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File: 1.jpg (67 KB, 640x640)
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>be a fair ways into my ride (50 miles maybe)
>was very tired before I even started my ride from long rides the past few days
>on a mtb-style hybrid
>don't remember the last time I was passed by a girl
>only people that ever pass me are on road bikes, usually in suits, and I pass some of them too
>a girl (along with a guy) passes me
>they're on road bikes, dressed pretty pro
>she's tall, huge legs, perfect body for biking
>I was already very tired, so understandable
>so what, no girl passes me
>catch up to them at intersection
>trail them a while
>they slow down
>I could pass them, but I don't want to pass them then get passed back, so I just trail them a bit longer
>then they speed up
>pull farther and farther away from me
>out of sight
>occasionally when there's a long line of visibility I'll catch a glimpse right before they go around a turn or over a hill
>going hard, but still not that fast cause very tired
>finally close to them
>they turn onto road
>not that far behind them, I cross road and get onto trail going along road
>there's a bike/walk bridge over the river a little ways from here
>I'm going to beat them to it
>pedal all out
>putting about as much effort into this as I've ever put into anything
>but it's still the easiest thing I've ever done in my life
>dat adrenaline
>catch up to them
>this is it
>pass them at what feels like twice their speed
>keep going full speed
>slow down as I'm arriving at the bridge
>look back
>they're a ways back and turn off the road onto a ramp to get onto another road
>flawless victory
>ride a little more then go home and take a shower and get some much needed rest
Did you make aure that everyone clapped at the end, fatso?
that's an awful lot of text
Hell yeah dude. I love having races with unaware participants. Sometimes when I’m on my big heavy autistic touring bike I’ll see a group of actual road cyclists and try to keep up, but I’ve never been able to.
I’ve been seeing this same thread for the past ~6 years as well, how far back does it go?
At last as far as 2014
File: 222.jpg (794 KB, 1440x1440)
794 KB
794 KB JPG
i ride my bike path pretty often but i have the best performance when i race with other people, whether they know theyre participating or not
ive been wondering what are you supposed to do when you catch up to someone who is going just a little bit slower than you, it takes too long to pass + you lose the draft of riding behind them before oncoming traffic cuts you off, and if you push hard to pass you will get tired and then they will pass you back
based pic
have garmin head units gotten that bad or are you using a phone as a bike computer?
not my pic, just posted a pic I liked to bump this epic thread
try harder and maybe you can
Got a pic of the girl?
be faster? or just don't worry about it? a couple times i ended up behind these same two girls who were all kitted out and pretty fast. i would slowly reel them in and pass them on the flats and then on every hill they would rocket past me. rinse, repeat. i need to lose some weight.
no :(
for what purpose?

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