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/n/ - Transportation

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File: 1694441939439020.png (497 KB, 640x776)
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Where did it all go so wrong?
Capitalism, it became more profitable to serve the poor mass. And the mass prefers cheaper ticket prices than various assortments of luxury lunches on the flight.

The part of the context you're missing is the ticket price of back then + the adjusted inflation of the price.
Then you probably feel you can't afford it anyways.
I'm not even sure if that charcutery would even be that great. Scandinavian cold cuts suck, and it certainly wasn't any better 50 years ago. Having flown SAS business class recently I think I'd prefer the modern version.
just go fly on a luxury airline you fucking retard. Jesus Christ what a stupid fucking thread. heaven forbid we get options to fly on different price levels of airline
You can still get service like this if you pay for it, very likely a first class ticket nowadays is cheaper than whatever the two passengers in the OP pic paid.
>all those meats suck!!1
bugs u prefer? oh wait, u already dislike meat, the question is rhetorical
Exactly, service like that was not for plebs. The Hindenburg was fancy, too, but with a ticket equivalent to thousands of dollars today. Fancy trains, too, were expensive.

The real issue is that people are poorer today but that's not a transportation issue.
The way that jamon serrano is cut is making me angry
Wrong part: you are poor.
Only white millionaires could ride planes in the 1960s. It was extremely rare for a normie pleb to ride a plane.

Now you can take a jet for like $50 or even less on a low cost carrier. The legroom and service might be shit, but for me at least the important part is getting from A to B, even if I have to suffer for a few hours, I'd rather that than spend $500 and have a QT3.14 in a miniskirt serving me Iberian ham
Business class got better and cheaper.
In 2000, I (read: my parents) used to pay 2400 EUR for a round trip from CDG to PTY in economy class (adjusted for inflation that's 3500 EUR)
Now the same ticket is 800 EUR on average. I usually can fly business class for under 3000 EUR before miles & amex cashback, and I get all of the following:
> can lay my seat flat and get a full night's sleep
> unlimited champagne and booze
> gastronomical meals prepared by onboard michelin chef
> high-pressure cabin and quieter engines, meaning for a less tiresome journey
> all the movies I want
> outlets, inflight wifi to get some work done on the go
> access to the lounge for even more delicious treats and a shower, even a masseuse and a turkish bath at some airports

You say things got worse, but that's not true. People flying economy today just couldn't afford to fly in the past.
For those who could, things got a lot better. And I'm just a pleb, for really rich guys they have private jets which are even better than the experience I get flying business on Air France.
File: IMG_4029.jpg (91 KB, 845x1024)
91 KB

9/11 and rise of (((low cost airlines)))
File: 4_672-458_resize.jpg (43 KB, 672x448)
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I second this post.
Flights have become akin to take a very uncomfortable bus ride for short hauls (less then 4 hours), and budget flights (sometimes the only company serving small airports in europe) dont even offer any real business let alone first class options.
Thats why in europe trains are getting popular for big city to big city transfers for business and rich people.

This obviously doesnt apply to long hauls, like >>1962602 said, it is so much better nowaday,
File: 1648874018546.jpg (180 KB, 1200x1800)
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Be the change you want to see, anon.
They used to sell a premium service, one where they could feed you almost any food and it would still be a rounding error compared to the total fare. A normal transoceanic ticket was 5000$ or more adjusted for inflation. Does some smoked meat make suffering in a low-pressure metal tube 10 hours 5x better than today? No.

Those seats still look quite cramped, and I wouldn't get on a plane with the likelihood of crashing as a 1969 flight. Oh and I can fly the same route for 1/5th the price now.
This pic only bothers me because how would you possible eat any of that without making a fucking mess.
dimwitted kneejerk post and misinterpretation of his message at that
these are all advertisements put in the back if magazines. Do people think that they actually served meals like this in the 1960's?

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