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A meeting Wednesday morning of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District board — which replaced the former Reedy Creek Improvement District — opened with members’ statements that there’s not much they’re actually allowed to do.

The board announced that a hired special council discovered agreements were made in February between Disney and Reedy Creek, weeks ahead of the signing of HB-9B, which handed over direct control of the district’s development rights and privileges to the company.

Board member Ron Peri’s said the group of five that Gov. Ron DeSantis appointed to take control of Disney’s “corporate kingdom” has very little power to govern.

“I cannot tell you the level of my disappointment in Disney. I thought so much better of them. This essentially makes Disney the government. This board loses, for practical purposes, the majority of its ability to do anything beyond maintain the roads and maintain basic infrastructure,” Peri said.

The special counsel reported that the development agreement will last for decades and includes approval to build more theme parks. It also bars the new tourism board from making changes to properties without Disney’s approval.
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I won
Here's your tissue.
So you agree DeSantis is like a nazi, you just said it. Why do republicans support a nazi? Because they think a r
democrat like Biden is also a nazi? How does that make sense?
Debunked. Sicknick is on video walking around after supposedly being beaten with a fire extinguisher. Coroner said he died of heart attack after he went home.
>on this episode of Ron and Jerry
This shit is hilarious

File: Donald_Trump_indicted.jpg (26 KB, 512x512)
26 KB

I'm spending the weekend partying! I'm going to go to an LGBT you center and order everyone pizza and a decorated cake that says FUCK TRUMP lmao!
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This is THIRTY FOUR felonies.
this will only make him a martyr
even if this goes through all the way (it won't) he'd be getting like 2 months of community service max for the "crime"
Its not a felony. Its not even a misdemeanor (statute of limitations has run out). They dont care. They want him to be facing criminal charges during the election. Its purely political.
Hahaha conservitards are huffing so much copium in this thread
The pizza is delicious, thanks for asking.

Here's Today's news headlines: March 30, 2023

Trump is indicted

Wall Street Journal journalist arrested in Moscow for espionage

China officially states they are preparing to go to war with the United States

Democratic lawmaker from LA convicted of bribery and corruption


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Paste the articles or else you're kneejerking over a headline.
Strange, I'm posting today's major headlines and your the one kneejerking over it


President Joe Biden condemned a wave of state-level attempts to strip gender-affirming care from transgender Americans and celebrated trans and nonbinary people as “some of the bravest people I know” in his proclamation recognising Transgender Day of Visibility.

The International Transgender Day of Visibility, recognised annually on 31 March, seeks to celebrate trans people and bring attention to violence and discrimination against trans people worldwide.
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sweaty feet
Very surprised there is no jak op image
The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriotic transgenders and tyrannical christians.
how can you trust what anyone who mistakes canada for china says

File: fPPP7qp.jpg (81 KB, 1127x1127)
81 KB
How Many Mass Shootings Have Been Carried Out by Trans People?


A tweet listing four mass shootings in the past five years that were perpetrated by transgender people has gone viral, attracting 5.4 million views as of 8 a.m. ET on Tuesday and the attention of Twitter's owner, Elon Musk.

Benny Johnson, a political columnist and Turning Point U.S.A. official, wrote in his viral tweet: "One thing is VERY clear: the modern trans movement is radicalizing activists into terrorists."

Musk — who has expressed varying views on transgender issues and is reported to have a transgender child — replied to the tweet with an exclamation mark, itself seen 2.2 million times.

The tweet follows a school shooting in Nashville on Monday, in which Audrey Hale — identified by police as transgender — is suspected to have shot and killed six people, including three members of staff and three nine-year-old children.

"The trans movement is pushing more and more extremism each day," said Oli London, a media personality who has become critical of the transgender movement since deciding to detransition. "They recruit people, indoctrinate them and pump them full of propaganda until they become filled with hate and rage."

