s like, ‘There’s this thing back there – we’ve got to go look at it!’”

Hutchings said the object looked manmade and appeared to have been firmly planted in the ground, not dropped from the sky.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>spotted by state employees counting sheep from a helicopter.
They fell asleep and dreamed it/crashed and are int limbo like the crappy ending of LOst
is there a rational explanation? or is aliums the rational explanation?
The Guardian thinks it might be the work of a sculpture artist named John McCracken who died in 2011, but he wasn't known for working in Utah and they can't prove it.

File: rittenhouse-rosenbaum.jpg (68 KB, 620x413)
68 KB
Sigh... he's definitely getting acquitted.
>Kyle Rittenhouse, in a jailhouse interview, said he used stimulus money to get a gun. The first man he shot had just left a psychiatric hospital.

>In a summer roiled by protests for racial justice, Kenosha, Wis., moved into the national spotlight in August after a White police officer shot a Black man named Jacob Blake seven times in the back.

>Peaceful protests during the day were followed by rioting and civil unrest at night. Just before midnight on Aug. 25, tensions peaked when a 17-year-old named Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum. Moments later, Rittenhouse shot two other men, one fatally.

>Rittenhouse was arrested and charged with multiple counts of homicide and weapons offenses, but right-wing groups have rallied to his cause, celebrating him as a hero who sought to protect Kenosha from destructive rioting and who fired in self-defense. The events have become a litmus test for a deeply divided nation.

>A Washington Post examination of video and police records, along with other documents, sheds new light on the mindsets of the two people principally involved - one a gun enthusiast who thought of himself as a medic, the other a homeless man with a criminal record who was discharged that day from a psychiatric hospital.

>The Post found that Rittenhouse, who was too young to buy a rifle, had arranged for an adult friend to buy the weapon for him using money Rittenhouse had received from a government stimulus program.

>The Post interviewed Rittenhouse, who spoke publicly for the first time since his arrest. He said he did not regret that he had a gun that night. "I feel I had to protect myself," he said. "I would have died that night if I didn't."
266 replies omitted. Click here to view.
He didn't approach him anon, he was chased.
>He approached
so you're still going with the fake news strategy?
He may have been emancipated from his guardians.
I saw the clips, he wasn't brandishing his gun. Where was he waving it about and threatening with it?
Joseph Rosenbaum was convicted of sex with a minor and killed by a minor. Pottery.

File: helmetmandetained.png (304 KB, 666x454)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
Law Enforcement detain, search and arrest a man at Wal-Mart for wearing a helmet after false testimony from a manager. These officers continued to show a lack of professionalism as they refuse to allow the man to defend himself, and ask the man about his medical history.

I love videos like this but I think I've seen them all! :(
he violated the property rights of the store owners


WASHINGTON — What’s gotten lost in all of the focus on President Trump’s lawsuits, his baseless accusations of voter fraud and his administration’s unwillingness so far to begin the transition is a simple fact.

The 2020 presidential election wasn’t really that close.

Right now, Joe Biden’s popular-vote lead over Trump stands at 4 percentage points, 51 percent to 47 percent — and it’s only going to grow once more of New York’s votes (finally) get counted.

That would give Biden the second-largest popular vote margin out of the 21st century’s six presidential elections, with only Barack Obama’s 7-point win in 2008 being greater.
34 replies omitted. Click here to view.
More importantly, Florida is a red state, the media started another panic by implying that because it didn't go blue, we'd have a massive red tidal wave and Trump would win.
Don't bully the little retard too hard. He was probably confused by all the headlines discussing Russian Hackers to understand the context
Doesn't really work on a slow board though
>red mirage
Weird how the "red mirage" only vanished in ~5 cities with sketchy voting laws and procedures and how it did not apply to the rest of the country or even neighboring swing-states like Ohio which have strict voting procedures.

You are now aware that this is the first time since 1960 that a candidate has won FL and OH but lost the Presidential election
>weird that there were also serious accusations of fraud in 1960 as well

He has a point, for the last four years we have had half the country shouting
>not my president

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Biden's a catholic though

File: e1c4ce6aea5.jpg (39 KB, 1100x825)
39 KB

Joe Biden's administration can formally begin its transition to power after a previously little-known federal agency on Monday ascertained Biden as the apparent winner of the election more than two weeks after the Democrat became president-elect.

The awaited decision from the General Services Administration provides the incoming Biden team with federal resources and access to agencies.

The news came as President Trump, who has still hasn't conceded the White House race, tweeted he was "recommending" the GSA and others in his administration begin "initial protocols" to kick-start the formal transfer of presidential power.

...fight, and I believe we will prevail! Nevertheless, in the best interest of our Country, I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, and have told my team to do the same.
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 23, 2020
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Under the 1963 Presidential Transition Act, it was up to Murphy as head of the GSA, the federal agency that acts as a leasing agent for the government, to make the ascertainment, though the law is vague about the criteria that should be used.

