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No bike seat thread?
im looking for a comfy bike seat for my Trek Soho S.
I would like something that doesn't feel like I've been sitting on a rail after a few hours of riding. At the same time, I dont want any fluffy, or gel seat. those are way too heavy, and ugly.
I could use new bike shorts, what good padding is there?
pic unrelated
This looks like the saddle used by the winner of the last RAAM. He obviously would recommend it.
carbon toupe clone from aliexpress
>those are way too heavy
Bro if you are whining about ten more grams you'd better get on a diet that would be more efficient.
>and ugly.
I didn't know that was a performance indicator.
I like my prologo dimension saddle. It helps also with staying in the right spot since it's a short saddle (you don't slide on the forward thin part of the saddle).
Charge Spoon for me. I'm uncultured and I just like it.
File: resize=width_500.jpg (10 KB, 300x225)
10 KB
This is what peak comfort looks like. DDK comfort. I'll never use another saddle.
File: IMG_8307.jpg (246 KB, 1125x1365)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
i fell for the saddle meme years ago and anything else feels weird. have a c13 on my newest bike and a leather swift on the other.
File: saddles.png (396 KB, 1000x751)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
I tried a lot before finding something even acceptable (Bike Planet ARS).
Actually saddle design is more important than saddle immediate comfort. If it's too hard for long rides just get a bib or some ass.
Really? A $40 dollar saddle?
Do explain.
It's not uncomfortable during the ride. It's the next day. Well 3 days until I can ride again without my ass cheeks feeling sore.
Am I sitting wrong or is my current seat too narrow? Bike shorts help. But not completely
I like mine. it's 45mm, good if your sit bones are narrow. my spesh toupe clone is similar width but less padding.

sit bone masurement significantly underestimated how wide a saddle would be comfortable for me. Sit bones 120mm, recommended saddles 140-145mm, comfortable saddles 160mm
I also tried a lot.
Favourite was a SqLab 612 i think.
But i also got a C13 at a sale for around 120 bucks and love it.
Best saddle i used till now.
What kind of bike? I can see this on Omafiets but cant imagine how you'd achieve mtb or road posture without it interfering.
I have one on this...
And this. I am 5'10 and 85kg and have wide sit bones nearly 150mm. Standard saddles are so uncomfortable for me but I can ride all day on these.
Ask me how I know you stole it
Huh... interesting. But don't you keep hitting it when you pedal and rub the back of your leg? Or you're wide enough that your legs pass it on sides when you pedal?

Why i'm asking because i have rather wide frame and standard race saddles tend to somewhat press into my crack as well. But whenever i've tried wider sadles i keep hitting and rubbing their "ears" with my fat tights so in the end the narrow ones work better. Just need to pedal harder to reduce sitting pressure.
It's my bike >:( I paid for it with money at Brompton junction London
I am fairly average guy build but I have honestly never had an issue with legs rubbing this saddle.
>didn't mention how many bongdollars it cost
you aren't a brompton owner
you stole it

Curt Lindström from Revander Cycles did it once again, I would call this /n/ approved.
Bontrager's Aeolus Comp 145mm. It's ok.
I personaly fell for the prostate hole thing and now i couldn't ride a saddle without a big hole.
but fortunately the days of autistic extreme sensitivities are over for me. i don't know if this pic is a meme but you could have tried em in a store or sent back some of em
brooks b17 is the only saddle i'll ride that isn't intended to be held by the knees or grabbed mid-air for steez at some point. it isn't a meme, it's good. it does have a break-in period, though.
whats a good aliexpress mtb seat?
or something equally cheap
or like idk if its an mtb seat i want just not some super light aero roadie thing but also not a huge sprung cushion thing just like a very average all round seat
my pelvis seems pretty average i think not particularly narrow or wide
gonna be using it for mtb riding and longer rides on the road lasting for many hours so need comfy
my standards rly arent high though anythings better than the awful shit that cam on my bikes
i like this guy
i think this might be the most comprehensive guide to saddles ive seen
Grow up and get a set of bib shorts man
File: couch.png (416 KB, 750x729)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
Dad just gave me picrel, its like sitting on a couch, comfy as can be, i ride a upright bike so this saddle was the best i could find
how is that gonna help anything anyway?
no amount of daiper is gonna solve an uncomfortable seat
why is that your fucking response to someone asking for a seat recommendation in a seat thread anyway... to not buy a seat?
the fuck is wrong with you?

the $16-17 one off amazon that's a copy of the selle royal is the best cheap seat I've tried out of a dozen

several brands
msdada and ziqui
I use a b17 brooks. Im not a hipster or a fag (i like pusy). I hate that it weights so much, like a fucking brick compared to a san marco or other nicer seats. My ass is happy.

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