While some used the apparent prevalence of shootings by transgender individuals to highlight mental health concerns, others pointed out that there had already been more than 100 mass shooters in 2023 alone. Therefore, the number of mass shootings perpetrated by transgender individuals mounted to a fraction of the total number in the U.S. over the past five years.
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Rightoids in this country lie more than a mattress, what did you expect? They want to use tranny panic to take your guns and control your life
4% of a subgroup is actually huge.
you should all be locked up for being mentally unhinged.
5% of school shooters are part of a mental ill group of privilaged trans genderism.
>retarded american can't do math
>all is fine in the world.
God you are so fucking stupid.
If you include domestic terrorism charges aka burning down buildings and armed with fireworks and explosives the number shoots up immensely
Apart from Tasheen Malik (who was the accomplice of her husband) 100% of mass shootings in the USA have been by men.
>deal with it trannys


>A grand jury in Manhattan has voted to indict Donald Trump, according to three sources familiar with the matter – the first time in American history that a current or former president will face criminal charges.

>The Manhattan district attorney’s office has been investigating the former president in connection with his alleged role in a hush money payment scheme and cover-up involving adult film star Stormy Daniels that dates to the 2016 presidential election.

>The decision is sure to send shockwaves across the country, pushing the American political system – which has never seen one of its ex-leaders confronted with criminal charges, let alone while running again for president – into uncharted waters.

>The legal action against Trump jolts the 2024 presidential campaign into a new phase – where the former president has vowed to keep running in the face of criminal charges.

>This story is breaking and will be updated.
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the active forces in the field against the King's tyranny never amounted to more than 3% of the colonists during the Revolution
Oh stoppi you're talking about a real estate swindler from Queens, not George Washington.
This is actually great news!!!!!!
This means now we can go after Biden, Clinton and Oboma. We can also go after Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi

Heads are going to start rolling.. and the Democrats have a lot of crimes
Republicans are ready to fall on sword for Trump.
I get what he's saying about "abuse of power" because these charges are coming long after the statute of limitation expired.
And let's be honest.
This isn't even interesting. It's going to get him a fine.
Im all for charging trump, I mean, if the dude takes too many pennies from the "take a penny leave a penny" tray he should be charged, but not 7 years later after when you can't even legally charge the person anymore.

>Spanish TV actress Ana Obregón has come under fire after revealing that she has had a baby girl via surrogacy in the US at the age of 68.
>Obregón is best known for starring in a number of Spanish sitcoms.
Her son and only child died of cancer in 2020 at the age of 27, and she had since spoken of her struggles to move on with her life.
Spain has banned all forms of surrogacy, but parents can adopt the child when they return to the country.
Surrogacy is when a woman agrees to carry and give birth to a baby on behalf of someone else. It is often, but not always, done in exchange for money.
Obregón - who also lost both her parents after the death of her son - was pictured on the cover of ¡Hola! magazine earlier this week outside a Miami hospital, cradling a newborn baby.
In an Instagram post, she later commented on the magazine cover, saying:
"A light full of love came into my darkness. I will never be alone again. I AM ALIVE AGAIN."
Her remarks ignited debate on Spanish social media, and some ministers in Spain's left-wing government were incensed at the move.
Education Minister Pilar Alegría called the image of Obregón leaving the hospital "Dantesque", referring to the Italian writer's journey through hell.
Equality Minister Irene Montero said the move was "a form of violence against women" and added there was a "clear poverty bias" against women who become surrogate mothers because they needed the money.
Ms Alegría also noted: "This is not surrogacy, this is renting a womb which, as we know, is an illegal practice in Spain."
"Women's bodies should neither be bought nor rented to satisfy anyone's desires," declared Presidency Minister Felix Bolaños.
But Cuca Gamarra - number two in the conservative People's Party - was more cautious, saying the subject had to be approached via "deep and serene debates because it touches on many moral, ethical and religious questions".