The GSA had cited the precedent set by the 2000 election in which Republican George W. Bush wasn't declared the winner over Democrat Al Gore until the Supreme Court ruled in Bush's favor in a dispute over recounting Florida's ballots. The margin then was just 537 votes, a far narrower outcome than Biden's win over Trump.

That shortened transition period was cited by the 9/11 Commission as a factor in al-Qaida's attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, because of the time it took Bush to get his national security team in place.

The GSA decision was Monday's second major blow to Trump's effort to overturn the election result. Earlier in the day, the Michigan Board of State Canvassers voted to certify Biden's win there. The typically ministerial duty had become a national focal point as the president and his allies launched a failed effort either to delay certification or install Trump loyalists in the place of electors who would vote for Biden.

The decision to certify the outcome was 3-0, with one abstention.
>While Trump said he had recommended the moves, Emily Murphy, the Trump appointee who heads the GSA, wrote in her "letter of ascertainment" to Biden that she had reached the decision independently.
So basically the GSA made the independent decision to start giving Biden funds and resources, and Trump took credit for it out of fear of appearing out of control of the situation?
>Murphy wrote she had reached her decision "because of recent developments involving legal challenges and certifications of election results."
So she decided to save her ass when it became clear Trump can't keep stalling this shit forever and pull off his soft coup
No. trump's fat fuck toadie received her marching orders and used standard boiler plate language that has appeared in previous letters of ascertainment. This was a standard formality by the GSA, as per previous elections. She had been holding it up on trump's orders like a good little lickspittle because she knows who is holding her leash.

Which, by the way, is in flagrant violation of the law. Her position is specifically set up to be independent of the influence from the Whitehouse. But, like all of trump's quislings, she decided to ignore all laws, regulations, and precedents in her blithering devotion to her cult's Dear Leader.
>trump's fat fuck toadie
> good little lickspittle
>holding her leash
> trump's quislings
>blithering devotion
>Dear Leader.
Even in victory you are completely miserable.

Its going to be funny over the next few years, with Trump gone and Biden in the WH. Its going to be funny watching so many of you realize that your misery and anger that plagues you has nothing to do with Trump.

But do enjoy the next four years of Woke George Bush

File: 1597152465637.jpg (195 KB, 850x850)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Blue states better start setting up armed checkpoints to stop the Trump Virus from spreading to their states.


A motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota attended by approximately 460,000 in August resulted in at least 86 cases of COVID-19 in neighboring Minnesota, including four hospitalizations and one death, according to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday.

Why it matters: The CDC said its findings illustrate how large gatherings in one area can have an impact on surrounding areas, and highlight the importance of wearing face masks and social distancing.

The report found that of the 86 cases, 51 were in people who attended the rally and the other 35 people came in contact with event attendees.

What they're saying: "The motorcycle rally was held in a neighboring state that did not have policies regarding event size and mask use, underscoring the implications of policies within and across jurisdictions," the report said.

"[T]hese findings highlight the importance of reducing the number of attendees at gatherings and emphasizing mask use, physical distancing, isolation for patients with COVID-19, and quarantine for close contacts as strategies for reducing the spread of COVID-19."
"[T]hese findings demonstrate the rationale for consistent mitigation measures across states."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Yes, it's a whataboutism.
No, it's not.
>Also there wasn't a spike in the cities protests took place in.
There absolutely was.
But again, how can you say anything for sure when contact tracers were told to avoid collecting data on BLM protests?
You can't :)
>There absolutely was.
Well if you say so, butthurt anon on 4chan
>ad hominem
Not a good look for you.
460k shitheads leads to 260,000 new COVID-19 cases: study and 3,000 deaths and many damaged lungs

Only in america

>KIRKSVILLE, Mo — Sunday marks day two of firearm deer season in Missouri, and hunters have flocked to the Heartland to get in on the action.
>But COVID-19, civil unrest, and fears over another shut down have caused something unexpected this year: ammo shortages -- and hunters like Jerry of Kirksville, are feeling the impact.
>The NICS states that background checks to buy guns have already surpassed 32 million checks at the end of October.
>To compare that was with 10 months of data, the total for all of 2019 was just over 28 million background checks.
263 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Voting isn't a basic human right, and neither are guns.

You're bad at this.
>Voting isn't a basic human right
Glad we agree.
We don't, you're a crackhead
>ad hom
Oof! Not quite an argument.

Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong and two fellow campaigners are facing the prospect of prison after pleading guilty to unlawful assembly during last year's mass protests.

Mr Wong, Ivan Lam and Agnes Chow appeared in court on Monday.

Mr Wong said he expected to go to jail, possibly facing five years behind bars.

