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Am I missing out on anything by refusing to upgrade away from 26 inch wheels? What does "ploppy" and "playful" mean, why is "progressive" geography better?
>another 26in baitpost
If you ride around at 10-15mph and only commute like a hobo it doesnt matter.

If you ride steep single trails, downhill, freeride, enduro on 26 inches, yes you miss out.

I still dont believe that you 26in posters are serious. You simply cant be poor enough to not buy a proper modern bike
>I still dont believe that you 26in posters are serious. You simply cant be poor enough to not buy a proper modern bike

I have a shed full of 26 inch wheels and tires I collected over the years. Why should I throw them away unless bigger wheels offer some advantage?
>i have a shed full of 26 inch wheels
Why would you hoard that stuff?
Sell them online, some people out there might need some.
Clean your shed and gift yourself a nice bike to put in there and a reapair stand/table to work on it.
>Why would you hoard that stuff?
he's got a mental sickness, anon. he's just gonna keep hoarding them.
you have a mental sickness, anon. please seek professional help. hoarding is not healthy.
>Why would you hoard that stuff?

So I always have a spare wheel and never have to buy anything
No, there is really no reason to
Because old standards suck, new standards suck a bit less.
If you need a new bike, buy one with the latest standards. If you have an old bike that fulfills your needs, ride it until you want to try something newer and better.
I personally ride a 26" trail bike with a dropper, it has all the things to make it fun and reliable while costing least, because 26" frames are nearly free compared to 29" frames in my region (more than 5x difference in price).
I even take it to XC races, knowing full well that I'm not winning them and I'm going there to experience them and have fun.
29" wheels roll better at speed. If you want to be competitive or go fast, go for 29". Or buy a road bike and leave any and all mtbs far behind.

Fun fact, „29ers“ have also 28inch outer diameter rims, it’s just marketing to call them 29er (without any dimension, mind you).
>Because old standards suck, new standards suck a bit less.
in what way
ur missing out on that boost hub lyfe
For instance, switching from Shimano wheels to dtswiss saved me like nearly a kg.
Thruaxles make disc brake adjustment set and forget.
29 wheels roll better than 26.
Hydraulic brakes work a lot better than rim brakes.
Bigger seatpost diameters give more choice in light reliable dropper seatposts.
Slacker headtube angles handle better, steeper seattube angles make bikes climb better.
Wider rims improve handling.
New headsets are stronger and lighter.
New derailleurs are heaps better than old ones
How do I get a qtDura-Ace stem cycling gf?
wheelsize depends on how tall you are mainly
but also use case
for me 29 feels horribly cumbersome and huge and heavy inconvinient and handles like shit
27.5 is fine i guess thats what im riding atm on my main bike, fine for on the road but still a bit cumbersome when i need to get my bike inside but id say its a good balence and doesnt handle as bad as 29
26 feels a little slower and less smooth but i much prefer it for all the above reasons
its also just what im used to because untill recently every bike i rode all my life has been 26 or smaller
i also have a bike with 20 inch wheels which are really fun and convinient but feel way too slow and rough for my rides
im 5`5 so yeah for me its 26 it just feels right
if youre taller or a racer or something bigger wheels will be worth it but if you need to do any kind of technical riding or putting your bike indoors in cars in trains and stuff the big wheels are gonna be cumbersome
im thinking of putting a 24 inch wheel on the back of my 26 bike to really get a fun nimble and convinient ride
i think im gonna leave my "road bike" with 27.5 though as the speed and smoothness is worth it for the inconvinience and i dont nees nimble handling when i ride that bike
anyway dont fall for marketing memes op theres never a need to change if 26 feels fine to you then it is fine
just like 3x gears and rim brakes theres nothing wrong with them and better is a very subjective thing
theres probably 100 other things more important about your bike than its wheel size
commit suicide NOW
lol same idk how these things always end up piling up
honestly yes you and me both should sell them / throw them away
nobody in cureent year is mentally healtho kill yourself
lol based
i mean there is but if anon needs to ask why then its probably not applicable to him
new standards also suck everything is a comprimise
wtf even is boost
proving my point
there is litterally nothing wrong with 100 and 135
not everyone is larping as an enduro racer on a bike that costs more than a new motorcycle and would only find this to be worse because nothing fucking fits
>Am I missing out on anything by refusing to upgrade away from 26 inch wheels?
a negligible performance and comfort improvement but numerous disadvantages
these may or may not be worth it for (You)
>What does "ploppy" and "playful" mean, why is "progressive" geography better?
they dont mean anything these are ust buzzwords the bike industry throws around
the best bike is the one you ride
>proving my point
What exactly is your point?

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