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
... Spain's Socialist-led coalition government came to power almost five years ago and has made women's rights one of its key areas of policy.
Earlier this year, it imposed tighter restrictions on surrogacy, banning advertisement for surrogacy agencies.
It identifies surrogacy as a form of violence against women, categorises any "reproductive exploitation", forced pregnancy and forced abortion, forced sterilisation or forced contraception in the same way.
Other sources: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11919223/Spanish-socialite-claimed-shared-bed-David-Beckham-mother-68.html
Good for her

File: based mark.jpg (20 KB, 554x203)
20 KB
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has your HRT treatments rotted your brain? what the do you think >>1152897 is?
Mr Greenwich, an openly gay man who is married to his long-term partner, said he didn't want to directly respond to the now deleted tweet.

"I understand this tweet has been taken down, and I don't intend to engage with the matter further," he said in a statement. "My focus in the parliament will be working with the majority of members who support the LGBTQ community to progress important reforms."

When asked about the tweet during an interview, he said he wasn't surprised he had been targeted.

"When you're in public office as an openly proud gay man you're going to get targeted but I'm more focused on the majority of people across the state who love, support and celebrate the LGBTQI community. I am not going to get an apology from Mark Latham so I'm not going to expect an apology. No point asking."

One Nation founder and leader Pauline Hanson said she and her party associates did not condone the remarks and she has asked Mr Latham to apologise publicly.

"I think (the comments) are disgusting. I've actually tried to ring Mark a couple of times to no avail and I have clearly sent a text message to him telling him my views."

Mr Albanese told 10 News "hateful speech" was never warranted and added nothing to public disclosure.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Former federal Labor leader Mr Latham looks set to be successfully re-elected to the NSW upper house after Saturday's election. He had only served four of his eight-year term but took advantage of a loophole which meant he could resign, re-run at the top of the ticket and attempt to have his original seat filled by a second One Nation candidate. Former NSW Labor MP Tania Mihailuk took that second spot on the One Nation ticket but according to ABC chief election analyst Antony Green she is unlikely to secure enough votes to double the party's presence in the Legislative Council.

New environment minister — and the first out lesbian in the NSW parliament — Penny Sharpe said she felt "physically sick" after reading the comment.

"People have been bullied over these issues over time. I've worked with families whose sons were murdered in the 70s and 80s through violence against gay men. This is a serious matter and it brings back a lot of terrible memories that really I thought we had gotten through."

Ms Sharpe said Mr Latham's words could have a huge impact, especially on young LGBT people.

"They shouldn't be listening to this kind of material, we love every person no matter who they are. It also doesn't reflect who New South Wales is, we've just had World Pride, this incredible celebration of inclusion and people really being able to be who they are."

Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong said the slur was "outrageous, hate-filled bile" and those elected to parliament needed to take a stand against Mr Latham.

"The only reason One Nation gets any power in our democracy and our parliaments is because political parties and elected representatives continue to work with them."

Mr Greenwich is one of three independents who have offered supply and confidence to the new Chris Minns government which looks set to govern in minority in the lower house. Mr Greenwich has championed LGBT issues since he was first elected in 2012 and said his priority in the newly-elected parliament was to ban gay conversion therapy and introduce an equality bill.
>Is he right?

File: 1673085175992746.jpg (275 KB, 1920x1080)
275 KB
275 KB JPG

NEW YORK (AP) — Every day, hundreds of people are taken into law enforcement custody in New York City. Former President Donald Trump is expected to become one of them as early as next week.

Trump was indicted by a Manhattan grand jury, prosecutors and defense lawyers said Thursday, after an investigation into payments made during his 2016 presidential campaign to silence claims of an extramarital sexual encounter. The indictment itself remains sealed for now in the first criminal case ever brought against a former U.S. president.

Trump — a Republican who assailed the case Thursday as a Democratic prosecutor’s “political persecution” of “a completely innocent person” — is expected to turn himself in to authorities next week, according to a person familiar with the matter but not authorized to discuss it publicly. The person said the details of a surrender are still being worked out.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office said it had contacted Trump’s lawyer to coordinate his surrender and arraignment.