However, as the alleged offences took place before China enacted a harsh national security law in June, they avoided a potential life sentence.

The prominent activist revealed he decided to change his plea after talking to his lawyer.

"We three have decided to plead guilty to all charges," Mr Wong told reporters gathered at the court on Monday. "It will not be surprising if I am sent to immediate detention today."

"We will continue to fight for freedom - and now is not the time for us to kowtow to Beijing and surrender," he added.

The three were remanded in custody until 2 December, when they will be sentenced.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
But the three in court on Monday are among the most high-profile activists in Hong Kong, and as the prison vans thought to be transporting them back to the detention centres pulled out onto the road, their supporters gathered, waved and chanted. Some activists called Joshua Wong's name in Cantonese as the vans drove away.

Mr Wong used his platform on Monday to raise awareness of the plight of 12 young Hong Kong activists who were arrested trying to flee to Taiwan by boat, and are currently detained in mainland China, .

Many activists feel the youth here are under attack. There have been more than 10,000 protest related arrests since last year and more than 2,000 prosecutions. More than 1,000 arrested are under 18.

Who are the activists?
Mr Wong has been involved in Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement for years and has served several shorter prison sentences as a result.

The now 24-year-old first rose to prominence as a student leader during the 2014 "Umbrella Movement", and also supported the new wave of protests that rocked the territory in 2019.

Last year's protests repeatedly led to violent clashes between demonstrators and police.

The background you need on Hong Kong's protests

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Ahead of Monday's court appearance, she wrote on Facebook that although "mentally prepared", she still felt scared ahead of a possible prison term but would "try my best to face it bravely".

"If I am sentenced to prison this time, it will be the first time in my life that I have been in jail," she wrote. "However, compared to many friends, I have suffered very little."

Why were there protests in Hong Kong?
A former British colony, Hong Kong was handed back to China in 1997 but under the so-called "one country, two systems" principle.

It was supposed to guarantee certain freedoms for the territory - including freedom of assembly and speech, an independent judiciary and some democratic rights - which mainland China does not have.

The activists fear that Beijing's growing influence in Hong Kong would mean the gradual erosion of those rights and freedoms.

Most observers say that this year's national security law has confirmed those fears, making it easier to severely punish protesters.

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Into the trash it goes!

Go cry about it libcuck.
Aww did my post hurt your feelings?
>Russian meme frog
Fuck off /pol/

BTW, both Republican Georgia senators are criminals who used insider trading to profit off the pandemic and then let people die by not taking action.

Dominion Voting Systems is an election services company from Canada that is responsible for the technology used to count votes in many of the close battleground states in the 2020 presidential election. Issues have arisen in some of those states, such as Michigan and Georgia, propelling Dominion into the spotlight.

Dominion Voting Systems is a company from Toronto, Canada, that has headquarters in Denver, Colorado, and is one of three major firms providing voting machines in U.S. elections.

A 2014 form filed with the State of California says Dominion was founded in 2003 in Canada and 2009 in the U.S. Its principal officers were listed then as John Poulos, CEO; Ian MacVicar, CFO; and James Hoover, vice president of product line management. Other articles say Poulos and Hoover are the co-founders.

President Donald Trump has also made claims against Dominion, writing on Twitter, “Report: Dominion deleted 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide. Data analysis finds 221,000 Pennsylvania votes switched from President Trump to Biden. 941,000 Trump votes deleted. States using Dominion Voting Systems switched 435,000 votes from Trump to Biden.” He provided no evidence.

However, USA Today reported that a national coalition has announced there “is no evidence that any voting software deleted or changed votes” in the 2020 presidential election. You can read the statement of that national coalition here.

The group “includes the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the National Association of State Election Directors” described the election as “the most secure in American history,” USA Today reported, quoting the coalition as saying, “There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.”

82 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>we're actually supposed to keep the privacy envelopes for two years
[citation needed]
?? Explain to me how that would be a bad thing, exactly. I'm just a dumb Euro in a country where Voter IDs are sent to people by mail, but once you carry them with you on election day you need to prove with valid ID that you're the person whose name it states on the Voter ID slip, so you can receive your ballot, cast your votes, and all votes then get manually hand-counted in full view of observers no exceptions whatsoever. I read according to Wiki that in the US this would somehow be considered disenfranchisement of undocumented but that's clearly cop-out since it's just a matter of giving people proper identity documents so they can vote, among other things. Ie it's shifting the buck elsewhere while opening a window for elections to have possible vulnerabilities.
Election law.
>it's just a matter of giving people proper identity documents so they can vote
Anything resembling a free national voter id act will never get out of congress. Nearly the entirety of EU, on the other hand, either makes easily attained documents eligible as proof or has a similar national id policy in place
Most modern pushes for voter ID are less concerned with election security and more with trying to disenfranchise specific voters. This is why these ID laws are have overly specific requirements (North Carolina's struck down law allowed driver's licenses but not government employee IDs, despite both being government-issue photo IDs) or are paired with highly specific closures of ID-issuing offices ("open only on the fifth Monday of the month"), both of which are tailored to target specific demographics or areas to reduce their turnout for the opposing party. Handing out free ID would prevent these underhanded measure from working, hence a lack of push for free IDs by the same people demanding the ID requirements.