For any New York defendant, poor or powerful, answering criminal charges means being fingerprinted and photographed, fielding basic questions such as name and birthdate, and getting arraigned. All told, defendants are typically detained for at least several hours.

There can be differences in where the different steps happen, how long they take, whether handcuffs come out and other particulars. A lot depends on the severity of the case and whether defendants arrange to turn themselves in.

But there is no playbook for booking an ex-president with U.S. Secret Service protection. Agents are tasked with the protection of former presidents unless and until they say they don’t need it. Trump has kept his detail, so agents would need to be by his side at all times.
“This would be a unique outlier,” said Jeremy Saland, a defense lawyer and former prosecutor in Manhattan.

If Trump indeed turns himself in, expect a carefully choreographed and relatively quick process and release without bail (as is common in New York) — and with a focus on security. A former president isn’t likely to be paraded in cuffs across a sidewalk or through a crowded courthouse hallway, Saland predicts.

“It’s a public forum, but safety is also paramount,” he notes.

If defendants are notified of an indictment or an impending arrest, they often arrange to turn themselves in. Doing so can smooth the process and strengthen arguments for bail by showing that they aren’t evading the case.

For example, when the former finance chief of Trump’s company, Allen Weisselberg, was indicted in Manhattan on tax fraud charges in 2021, he was able to turn himself in at a courthouse side door before normal workday hours.

The aim was “to reduce the likelihood that the surrender would become a media frenzy,” his lawyers wrote in a subsequent court filing.

Weisselberg arrived around 6:15 a.m. and was taken to what his attorneys described as a “holding room” for booking, an interview about potential release, and other procedures. To pass the time, he’d brought a book — “Chicken Soup for the Baseball Fan’s Soul” — and his lawyers supplied him with a snack, a face mask, breath mints and other items, according to the filing.

Weisselberg was arraigned and released about eight hours later, after being walked into a courtroom past a phalanx of news cameras in the hallway. (Weisselberg eventually pleaded guilty to dodging taxes on job perks including a free apartment and school tuition for his grandchildren.)
Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, on the other hand, turned himself in at a Manhattan police station in 2018 to face rape and criminal sex act charges. He was briefly in a stationhouse cell, flipping through a biography of famed film director Elia Kazan, before being led out in handcuffs and taken to court under the gaze of journalists on the sidewalk — and other suspects in a courthouse booking area, where some hollered, “Yo, Harvey!”

Within about three hours after his surrender, Weinstein was arraigned and released on electronic monitoring and $1 million bail. (Weinstein was eventually convicted; his appeal is now before New York’s highest court. He’s also been convicted on similar charges in Los Angeles.)

But even a scheduled arrest is still an arrest. Defendants have to give up cellphones and some other personal items for safekeeping (and, in some cases, potential evidence), and lawyers generally aren’t allowed to accompany their clients through the process. Attorneys often advise traveling light and staying mum.

“Don’t make any statements. Because you think you’re helping your situation, but they can just use your statements against you — because you get caught up in the moment, you get nervous,” says Gianni Karmily, a defense lawyer who practices in New York City and on Long Island.

Many arrests in New York City aren’t preplanned. That can be a very different experience for defendants, even prominent ones.

When a hotel housekeeper accused then-International Monetary Fund chief and potential French presidential contender Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexually assaulting her in 2011, he was pulled off a plane at Kennedy Airport.
Strauss-Kahn, who said his encounter with the woman was consensual, spent about 36 hours being questioned, arrested, undergoing various exams and waiting in such spots as a courthouse holding pen before being arraigned and jailed without bail. After several days at the city’s notorious Rikers Island jail, Strauss-Kahn was allowed out on $1 million bail, under house arrest with armed guards.

Manhattan prosecutors eventually dropped the criminal case against Strauss-Kahn, who later settled a civil suit brought by his accuser.
Yeah, can’t wait


Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s (R-Ala.) move to block more than 160 promotions for military officers and commanders over the Pentagon’s decision to provide service members with expanded access to abortion is dividing Republicans and drawing the ire of Defense Department officials.

At issue for Tuberville is the Pentagon’s recently enacted policy that covers expenses and grants leave to troops who have to travel to obtain abortions. Detractors argue the Alabama Republican’s holds could have adverse effects on military readiness at a time of escalating tensions with China, Russia and Iran.

And while many Senate Republicans are sympathetic to his opposition to the Pentagon’s abortion policy, several are questioning whether this is the right way to go about fighting it.

“I think Tommy’s on to an important subject. How you end up being able to really make progress on that is challenging,” Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) told The Hill. “So now, you get into a scenario where you can’t do that in perpetuity because it’s at the expense of people who probably share his view on the subject who get caught up in it.”

“I think Tommy’s right to draw attention to it, but now we have to look at a path that would produce a positive outcome, and I’m not sure we have one yet,” Tillis added.

The issue has been percolating for months as Tuberville has continued beating the drum against the Defense Department’s directive, which was handed down in October.
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>Modern medicine has nothing to do with ethics or philosophy.
Holy shit. Philosophy is the father of science, and you are the mother of fuckers.
Usually Dunning-Kruger is thrown around Reddit as a party slur, but I think these anons got it pegged right. It's the first time I've seen a legit identifiable case.
>What entertains me about your ilk is you virtue signal like there's no tomorrow about how awful anyone ever wanting an abortion for any reason is and then turn right around and talk about how great it I that someone you may disagree with politically will get murdered in a war.
Actually, you don't even know what I think about abortion because you've never asked.
You have assumed though. I can tell you I'm against funding abortions for the army in all cases and for all reasons that aren't covered by insurance.
And, once again, there's no hypocrisy. Horrible people like (You) die in both cases.
I was replying to this person >>1152529 who is clearly far more anti-abortion than they are anti-war which I find ironically funny. But indeed, if you're not him or would like to elaborate then feel free to set the record straight on killing in war versus aborting a fetus.

You clearly think I'm horrible, so have at it. Explain why.
Also bear in mind I have pointed out >>1152813 that I think both abortion and killing in war are tragic, but I recognize there are times when it's an acceptable option. Abortion specifically in the military should be a meaningless distinction, it's either a valid medical procedure or it's not. Dadks
fire all the women, dead weight

File: sylvia-plath.jpg (298 KB, 1600x901)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
More than 95 per cent of civil cases settle. But not only has Gwyneth Paltrow let a case against her go to trial, she has countersued the plaintiff for the symbolic sum of one dollar, plus attorney fees.
>In Utah civil court, the actress has unabashedly leaned into every stereotype that has ever been used to label her, in a performance that rises to the level of Ryan Murphy-esque high camp.

>One of the lessons of adulthood is that life is hard and, as one grows older, will likely get harder. There are the enduring personal pressures: making a living, finding and keeping a mate, potentially raising children, and inevitably experiencing embarrassment, grief, and death. And then there are the larger issues, whose spectres grow more haunting with every passing year: war, inequality, political strife, global economic collapse, environmental apocalypse. Taken together, it's enough to drive anyone to the brink. So it is perhaps no wonder that one of the most-watched news events of late has been Gwyneth Paltrow's trial, in Utah civil court, for a luxury-ski-resort accident from her past. It's as if we were all waiting to exhale, and Paltrow finally gave us permission.
she's lookin a lil rough. clearly needs to up her Goop intake
>But not only has Gwyneth Paltrow let a case against her go to trial, she has countersued the plaintiff for the symbolic sum of one dollar, plus attorney fees.
Based, if true. That's a bitch move in the best possible way
Anyone else think that the sweater and glasses make her look like Jeffrey Dahmer?