Comically, these same laws also ignored mail-in ballots because at the time they were passed (before being struck down) Republicans benefited more from mail-in voting as their constituents were more likely older and more rural. This of course changed this year when the pandemic caused Democrats to vote heavily by mail, so suddenly Republican leadership had to about-face and claim mail-in ballots were prone to fraud and in-person was more secure.

If anyone actually gave a shit about election security we'd automatically send IDs with every registration, but nobody wants to do that because it doesn't help them win.

Biden wants to waste no time denying basic human rights
209 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>And they did nothing even moderately substantial with it.
They lowered taxes despite never having a 60 vote majority in the senate
>And any dem today you mention it to will literally bend over backwards to defend FDR for doing it

I don't know any Dems who don't consider that anything but a tragedy - though I know some Republicans that not only will defend it as a necessity, but who advocated, incessantly, that we should do it to the Muslims around 9-11. Further, it's the tragedy that so many Democrats pointed to in their efforts to shout down calls for Muslim concentration camps at the time, as well as what they point to, to this day, in their complaints about the border detainment camps.

Today, the Democrats be like this about it:

...Meanwhile, the Republicans, have actually reopened them:

If you can find me a Democrat that will defend concentration camps of any sort today, I'd be quite impressed.

Though, really, Democrats had balls of steel back then - today, they are pussified as fuck. (Save maybe the angry black ones, that aren't so much Democrats, as Afrocrats.)
>Though, really, Democrats had balls of steel back then - today, they are pussified as fuck.
Oddly, I think Hillary is the just about the manliest major candidate they've had since 2000.
This. I'm pro-2A, but do people really need modern guns? Why can't they just use crossbows?
I wouldn't mind fighting a war with throwing tomahawks.

File: 1488832212644.gif (116 KB, 277x400)
116 KB
116 KB GIF

Inside Detroit’s absentee-ballot-counting center, one Republican poll watcher complained that workers were wearing Black Lives Matter gear. She thought one of them — a “man of intimidating size” — had followed her too closely.

Another Republican poll watcher complained about the public address system. Workers were using it to make announcements. It was loud. “This was very distracting to those of us trying to concentrate,” he said.

A third poll watcher noticed that when absentee ballots came in from military personnel, many showed votes for Democrats. He found that odd.

“I can estimate that at least 80% of military ballots I saw were straight ticket Democrat or simply had Joe Biden’s name filled in on them,” the man wrote. “I had always been told that military people tended to be conservative, so this stuck out to me.”

On Wednesday, President Trump’s campaign asked a federal judge to take a drastic step: block the state of Michigan from certifying the results of its presidential election. President-elect Joe Biden now leads Trump by about 148,000 votes there.

To back up that lawsuit, Trump’s campaign had promised “shocking” evidence of misconduct.

Instead, the campaign produced 238 pages of affidavits from Republican poll watchers across Michigan containing no evidence of significant fraud but rather allegations about ballot-counting procedures that state workers have already debunked — and in some cases, complaints about rude behavior or unpleasant looks from poll workers or Democratic poll watchers.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
33 replies omitted. Click here to view.
take your pills schizoid

all you gotta do is include at least 3 buzzwords -- 'liberals' , 'hillary' , 'hunter biden', 'pride', 'secret society', 'BLM', 'evidence', to name a few

then just clickbait the fuck out of trumpers with room temperature IQ, and you've got an ad revenue machine. good shit

There is more proof of the existence of Azu-nyan than Trump has for 'evidence' of voter fraud.
Holy shit I'm going to find and fuck azunyan you guys
>disobey chain of command, leak confidential information about one of our key military assets being out of commission
>get slapped
>"he dindu nuffin"
Do Dems have sort of genetic predisposition to rebellious behavior?

File: image.jpg (840 KB, 1500x1000)
840 KB
840 KB JPG
President Trump First Lame-Duck Pardon ... Turkey Saved from Beheading

President Trump is moving forward Tuesday at The White House with the annual pardoning of the turkey ahead of Thanksgiving -- which will mark a rare public appearance from DT since he got beat by Joe Biden.

Surprised he didn't kill and eat the Turkey and used the Pardon for his kids.
Or named the turkey Joe, revoked the pardon, then ate him.
hee hee ......ha ha...hoo hoo......pissed my pants

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