File: hvHdjNYX2nPc.jpg (28 KB, 225x225)
28 KB
4chan has managed to stay online for the past seven years—amid boycotts and advertiser flight, after being implicated in several mass shootings, even as it was identified as a source of the conspiracy theories that inspired the January 6 insurrection—thanks, in part, to a $2.4 million investment from a major Japanese toy company.
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Don't talk about this. Delete this thread.
>goodsmile has a 30% stake in 4chan
this is a really funny fact to learn
lad should have kept his head down
>hey allege Good Smile was responsible for the distribution of potentially obscene sexually explicit anime products and merchandise ("lolicon"
based toymaker

File: 1653112507344300.png (331 KB, 640x512)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
>In one newly revealed email, Scott said she couldn’t “keep defending” reporters who did their due diligence because Fox’s bottom line was taking a hit from pissed-off MAGA voters.

Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott was deeply concerned that her network’s reporters fact-checking baseless election fraud claims about the 2020 election was “bad for business” and had to “stop now.”

A slide presentation used by Dominion Voting Systems lawyers in a Tuesday hearing of the firm’s defamation case against Fox News included several emails from Scott that were previously redacted in earlier filings. These messages further revealed how the network chief was extremely sensitive about Fox’s sinking ratings after the channel’s early Arizona election call for President Joe Biden.

Dominion alleged that the network knowingly aired “rigged” election lies in an attempt to win back disgruntled MAGA viewers that abandoned Fox for right-wing competitors who were willing to peddle former President Donald Trump’s outlandish fraud claims.

In a Nov. 11, 2020 email exchange with Fox’s top flack Irena Briganti, Scott took issue with Fox News anchors Sandra Smith and Neil Cavuto, who were both under fire from far-right media for pushing back on Team Trump’s unproven claims of widespread voter fraud.
“Our talent must stop disrespecting the audience,” Scott demanded. “What she did and then what Neil did was worse. Neil doesn’t think the American audience is smart [enough] to make a decision for themselves in watching a press conference? Terrible. If they don’t get it they don’t deserve the scale of our platform to diminish our viewers.”

9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>muh standing
a legal doctrine that makes no sense and is the lazy judge's cop-out
>a butthurt repub in denial who’s gonna kms himself soon
It makes perfect sense if you aren't a little bitch.
there were several cases dismissed on lack of evidence, when they could have presented evidence

File: 1576425465533.jpg (202 KB, 1200x897)
202 KB
202 KB JPG

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate is poised to vote Wednesday to repeal the 2002 measure that greenlighted the March 2003 invasion of Iraq, which would end more than 20 years of authorization for U.S. presidents to use force in that country and return those war powers to Congress.

The Iraq War ended years ago and the repeal is not expected to affect any current troop deployments. About 2,500 U.S. troops remain in Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi government and assist and advise local forces.

The bipartisan legislation would also repeal the 1991 measure that sanctioned the U.S.-led Gulf War.

Lawmakers in both parties are increasingly seeking to claw back congressional powers over U.S. military strikes and deployments, and some lawmakers who voted for the Iraq War two decades ago now say it was a mistake.

Iraqi deaths are estimated in the hundreds of thousands, and nearly 5,000 U.S. troops were killed in the war after President George W. Bush’s administration falsely claimed that Saddam Hussein was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction.

“Americans want to see an end to endless Middle East wars,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, adding that passing the repeal “is a necessary step to putting these bitter conflicts squarely behind us.”
24 replies omitted. Click here to view.
No it literally means not prosecuting crime in this case. It's not even about agreeing with the policy.
For instance California will not prosecute shoplifting under $950 or something like that.
Personally I believe that stealing from Walgreens is not even a crime and everyone should steal whatever they can.
That doesn't change the fact California has taken a weak on crime stance.
not one mention of the patriot act.
who the fuck cares about this shit?
Boomers and anti-war protesters.

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